Today is my Interview! – Thriving Woman Entrepreneur!

Today is the day my interview debuts for The Thriving Woman Entrepreneur!  I ask you to listen as you know I won’t be!  Here is the link and can be heard for 48 hours:


Ready to Really Thrive in Life and Business? I mean really love your business AND the life you’re creating alongside it!!

Discovering how to THRIVE is a gift.  I want YOU to know ALL ABOUT the same steps that I took that changed everything, so I’ve collaborated with my colleague Dawn Grossart, who specializes in helping entrepreneurs get clarity on their most meaningful goals and strategies so you can go from chaos to confidence and step up as a leader in your life and business AND feel like youre thriving.

Together we’ve created a very special online training event called The Thriving Woman Entrepreneur: Discover how to confidently Create Your Lifestyle Business and The Freedom to Work from Anywhere.  In this event, you will hear more about my own story, as well as the breakdowns to breakthroughs of other successful lifestyle entrepreneurs as Dawn asks probing business and lifestyle questions.  You’ll also receive personal strategies from fellow thought leaders, NY Times bestselling authors, speakers, and leaders in the fields of healing, abundance, purposeful living, and spirituality.

All you have to do is CLICK AND REGISTER RIGHT NOW!

Thanks for any comments you want to leave (the good, the bad and the ugly) and hope it inspired you in some way!

If you are passionate about something, pursue it a little bit each day, no matter what anyone else thinks.  That’s how dreams are achieved.”

6 thoughts on “Today is my Interview! – Thriving Woman Entrepreneur!

  1. Tracy, Great interview and Happy birthday month Ms. Apple Wine. Loved the message behind your quote, “Everyday is a rainy day.” I must start cracking open those new paint colors and media. Thanks for sharing your journey and lessons learned. Looking forward to the next Mixed Media Monday. Stay well my creative friend.

    • Thanks so much Robin! Today really is a rainy day here lol. Glad I will be teaching and painting!

  2. Great interview Tracy! You know you and you know your business and passion to be able to answer questions so well when put on the spot!

  3. Realistically living thru the seasons of life in a positive, productive way brings hope in our tomorrows and renews in us the courage to step out onto uncharted but potentially promising pathways.

    That’s what I heard you say in this interview PLUS so much more. YOU are AMAZING! j.

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