CHA Winter 2013 – Day 1

Day one was upon me and I was excited and nervous…! The booth was ready…free samples, catalogs and us girls! Show time!!! I could already feel it was going to be an awesome show early on. Meetings with distributors, showing product and everyone loving our Squeeze Me" stickers and taking orders…..doing what I love and what comes so naturally!

The other part is always seeing old friends…I realized just how many shows I have been to and seeing them is always the best! Lots and lots of hugs and talking and pictures! All day long! Lorie understood why I like to go to the hotel and decompress after.

I also was asked to do some online video demos on the spot for some companies! How cool is that!? I was pee my pants nervous and everyone said they were great. Funny how this once shy girl who was petrified of public speaking came out of her little shell….she really ditched that whole shell. I will post the videos when I get them!

Upon completion of Day 1 we had so many contacts and by the response we got I was beyond thrilled as were the other girls. The three of us do make a great team and you can tell were here with a goal in mind. Walking around with "Squeeze Me" stickers may have been part of all that attention but as I told the girls I am willing to take one for the team (wink).

Came back to the hotel fulfilled, ready to relax and have a little happy hour to cheer the first day.

Then it was on to dinner with my friends! Always fun to get together, talk about this industry we all love so much and celebrate Martha's birthday! The night was not quite over until met up with some Designer friends! This girl then needed her beauty sleep! Head hit pillow and out!

I am limited to 5 photos here as I am updating from my phone. I have little time to walk the floor show but hope to do that in the next few days….the girls tease me that every time I try I know someone and start talking…I call that "sparkly thing" attention (or networking). Moreso just doing what I love.

My wise friend Darlene said as I set out "Just be you….the rest will come to you"…Beyond grateful for this day being just where I am.

CHA Winter 2013 - Day 1

CHA Winter 2013 - Day 1

CHA Winter 2013 - Day 1

CHA Winter 2013 - Day 1

CHA Winter 2013 - Day 1

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