Summer Goals Met

We are down to the two-week countdown before school starts.  I was thinking about that list I made at the beginning of summer:

  • Enjoy our mini family vacation in Texas – DONE
  • Hit the beach once a week  – MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK
  • Enjoy our pool with friends – SURE DID….nice BBQ’s TOO WITH GREAT FRIENDS
  • Still be able to go to the gym – FAILED AT THIS ONE…START BACK AUGUST 27!
  • Stay on Coronado for a few nights – DONE
  • Have a successful trip in Chicago at CHA Summer – YEP!  FUN & SUCCESSFUL
  • Learn Photoshop Elements with Kelly (we start next week girl!)  – GOT TOGETHER ONCE BUT PLAN ON PICKING IT UP WHEN KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL.  PICK A DAY KELLY!

So looking back it was a great Summer and two weeks left to go. All in all we completed what we set out to do and the summer got away from us too fast.  Tyler_fourth_grade_2

This Wednesday the twins go in for their Kindergarten screening!  How did this get here so fast?  I am excited for them and yes sad.  They have been my partners at home for five years!  Heck, they are the whole reason I stayed home in the first place and started on this great journey I am on now!  The house will seem empty and after my initial dance of jubilation I know it will be sad. 

Catching up with things on my desk and completed this layout today for Scrappin SportsAndrea Deer’s new line is perfect for all those school layouts I have piling up.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer everyone!  We are down to our last two beach trips. 

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