Sunday in the Starbucks Studio

This Sunday’s Sunday in the Studio is a little different. I am in my Satellite Studio also commonly known as Starbucks.  I needed an escape to concentrate, no distractions and work on a dream…..drawings, my art, my new dream.  More on that later.

This is what my office looks like:



I am also road testing these babies….yes I may be giving into my 40’s!



and as for those no distractions….I may have been live streaming this….


As for the dream…more to come on that.  I just read this great article: You Can Have an Easy Life or an Awesome One. Choose Wisely by James Victore that my friend sent me and I printed it up to have by my side.  I have lots of fears right.  In this crazy career of being an Artist there is uncertaintly that follows me everywhere.   Fear of failure seems to rise to the top so easy of late.  There are things I will not give in on including my family, my home, my life.  Bottom line with the new opportunities coming my way….if I fail,I fail on my own terms….doing what I LOVE.

Who knows…by taking these new risks what lies out there. It will take courage to put myself out there. Put my work out there and just do what I love.  So time to close out the self doubt, the comparison to others and see where it takes me.  I do know the first place it is taking me is CHA in January.  I have been there for many years in so many capacities. This one may be my favorite. It is as Tracy Weinzapfel, The Artist, Painterand more.  I am seeing the world a whole new way and the reading glasses my be just the start.

So on this Sunday in the makeshift Studio that serves hot beverages I share my inner most feelings and let them go.  Back to work…I got a dream to act on!


Have a great Sunday!  May you have guts to leap and the wings to fly…or as I aways pray for, a darn good safety net!

10 thoughts on “Sunday in the Starbucks Studio

  1. You look cute in your new readers!! You’re rockin’ them!! I was 30 when I discovered I couldn’t read labels anymore. Freaks you out for a little while, then you just have to go with the flow baby. 🙂

  2. LOVElovelove your blog….I understand your passion of following your dream…You are such an awesome inspiration…I am excited to see what 2015 brings…for you…and for me too!!…ps….8 petals??..way to work outside your comfort zone!! <3

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