Clearing Out!

Today progress was made in cleaning things up to prep for the paint.  We went shopping for the microwave, refrigerator, TV, tile floor and counter tops.  We fit in a lot all before the Chargers Game.  Even more important we removed the entertainment stand from the house, rearranged the furniture and got the family room ready for a new TV.  Plus we went through Pete’s old papers from work and such and made 5 bags of garbage.  I actually got him to sit down and throw things out!  Gotta love that.  Tomorrow the painter will start on removing the acoustic ceiling from the bedrooms.  I am still in a quandary as to what color to paint my office.  I know I saw a scrapbook room painted a beautiful color of yellow but for the life of me I cannot remember where I saw it.  I want my studio to remain bright but yet colorful.   This is the most important room to me.  I need to make that big decision in the next few days.  UGH!  I was just happy throwing everything away.  I have a heck of a pile to donate this week.  I am not looking forward to another week of dust but sure am anxious to get that color on the walls.  I am just wondering how long this will take to get everything done…will we have Counters for Christmas?  My new song will be "All I want for Christmas is my counters and my kitchen back, my kitchen back"…..

I also laid down today and took a nice nap.  It was a Apple_pickingdeep sleep that I really needed.  I think things are catching up with me.  Tomorrow I have a full day.  Workout, preschool Halloween party, Work at the office, and hopefully fit in a meeting with the flooring contractor to measure.  I hate Monday’s but as always I will take it one thing at a time. 

Did I mention I was able to create yet another layout for Fiber Scraps.   And I wonder why I am so tired.  Maybe this is my way of keeping my sanity.

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