Show me the Bird!

Just a little play on words this morning!  Two Mondays we played with birds…check out this POST:


and you guys played along with me……


 Kim Hutchinson:


Jean Marmo:


Sandee Setliff

Everyone seems normal...

Beverly Mefford:

Bird Challenge for Monday night ustream with Tracy

Angie Reece:



Tanya Stillwell:



Cindi Hooks:


 and Rodaina Tarek:


This is what I love about Monday's….no two ideas are the same.  We all have a different take and words that speak to us but from one evening together these awesome pieces of art come from it. How awesome is that from one evening sparked all this creativity!

I thank you ALL for sharing who you are, your art, the ups and downs of life and making the start of my week perfect each and every Monday!!!!!!!


"When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you."

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