Take the Road Less Traveled

I often say….Take the Road Less Traveled.  Sunday I did just that with a friend and I have to say this may go down as one of the most special hikes with her.  We are so lucky to have so many trails around us but there are always limits like time that give me excuses not to do them.  Sunday we set out for our normal little hike and little did we know what was ahead of us.

We set out on the backside of Mt Woodson with our normal gait, talking and I wanted to share a path with Darlene.


We keep on going and decided that the top of the mountain did not look so far and we were enjoying the cool, crisp weather and all the laughing…..the views were awesome



and we decided to hit Potato Chip Rock along with 30,000 other people…


We seriously felt like we were at Disneyland and needed a Fast Pass to enjoy this local rock.  We skipped that and decided to find our own Doritos landing……which we did (note the blood on Dar’s leg)



and along the way…….a BLIMP! (not Darlene of course)….


and I felt my spirits lifted like our walks so often do…


Thank you my dear friend for taking a road we had both not traveled…for talking, laughing and us being two of the most funny people we know.  To the buses of people that seemed to be there, they had nothing on our time.  For walking all the miles and laughing and crying openly.  I appreciate you as a person so much and love you.  This was one hike I will not soon forget and the perfect way to close out 2014.  I look forward to the miles ahead, the friendship and knowing that you will laugh at my silly jokes.  I too love that I can make you laugh until you literally pee your pants.  It makes the time go by so fast and makes our rears much smaller. ♥

 There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.  You have to do hard things to be happy in life.  The things no one else is doing.  The things that frighten you.  The things others can’t do for you.  The things that make you question how much longer you can hold on and push forward.  Why?  Because those are the things that define you.  Those are the things that make the difference between existing and living – between knowing the path and walking the path.”


4 thoughts on “Take the Road Less Traveled

  1. Tracy!!! Omgosh you made me cry ❤️I love that everyone of our walks ALWAYS turns into an adventure !! How that happens I don’t know but you and I are meAnt to walk these walks that’s all I know !! I love you friend and I too look forward to all the miles we will put in together in 2015 !!!

  2. A great word for the year Tracy! I too believe in writing everything down… I still use my Franklin Covey planner in the classic style to help organize my day …I never use my computer for organization…thoughts, ideas dreams goals values. …are in my planner…one place.. hand written..My goals are set for 2015…
    My word for the year is LISTEN. 🙂

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