New Chapter… Canson Art Journal

A new chapter has opened in my life.  This time I have chosen a 7 X 10 hardcover Canson Mixed Media Journal to tell this next chapter of my story……


I had  the fortune of starting this book in my travels last week in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I so love the travel and places that add to my soul.  I love the people I get to meet, teach, learn from and share my passion.  I will take you through some of the pages I painted last week.  Sorry I don’t have the step by steps by these but some of the techniques and backgrounds will be videos soon! I am getting lots of requests for those (I just need to stay home long enough now!).

Here are some of my latest pages from my heART……

Canson2 Canson3 Canson4 Canson5 Canson6

What I know with each passing page it tells my store and my release.  Life is one step forward, one more step forward and maybe a step or two back.  It continues forward and life has it’s setbacks that may freak you out or you may beat yourself up but each step is a learning lesson.  Things do change and it is all part of the process.  Sometimes we think we have it figured out and then the carpet comes out a bit from under you.  These are always chances to learn and grow but most important to show up, take it on and know that every day is a gift.

My goals get a little loftier, I find guts where I never knew they existed and put myself out there for better or worse. I am thinking my carpool karaoke skills are for the better.

I am embracing this new chapter and hope you embrace it with me!  Stay tuned for more pages, more techniques and more from my heart.  It just kind of spills out on the page.


Happiness escapes from those who refuse to see the good in what they have.  When life gives you every reason to be negative, think positive.  Let go of what you think your life is supposed to be like right now and sincerely appreciate it for everything that it is.”

4 thoughts on “New Chapter… Canson Art Journal

  1. I love that this book is the beginning of another new beginning. Your last journal has very happy memories for me – each page was very special and many of them I watched come to life. This one you started when you were away from “us”. You were just ON LOAN though!!! So happy you were out sharing the wonderful YOU that those of us back home adore, respect and admire. Yes – new steps, new seasons, new lessons; whether in neutral, reverse or forward you are definitely touching lives with the joy of art…. literally around the world. More than INCREDIBLE on so many levels! j.

  2. So true Tracy.
    It becomes more and more true if that is possible with each year that passes. It has become so very important with our doctor telling both Eric and me “you’re getting old” a couple of weeks ago. We do not accept this, it felt like being written off when we are both trying to make sure we keep as healthy as possible. Art and craft have given me and to a slightly lesser extent Eric, a reason to get up and have at ’em!
    I get messy, Eric fetches, carries, cooks and keeps me constantly supplied with coffee. Make each day count, go to bed knowing you have lived that day to the full. You have expressed your thoughts so eloquently Tracy. I think there is another book there…..

    • Amen and trust me…you have not been written off unless you let those words get to you. I refuse to let the challenges beat me down for long. ????

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