Sunflower Art Journal

I have been busy painting and learning!  I painted this page in my art journal……


MATERIALS LIST:  (DecoArt Products can be purchased online HERE)

I have been working, learning and sharing what I have been up to.  Here is how I created this fun page HERE:
Lots of DecoArt fun in this nice easy journal page…
Learning lots of new things and loving all your comments and support!  I have to say it is fun to learn and scary all the same. It makes me work harder.  In the meantime the art process is fun and I have so much more coming out of the Studio.  For now I am using your feedback to bring more and more!  I have to kind of leave the perfectionism at the door a bit.  That is not easy for me to do.  I LOVE what I do and may that always show through!  And in those moments when I need to be reminded I come across a quote like this reminding me to practice what I practice what I preach…
Bring it on!  We can do this and bring more DecoArt fun out there!
 I am on to some fun glass etching fun next so stay tuned!
Gratitude always makes life easier to deal with.  Because happiness comes easier when you stop complaining about your problems and you start being grateful for all the problems you don’t have.”

18 thoughts on “Sunflower Art Journal

  1. I love the quote used on this layout. I saw it tonight on another Facebook page and it made me pause my scrolling. Your cheerful pop of colorful sunflowers takes the quote to a happy place. On an artsy note – what I really thought was fun was that at first I didn’t notice that there weren’t any leaves painted because my brain registered the green as leaves – pretty cool trick of color usage in the abstract. I like your sketchy detail too – simple so that dabblers like me go “oh, yeah – I don’t have to be skilled at drawing – just add a few sketched lines and voila!” Your paintings are very approachable from a learning and mimicking standpoint, if that makes sense. I am excited to get some EecoArt Media Line paints to play with.

    • Confession – hadn’t watched the video first and just did. I thought you sketched the black sunflowers and just learned in the video that outline detail is from the rub-on technique – which is even better for old stampers like me who like the outline look sometimes. Thanks for showing us that!

  2. Thanks for sharing how to deal with the spine! I had never seen masking tape used and was so impressed to see how well the Deco Art matte medium covered it, no trace of the tape! I see some Deco Art purchases in my future! The paint colors were gorgeous and you made the blending look so easy. I have always liked Deco Art products, and seeing you use them just reinforces that. Thanks for a great tutorial!

  3. Amazing video, I love the background color. I didn’t mind the background music, but I miss the naturalness of you talking, I was expecting a little talk back to the transfer film. But it was a great video! very impressed with your technical skills.

  4. Great video,I really like the tip about using a larger sized masking tape, it makes taping the pages so much easier. The Transfers are brilliant. I am going to have to try that. Last but not least, I see I am going to have to get some new Americana colors, the ones you used on this layout are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your fun techniques.

  5. Tracy, nothing takes the place of our Monday nights but I enjoyed the video so much. What a beautiful page,! You did an awesome job. I’m excited and looking forward to your next videos! In the words of glue mom and dad “You Rock, Tracy !”

  6. Hi Tracy: Not sure why, but I could not get the volume loud enough on this one. I maxed my iPad volume and my Bose speaker’s volume and I could just hear you. OOXXOO Linda

  7. This is awesome – you did great – when you switch to do work, the sound gets quieter – had to plug in my speaker, but all good) love watching the process and explaining why you do things

  8. a very delightful video encompassing several techniques. I love the way you show the details without losing those of us who do not have experience with painting in a journal. I am curious about the Rub Onz. Does an ink jet printer work? I really enjoy learning about DecoArt products. You are a natural teacher.

  9. Thanks for another great video. Love the cards! Makes it so real and professional. Do you feel different. So happy to see this.

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