Thank You Needs to be said…

So these two people I know read my blog every post.  My mom pulls in up on her ipad for her morning read.  They are my two biggest fans…….so THANK YOU needs to be said and I want them to read it here as sometimes I am not best with the spoken word.  Writing is far more my thing.


They are the best parents and I am so lucky I got in their line when it was time for that selection process……..and the best grandparents….


Also, I am lucky to consider them friends and my friends just love them too.  How many people can say that?

So thank you Mom and Dad… both keep the train on the tracks and the life lessons from taking us out.  You remind us of what it is all about and give us a great example everyday.  Dad, my friend Bonnie found this and it was written for you…Pickles By Brian Crane


I love you! Now hope Mom reads this early and keeps the early morning tea service in bed.❤ I thank her for that too!

Remember, remember, remember dear girl…..that just about everything that is worth anything has a little bit (or a lot) of struggle attached to it…and that the struggle builds the goodness and makes for the sweetness….and will never ever let us forget how much we sacrificed for all that is good.  Don’t stop now. Don’t you dare give up. Keep going……it is gonna be sooo worth it.”

31 thoughts on “Thank You Needs to be said…

  1. Perfect, they are great fans! such a blessing to have them so close over the holidays. Great pictures and great memories.

  2. How wonderful you are truly blessed have enjoyed watching your Dad paint with you. I hope that my children feel that way about me…..

  3. what a wonderful message to share! you are all so lucky to have each other and I love that you pay tribute to these special people in your life. The quoted part at the end : “remember, remember, remember, dear girl …..” are those your words Tracy or quoted from someone else. They are beautiful and hold so much meaning.

  4. Family is the greatest. How wonderful that you share you beautiful parents and family with us. I so enjoyed Mixed Media Mondays especially when Glue Dad is there or the kids or John drop in. And maybe Andy Skinner LOL. You take TGIF to a new level…TGIM! Thank Goodness It’s Monday. Have a great one.

  5. What a lovely post. I had two parents who were like your’s are. Sadly yesterday was the 16th Anniversary of my Mum’s passing, and my Dad has been gone for longer now than I got to have him in my life, 34 years ago. My Mum would have been thrilled to read something so lovely about herself on my blog, as I am sure your super Mum and Dad have been.

    Happy New Year to you all.
    Lin xx

  6. Tracy you are blessed! Love them hard!

    My parents were my best and greatest cheerleaders, now they do it from heaven!

    This post is what it is all about!!!!

  7. Mom and Dad, I agree with Tracy 100%. You are THE BEST. Thank you for being so fantastic, and for blessing all of us yourselves, and through your wonderful daughter. We are all better people and artists because you guys blessed us with her.

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