DecoArt NEW Extreme Sheen meets DecoArt Media

I have been playing and experimenting with the new DecoArt products released at CHA and want to share a couple of pages….DecoArt Extreme Sheen

I created two pages with different color metallic backgrounds to see what I thought of it..(left page has Extreme Sheen Pewter Background and the right has a mix of Amethyst, Aquamarine and Sapphire).  They really do have an extreme sheen to them!

Here are the products I mixed and loved how the Extreme Sheen worked with the DecoArt Media Line!   Just found out that Extreme Sheen availability is as following:  Mar 1 (Hobby Lobby),
Jun 5 (JoAnn), Jun 23 (AC Moore) for those asking.

Just a little fun as they pages came together:

Thanks for taking a peek in my 2017 NEW Canson Art Journal.  My playground for for painting fun in my Studio!  Stay tune for more!

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6 thoughts on “DecoArt NEW Extreme Sheen meets DecoArt Media

  1. So fun to see this new products look so YUMMY on your artwork Tracy. I believe one of these might have been done during Mixed Media Monday when you were LIVE. We could see the EXTREME SHEEN so clearly on the camera. Wish everyone could see how LUSCIOUSLY LOVELY these two pages REALLY are in person. Everyone should play with the new products!! I for one can’t wait because I LOVE shimmer!!!j.

    • Yes it was Joi and the recording went belly up but you get the idea. Fun to see the metallic sheen in the background! ♥

  2. WOW WoW WOW WOW WOW!! Definitely need these in my life! Absolutely gorgeous colors and the sheen is AMAZING!! LOVELOVELOVE TFS!

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