My New Mug!

I found a new line that I just love!  It is called Children of the Inner Light.  Today I found the most perfect mug for me.  I drink tea every night when I am working Mugin my studio (goes with my chocolate).  Finding a mug is kind of like finding a comfortable pair of shoes.  It just fits right.  This mug just popped into my hands and I loved the message "Follow Your Dreanms" (my mantra).  On the back it says…

"Your Life holds for you endless possiblities.  Keep sight always of what is important…true happiness and purpose will be found in relationship."

I love the simplicity of the artwork and the message.  Also, Tyler pointed out that the kids on the mug look like them (not sure who the 4th one is but he says it is me).  So needless to say this will be my new mug.  Check out their website for some really cute stuff.  It is the simple things like this, that bring a smile to my face.

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