Studio Remodel Day 1 – New and Improved Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

Well, I have talked about this for a long time and yesterday was the official kick off to a whole new Tracy Weinzapfel Studios!  Everything has to be taken out and that is no small undertaking!!!!!  Before…


Thank to this special lady who came in to supervise and keep me on track until everything was out…THANKS MARY!


I was sad to see my DecoArt Wall oh Paint go away but it will be back and so much more!


We made so much progress…..
Studio3and the great thing is now our Living Room has taken on a whole new feeling………of hoarding and clutter!


I am happy to say I am almost ready for painting! After a glass (or two) of wine I was able to commit to colors!  Three walls will be grey with the top lighter turquoise as an accent wall.  PHEW!


If you care to keep up with my Studio remodel adventures make sure to go to my Facebook Page where I am sharing videos as it happens!

Painting takes place on Saturday and Sunday….then the built out cabinets/counters come in Monday/Tuesday.  To big changes in my ever so colorful world!

Upgrade your Environment…if you aspire to have a more up-leveled and inspiring lifestyle than you currently have……..give the place a paint job and clean it up.  Get new furniture or fix up what you already have.  Throw out the clutter, let some air in , hang inspiring art on the walls.  This will not only help to keep your frequency high, but it will alert The Universe that you’re not screwing around, that your’re doing everything you can and are waiting for further instruction on the how.”

9 thoughts on “Studio Remodel Day 1 – New and Improved Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

  1. So this would be a good weekend to come down and go through your stash and steal things that you won’t remember you had when it comes time to put them away…. hmmmmm I could bring wine… 🙂

    • OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you say wine? I ate a bistro box the other morning and totally had you on my mind. We just need to schedule a paint day and you can take pictures with Flat Andy 🙂

    • Do you mean the white plastic ones with the bins? I think those came from either the Container Store or Costco. I am actually keeping the plastic bins to put in my next space.

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