My Travel Art Journal Supplies…

It is so important to me to have my art supplies when I travel.  The down time in the air plane, car, etc. is some of my most productive time.  My art journal joins me in the hotel, pool side and just about everywhere.  It is how I relax.  Compacting my tools has become a necessity.  Today I am sharing the supplies that accompany me…….

First, is the art journal itself.  It needs to be compact and in the size that works for me.  Here are my two latest journals:


Paint brushes, pens, pencils and more:


The paints:


Other necessities:


Here is how I keep it all together….


Make sure to visit my Shop for more supplies you can take along with you in your travels.

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8 thoughts on “My Travel Art Journal Supplies…

  1. Tracy – Great post and perfect timing! I’m getting ready to take a trip this weekend and the flight will have a long layover plus we are going to the airport much earlier so we can try to catch an earlier flight. What are some projects that I can bring along with me since there will be a lot of time waiting around.

    • For me Heidi, it is all about being compact and less is more! I use that waiting time to create small, fast and easy projects. I find inspiration from Pinterest and even in the airport. All my best in your travels and glad I could help!

  2. Tracy you have the best packed travel idea and it is also great for the confined person who needs her supplies close at hand, I have now set me up a travel kit and I donnot have the all the great supplies you are showing. would love the great watercolors.

  3. I remember you saying you put this post together and I am leaving tomorrow morning on a 7 hr road trip … and I have the whole backseat to myself. I have Game Of Thrones packed to go and the traveling art kit you suggested//plus a little of this and a little of that . . . .

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