Thank you Stamp Fever!

Thank you Stamp Fever for two more great classes at your store.  First I walked into a wall of my stamps and new chipboard!  That is so rewarding to see!

I had a great time and appreciate so many of you painting the day away with me!

Please enjoy our day in this VIDEO:

Thankful to Mary for all her hard work and help in my classes!

Thankful for the opportunity to teach and meet so many wonderful people…..

I will be returning on March 19th for two special classes that will be announced very soon!  You will want to SAVE THAT DATE!  Special thanks to my sponsors DecoArt, Dynasty Brush and Dare 2b Artzy for all your support!

When we’re young it seems like faster is better, but in time we witness the power of ‘slow and steady’ at work.  We come to learn that no act of love, kindness or generosity, no matter how small, is ever wasted.  The fact that you can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, is proof that YOU can make a big difference in life and business, even it can’t be done all at once.”

4 thoughts on “Thank you Stamp Fever!

  1. Good Girl…things seam to be going well for you…been saying prayers and I believe these help but just the same I always believe that it never hurts “to row for shore”.

    Keep up your smiling, acts of kindness and painting for fun….hugs and love…doxie

    • Thank you Doxie ♥ your words mean a lot to me. Those prayers too. Love sharing this great industry I get to share with you and consider you my mentor

  2. It was such a fun day! Thank you for including and trusting me! Can’t wait for the 19th of March it is going to be a blast! :D❤????????????

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