From the Journal………..Creative Challenge

Sometimes  you just have to take it “home” or as I call it my art journal.  Thanksgiving day gave me some quiet time to be in the Studio painting which was what the soul needed.  I needed to take my thoughts on this day to my safe place and just paint for me.  So I bring it home to you and share this easy page…..


These are just some of the things I am thankful for.  Small things like sunsets and flowers to big things; my family and freedom to be me and express myself artistically in this great country we live in.  This was a time to be reflective and quiet in my Studio and with myself in my journal which I have not done for a long time. Kind of released the soul a bit.  I took some step-by-step photos so you can see how easy this was with my Stampendous Tag stamps…..

  • Simple background using DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic (Titan Buff, Paynes Grey, English Red Oxide, Quin Gold and Carbon Black)
  • Stamp Stampendous Tag Stamps with Stazy On Ink and distress the edges
  • I typed the things I am grateful on Deli Paper and Used DecoArt Matte Medium to adhere to page
  • Outline and distress the edges of your sayings….




Thanks Stampendous, DecoArtCanson and Dynasty Brush for your support in my creative endeavors…..

Now for the challenge:  I challenge you to take your thoughts of thanks to your safe place whether that be a canvas, art journal or a wall!  I would love to see what you come up with! Leave a comment and let me know if you are joining me….xoxo


The more silent you are, the more you can hear yourself think, and the more you can appreciate the goodness that is already yours.  Somewhere deep inside, you know this is true.  Think for a moment . . .Ultimately, the key is to leave enough space in your life to enjoy the space between the commotions.  Take a deep breath.  Look around.  And give thanks.”

24 thoughts on “From the Journal………..Creative Challenge

  1. I’m in Tracy! I hope to have that quiet time of which you speak at some point this weekend 🙂 -Patty (ImageAwards is probably what comes up here, tho)

  2. So my quiet time was cleaning up after a family holiday get together yesterday, Guess I need to rethink my quiet time definition, quit treating your beautiful journal and media ideas as a spectator sport and do some creating of my one.

  3. Love this Tracy! The words are beautiful…as you know in Italy we do not celebrate Thanksgiving but this doesn’t mean that I do not have many ‘things’ to be thankful for….so I’m in!

  4. Ahhh – well, one of my thoughts of thanks can be put right here…. I am THANKFUL FOR YOU Tracy – for so many reasons. But I would love to take your challenge too. It would be good for me! Love the way you did yours… and of course, you know I like that COLOR!!!! j.

  5. 🙂 we don’t have Thanksgiving here in Dutchieland but I really like the conceot. Sometimes it’s soo easy to forget what you have and only see the dark gloomy side of life. So last year I had a burn out and it took a bit to get over that but it did make me see it’s the little things that are important. So I am thankfull for my Family, Friends and the little unexlected things that make you smile :-)…. so am gonna give it a try 😉

    • thanks for sharing Monique. Sometimes you just have to go easier on yourself. So glad you are going to try and join me ♥

  6. The words are from the heart ❤️ the meanings are truly felt and the page is a beautiful reminder how wonderful life can be if we let it! Love you Cx

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