Cloth, Paper, Scissors – Altered Sketch Book

The latest copy of Cloth, Paper, Scissors just hit my doorstep and excited to open it up and see my work in print……….

Cloth Cloth1

It is always an honor to see your work featured in a magazine and that feeling of excitement does not go away for me.  This is the project they featured…


Make sure to check it out! Thank you Cloth, Paper, Scissors!  They are also a Ministry of Mixology – Chicago Sponsor!

Good things don’t come to those who patiently wait.  Good things come to those who are patient… while working hard for what they want most in life.”

6 thoughts on “Cloth, Paper, Scissors – Altered Sketch Book

  1. Absolutely brilliant article and so lovely to see you in CPS ! … *waves* like a demented being all the way here in England 🙂 x

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