Mixed Media Monday Card Swap

I am so excited to share the latest Mixed Media Monday Card Swap.  We just had a wonderful all occasion card swap and I am beyond thrilled with the amazing artistry in all the cards!  I wanted to share a sampling of every person in all four groups who participated!

Here are the cards I created and made prints so I could participate in every group:



Here is a good sampling of the cards along with a slide show of close ups of all the cards!

Cards1 Cards2



Thank you to Mary F. for a wonderful lunch and afternoon of sorting all your masterpieces!

and……THANK YOU to all who included bonus birthday cards for me!


Remember this is Mixed Media Monday swap and you must be a participate of our Facebook Group HERE:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/112352452239274/.  STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS ON OUR NEXT SWAP!

This was amazing to participate in and I have a special GIVEAWAY FOR TWO RANDOM WINNERS!!!  Several of you made extra card and several were too late to participate in the swap.  SO…………this is your chance to leave a comment on this blog post and I have two packages of cards for TWO RANDOM winners!!!



 The beauty of us lies in our vulnerability, our sincerity, our complex emotions, and our authentic imperfections.  When we embrace who we are and decide to be authentic, instead of perfect, we open ourselves up to real relationships, real happiness, and real success. 

13 thoughts on “Mixed Media Monday Card Swap

  1. The talent in this group is incredible! I gained so kuch inspiration from all of your beautiful work! Thank you to all of you for sharing your talent with me and with our group! Thank you Tracy for organizing this, the response was incredible ! 😀

  2. the video slide show was amazing!! thank you for putting that together and allowing us to see the cards so many cards! You and Mary did a wonderful job!! Thank you!

  3. The natural talent in this group is amazing! I’m relatively new to the group, but I am learning so much from you, Tracy, and I’m sure the others feel the same. I can’t wait for the next swap so I can participate as well.

  4. These are sooo owlmazingly Beautiful! I so wished I got in on this one, however…I certainly will not miss the next. I’ve learned so much and enjoy creating to just create & share inspiration. Thank You to every single person who joined in & for showing all this L O V E & Inspiration. HUGS xoxo

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