Friday Favorites April 15 2022 – Travel Bag Edition Part 1

Here we go with this week’s Friday Favorites which is LIVE every Friday at 8:00 am PST on twstudios Facebook Page

Here are this week’s Friday Favorites for traveling which I have been doing lots of lately and you have seen my bags and asked. You all keep asking about them from this photo:
Travel Art Bags:  SHOP HERE for more and you can personalize them!

  1. Small Tote – Get Creative Caddy
  2. Zip Top Large Caddy
  3. Zipper Caddy
  4. Luggage
  5. Toiletries Bag
  6. Computer Bag
  7. Luggage Tags

Replay of our LIVE Friday Favorites:

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One of my most favorites as featured before:  Framed! T-Shirt club Monthly T-Shirt Subscription:  I am getting so many questions about the t-shirts I have been wearing.  One of the most fun things I joined this year is Framed T-Shirt Club by Sarah Williams monthly t-shirt club!  This has been one of my Friday Favorites and I just love getting in new shirts every month.  So far I have loved every one of them and they are so me!  Here is my new one I just got for April….BLOOM BLOOM BLOOM!   LINK

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites April 15 2022 – Travel Bag Edition Part 1

  1. I love Thirty-One bags! I’ve been buying them for years, so I became a consultant. However, I’m ending my consultancy since I have enough bags for the rest of my life and I’m focusing on my in-person job and my painting! I have every bag you mentioned, and then some, and multiples of my favorite bags for organizing.

    I love the T-shirts — but I wish they were V-neckl.

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