Feeling Inspired in my Art Journal

I love it when I have that feeling of creativity flowing that I just need to release.  My motto is”An Art Journal a Day keeps the mental blues away”.  Every day I am trying to do something new….just enjoy the creative process for me and see where it takes me.  After a few days off this weekend (and a massage) I returned ready to get back at it and here is the page I created in my new Canson 9 X 12 Journal…


Some photos in the creative process…..


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Love that the colors just popped on this…


I am getting lots of requests for time lapse videos and they are coming.  For now just taking in the flowers of spring and the need to create!

You may feel inspired today and perhaps move through the world in a kind of euphoric state. If so, a possible cause of this elation and enthusiasm may be that you are able to glimpse into your future today and see all the possibilities and promises it holds. If you can, try to allow this inspiration to fuel every thought and action you take today as you begin to create your new year. Besides, no matter what context, any thinking you do or any tasks you put your mind to could benefit from your faith and optimism. Today might also be a good day to attend to your to-do list or focus on your work. When we feel inspired and passionate about the future, we can use that energy as fuel to move us forward. There ends up being a lightness and joy to everything we do and every thought we have when our futures look promising. Tasks that might normally be banal become infused with giddy excitement, as our outlook regarding our plans and goals can’t help but be upbeat and hopeful. There is no limit to how much we can create in our lives when we are feeling inspired and passionate. Let your inspired thoughts about the future propel you today, and you will create more opportunities for yourself.”

2 thoughts on “Feeling Inspired in my Art Journal

  1. This is one of my favorites because I see so much symbolism in it re: life. So humor me and let me tell you how this painting speaks to me dear Tracy!

    The background is so LUSH – so rich and inviting. The textures mixed into the background reminds me of the chaos of life – how even when life seems rich and inviting there are forces all around us that are sheer craziness.

    The flower is like a rare jewel – and somehow – you made it almost look like it has a dimensional glow. It just is a gorgeous beacon – bloomed free and standing strong in the midst of all that goes on around it. The pink in the center represents a loving heart and it is surrounded by gemstones of personality attributes (most of which I see in you Tracy) such as love, peace, patience, kindness, grace, long suffering etc. Not saying that any of use manifest those every day but to me – the circles around the heart of this flower are those things that we have inside somewhere! And the leaves… white…. why? I thought about that for awhile because I really like that they are white. I realized that the leaves of this flower are still naive – untouched – waiting to be nurtured by the bloom so that they will grow in wisdom and strength to become a rich color – the color of experience and knowledge.

    And what are the black lines on the bottom and the right side? Heheheheh – they are just the perfect boundaries. We all need them. If we don’t have some boundaries chaos will penetrate our lives. The lines are just so apropos.

    So there you have it – my interpretation. And in so many ways… this flower reminds me of you Tracy. To me – you are a rare jewel shining in the midst of chaos. Even through it all – all your challenges and responsibilities – you continue to give yourself to us every Monday and throughout each day on social media thru your artwork. So again, I just have to say… thank you for your art and thank you for being YOU. This painting is truly beautiful in more ways than just how it looks on the page. 🙂 XXj.

    • I think I need to have you start writing my blog posts Joi! Your words are powerful and appreciated!

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