Framed Flowers Art Journal……

It was great to be back LIVE for Mixed Media Monday last night. I was nervous, excited and inspired and felt myself talking faster then normal but it sure felt great. I wanted to share my latest art journal page.

Another video so you can see how this came to life with my Gelli Arts plate HERE!

Don’t forget my GELLI ARTS GIVEAWAY!  I am drawing at the end of this week!  I thank everyone for the welcome back and all the fun we had last night.

Just a reminder if you want to place an order……..Upon checkout use Code TracyW for 10% all orders at  (STAY TUNED FOR THE OFFICIAL DESIGN TEAM CALL!)

I mentioned taking time off to stop and smell the roses and create a life I love living. One of the things I am doing is grabbing my camera again and capturing some of those amazing moments. I captured two hawks grabbing dinner in my front yard on Sunday and loved just watching them soar.

Really quite magnificent!  Take that time to be creative and fill your soul…….

At times you seem to forget your amazing gentle power, your purpose, all of the reasons that your life is so different than the lives of others. You forget your strength and your bravery, and you forget all of the things that you have already done, been through, learned, earned and taught others.  Take a little bit of time, wonderful friend, to look yourself right in the eye and remember some of these important things.  Remind yourself of all of the places you have already traveled through, all of the things you have survived, all of the mountains you have climbed and all of the lessons you have learned.”

8 thoughts on “Framed Flowers Art Journal……

  1. What a wonderful ‘come back’ MMM evening Tracy. So glad you went longer than expected because it was a fun time for all. You did such a great job of showing us some of your ideas… and it was so neat to see your mind flowing with more and more as you went along!!! Looking forward to seeing lots of new things in the months to come. My four grandkids are here at the ranch – spring break – Ages 16, 14, 12, 9 but only for 3 days so I didn’t get to see you live but watched this morning while they were still asleep!!! I don’t see them often but I have missed you too so it was a hard choice to play with them instead of you – it REALLY was. We are making a 2 ft by 3 ft collage for their Mom so that was fun!!! Really awesome to start my day today with you though – you were SUPER FINE all the way!!! Xj.

    • PS: Your hawk photos are beautiful. Especially love the one with the bits of green in it. It is hard to capture a hawk that well. Hubby and I have tried. You did really great. Xj.

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