Dare to Create – Andy Skinner & Tracy Weinzapfel!





please send your shipping address to info@tracyweinzapfelstudios.com to claim your prize and THANK YOU TO ALL who participated in our Dare To Create challenge.  Stay tuned for more FUN!


The challenge has been set and by the support of so many for this collaboration HERE.


Here are the Dares set forth by each of us!

I dare Andy Skinner to:

  •  Color outside his drab (I mean antique/distressed) style and hit those primary vibrant colors.  No cheating and mixing the primary paint colors!  Andy, embrace the magenta’s, turquoise, YELLOW and everything bright and cheery.  You might as well put your shades of brown aside Mr. Skinner.
  • Bonus points for using hearts and flowers!
  • I highly recommend 3 cocktails minimum before attempting
  • Share your techniques!
  • Take photos of  your work space as you go along 🙂
  • Free to use black & white
  • Deadline March 9th!
  • Color Palette chosen just for him…

andys palletI know all you Andy fans are out there and I am ready to take on the Master of steampunk/industrial!  I have to say that I am nervous!!! (but never let them see you sweat!  I can see lots of wine and painting now just to ease into this!

And my Dare as set for by Andy…….

I dare Tracy Weinzapfel to:

  • Join me and enter the dark side, if only for  a brief spell during this challenge, experiment with earth tone colours rather than sticking to those awful sickly in your face…oops (I mean bright colours) that you are normally accustomed to.  Put those rose tinted glasses down girl, the challenge is on!  
  • Bonus points for: The use of cogs or anything with an industrial element.
  • 3 cocktails?..  are you serious?……. I have seen you drink Tracy Weinzapfel so lets make it 6!
  • Please control that cackle laugh 😉
  • Free to use black & white
  • Deadline March 9th!
  • Color Palette chosen just for her…

traceys pallet

 Tracy has a wonderful style,  when you view her work it honestly instantly makes you feel happy, uplifted and ready to take on anything…. (shame her personality does not match!) 😉  

Thank you Andy for your kind words.  If my artwork can make you smile anything is possible. 😉  Cheers my Friend!  

We have sponsors for this awesome challenge!  Special thanks to………………DECOART who is generously giving away:


– 12 regular Fluid Acrylic colors, 1 Metallic and 2 Interference
– 2 Antiquing Creams
– 2 Misters
– Matte Medium, Modeling Paste, Black Gesso
– Crackle Glaze
– Ultra-Matte Varnish
– Andy Skinner’s new stamps from STAMPENDOUS
– Assortment of Andy Skinner stencils

Also, two sets of Tracy Weinzapfel’s new stamps from DARE 2B ARTZY will be given away!


How do you enter?

There are multiple ways you can enter:

Ready set……….let’s get our DecoArt Mixed Media Paint on!  Cheers!

162 thoughts on “Dare to Create – Andy Skinner & Tracy Weinzapfel!

  1. Yay!! The challenge has begun!! I can’t wait to see what comes form the two of you facing these new hurdles! heehee I have to be neutral and cheer for both teams as I love both of your styles!!(should have been in politics-right?LOL)
    Paint on Tracy! xo

  2. ps…I shared the heck out of you two- you are all over my Pinterest board,FB,and Google- if I had the others- I’d share there too!! good luck you two!

  3. This is so much fun. Andy and bright colors and flowers! I gotta see this. I know Tracy can do anything she sets her mind to!

  4. Loving this! Can’t wait to see the pieces – and after all that wine!

    I commented on each Fb page.
    I am following both of you on instagram.
    I tweeted using the hashtag.
    I get the newsletter.

  5. What a great challenge. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. My company motto is “dare 2b artzy” so this is the perfect challenge. I hope all your readers try this challenge along with you. I’m going to attempt it and I don’t even paint.

  6. Andy, don’t forget to share your techniques and take photos of your workspace! Tracy, din’t forget to laugh LOTS and laugh LOUD! 🙂 Oh, and bring it! 🙂

  7. What a fun challenge this is going to be!! I can use all the inspiration to use my stash of deco color paints and fabulous stamps! (jumping up and down) can’t wait, can’t wait!!

    Carmen L

  8. This is an awesome Challenge! Just a note, Stampendous has already sold out of and had to reorder Andy’s stamps, so winners will be really lucky to own these treasured products!!

  9. Ooooh, let the paint brushes flow with all colors bright and cheery, dark and industrial. Can’t wait to see what comes! Go Tracy!!!

  10. I can’t wait to see the fabulous art that is going to come out of this challenge!

    You may be out of your comfort zones but you aren’t out of your artistic zones. You both ROCK and I know some amazing work is going to come out of this.

  11. It is so fun to be a witness to this challenge. I cannot wait to see the results of your creative work. Tracy I know you can rock the steampunk style. Andy, it will be so interesting to see your interpretation of the happy side of life. I love the chance to win such great products. DecoArts is really becoming a great product.

    • We are in the works on more! And will be at NAMTA working in April…that is if we are still talking after this month LOL

  12. I cant wait to see the results from this challenge but I know Andy has so got this one in the bag…. Sorry Tracy, love your work and all 😉

    • Funny how “Mary’s” email is that very same one of Mr. Skinner!!! Do you mean Andy is half in the bag right now. 😉 LOL!

  13. Time for the fun to begin… Hope you both take the time to enjoy the process.. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the dark side… I can see you brightening it up somehow even if just with your personality.. 🙂 Good luck Tracy!!! You too Andy..

  14. Paintbrushes and DecoArt Mixed Media Fluids will be drawn at Dawn!
    It’s going to be fun and funny and looking forward to seeing the results.
    It’s also really clever because you are bringing two different styles and artists together so the outcome will be exciting. I hope I have commented everywhere I needed to now lol! Thanks for the chance for the prizes too – would give my eye teeth to get my hands on those, lol, a very odd English saying but fits perfectly.

    I’m backing you all the way Tracy – it’s time for the beautiful coclours to be the stars and not grunge! Go go girly!!!! Karen xx

  15. I like both of your FB pages, shared on Twitter and tagged you, shared on FB, rooting you both on on your FB pages, following on Instagram, already receive DecoArt’s newsletter and cannot wait to see what you both create! I know they will be amazing! Fingers crossed because I would LOVELOVELOVE any of these amazing prizes!

  16. What a fun challenge! I really enjoy the dialogue between you and I’m excited to see the end result! (Besides, it’s always fun to step outside of your comfort zone… yet you’re both so talented that I’m betting the end results are so great we won’t even be able to tell that it’s not your “usual style”.)

  17. As much as I LOVE Andy Skinner’s style and grunge/tezture, I’m a Tracy girl all the way with this challenge!!!! I know you’ll both knock this challenge out of the ball park and I can’t wait to see the final reveals.

  18. I can hardly wait to see what you create. So inspiring that you are challenging yourselves to try something different.

  19. I can’t wait to see the results of this challenge. Tracy and Andy…do you guys ever have art challenges like this for your followers? I think it would be interesting to see how many people create art with a limited list of materials. Good luck to both of you

    • Stay tuned for more collaborations…that is if we are still talking to one another in a month 😉 We do want to inspire participation 🙂

  20. What a fun challenge! Bravo to you both as some artists won’t publicly explore outside their comfort zone! The lighthearted nature of this, and the fact that you both are AMAZING TALENTED artists reminds me that’s what all this is supposed to be about…FUN! I’ve been hesitant to participate (post pics of my completed lessons) in some online groups…but if Andy can do bright colors and flowers..(snicker)..then I’d be pretty silly not to participate fully too! Good luck to you both (You got this Andy!;-)..YOU GUYS ROCK!

  21. I love both of your creative art. I can ooh and ahh over Andy’s incredible pieces, but my love is color, color, color. This is going to be so much fun. May the best colors win.

  22. Love all your art! What an awesome challenge- I can’t wait to see how the two of you tackle sure opposite color palettes. I love the giveaway too, and would be over the moon to win and use those products in my own art creations! Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. Found my way here via Seth Apter and am thrilled to have found both of your pages! I am now following you both on. Facebook and have signed up to receive your emails!

  24. Such awesomeness! Two of the best in a craft challenge. Bright flowers and hearts vs. Dark metal and grunge. And thank you for the chance to win some craft items so we can create after all this inspiration. 🙂

  25. Great challenge! I can’t wait to see what both you create 🙂 The giveaway is an amazing bonus! so love artist acrylics and have not tried Decorart’s . Love, love… Andy’s stamps and stencils and Tracy’s new stamps!

  26. Can’t wait to see the results of the challenge! Would love to win this package so I can try new colors, techniques and stretch myself beyond my comfort zone and palette!

  27. This is going to be so much fun to watch… And sorry Andy but I’m a massive Tracy fan … Love her style, colours, MMM. Enjoy

  28. I do love this idea. I am sure the outcome will be wonderful. I did this with journal pages once. I wanted to make a page in some of my favorite artists styles and did a page for each. It was fun and a good way to stretch my abilities.

  29. I just discovered both your websites and FB pages. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I tend to work in dark colors and I love Andys videos.

  30. Love Andy’s oiece! Is that the right red, Tracy? Looks a little too cheerfully bright. Wish you two would post more to your blogs…for those of us who aren’t on Facebook.

    • Hi Nan! I keep posting as much as I can and will continue to do so! I think he grunges his red down but I refuse to do that 😉

  31. Love your 20 Q&A segment, so fun, I giggle all the way through. Looking forward to more challenge art.

  32. You two are starting to be my obsession! You could do 20 questions everyday, I am enjoying them so much! But why was Andy nude at 4:30am outside his hotel room? Must have been quite a party!

    • At Donna I try not to have him elaborate for fear that his stories may become my new nightmares replacing the spiders LOL!

  33. So much fun! You two are having a great time at this and it is wonderful to watch the two worlds collide! lol! Go Tracy! (sorry Andy! haha)

  34. You are both so funny. Love your art styles and look forward to the challenge! You are both genuine people and your art is also genuinely you. You have inspired me to create as well!

  35. Now that I’ve gotten to know both of your art styles I can’t believe the color pallets you have chosen for one another! Talk about stepping outside your comfort zones. I can’t wait to see the artistic creations your each come up with.

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