Travel Journaling in the South – PART 1 and GIVEAWAY!

WINNER WINNER – Carol Mais!  Carol, please email your shipping address to!  CONGRATS!


I have been traveling again and have some travel journal pages to share.  Now remember this is my idea journal and where I take many of my ideas from. It is my practice time, my Let It Go place!  While traveling to and from Georgia last week I had my travel supplies on hand which I shared HERE.

Travel2 Travel4 Travel1 Travel5

This is what it is like to travel along with me in an airplane……headphones on listening to my favorite music.


and here are just some of my latest idea pages…..

BlueFlower1 Dream Flowers2 Flowers3 Flowers4

All are inspired by things I see along the way in my travels and I enjoy that time.  I am in the mood for a GIVEAWAY and all you have to do is leave a comment to WIN a set of my favorite watercolors by Grumbacher:

Grumbacher_Transparent_12a Grumbacher_Transparent_12

LEAVE A COMMENT and I will pick a random winner to receive this 12-pan set. Feel free to leave any travel tips you may have.  Stay tuned for PART 2 of my latest travel journaling pages.

The people who stick by you at your worst, deserve to enjoy being with you at your best.  In fact, the best thing about the toughest days of your life is that you get to see who your true friends really are.  The people truly worthy of “best friend” status are the ones that help you through hard times, and laugh with you after the hard times pass.”

136 thoughts on “Travel Journaling in the South – PART 1 and GIVEAWAY!

  1. Wonderful practice pages. Love your lettering of the word DREAM. So I am dreaming I will win this watercolor set: ). My travel tips are wear comfortable shoes, pack light, drink plenty of water, and enjoy the sights.

  2. Really pretty and inspiring Tracy. If you are able to put yourself into your creative space on an American airline flight, I’ both amazed and impressed. 🙂

    • Thanks Cinda! I find the airports and planes a great place to people watch and doodle. Unless I have the kids LOL

  3. I have been carrying art supplies with me everywhere. I waited and painted at the car dealership, retreat down time and out to my porch. I have decided that I am really a watercolor girl.

  4. I love the doodle of the word dream, your work inspires me to just play in my journal & I’m loving it. Haven’t been far for years due to health constraints, YES that changed for the better so walking shoes, loose clothing, water, lots lots water & a few emergency snacks would be my choice after packing art supplies. Thanks for sharing keep up the good work sure would love to try out these watercolours they look fantastic 🙂

  5. Love all your pages. I wish I could do that too, but my kids are too small to let me! Would love to win the watercolors!!

  6. That was so very helpful for me as I plan to do that kind of journalling when I go to God’s Littlest Angels orphange in Haiti where i will volunteer. Not long now … Sept. 12 I leave!

  7. I have never traveled with paints but always try to least have a small journal and pencils or watercolor pencils. Your work is inspiring.

  8. Love your work here. You have definitely inspired me to paint and I’ve been very good at doing something everyday despite the depression that would prefer I stay in bed with covers over my head. Thank you for doing what you do and I would LOVE to win these watercolors!

    • April….I feel for you and think art heals and brings that color where there does not seem to be any ♥

  9. The colors on the blue flower blow me away. Think I need to create some this weekend……using my new Americana paints!!!!!

  10. I love your artwork! You inspire me to be more free and less inhibited with my art. 🙂 So happy to have found you and be part of mixed media Mondays.

  11. It is inspiring to watch you work, love watching the mixed media Mondays.. (Although usually during the week, when I’m getting ready for work). Thank you for sharing you talent.

  12. As usual amazing work Tracy. I love the color palettes you are choosing to use. I enjoy seeing I am not the only one using a travel kit. Yours is exceptional.

  13. Love how bright and cheerful your pages are. My only good travel tip is stuff it all in the roof box…leave as much room in the car as you can…someone is going to want that space…(and carry a car-sick kit…we always seem to need it on long trips)

  14. As you know, I traveled by train while you were traveling to Atlanta. I took my practice journal and my watercolor pencils, brushes and a few other items. I definitely would love to win this set. I have only just started using water colors and I have two sets of kid quality paints and my water color pencils. I was never comfortable with water color painting till I started following your MMM’s. Btw, your practice journal is amazing.

  15. I have been thinking about putting a travel journal kit together for Olivia, We are leaving for the Grand Cayman in a couple weeks. (Maksim and Olivia have no idea yet) I picked her up a journal book. What do you use for your pens/pencils etc. (Veiw-Tainer) spendy?? I need to get something that is durable for the kids. Thanks girl!

  16. OOOOOOO I told you I was going to sit here all night….and here I am….would love to win the paints…LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  17. I love how you are able to put a great travel bag together, wish I had that idea when I was traveling. I would love to have the grumbacher watercolor paints so I can set me up a great travel bag to use upstairs in my lift chair when I am not able to be downstairs in the studio. Sometimes I get great inspirations and everything is downstairs. YUCk, Love your instpritailal journal you have to work from.. Never miss you on Monday nite.

  18. When travelling ask yourself “have I used this art supply in the past week” if answer is yes chances are to pack it. Or pack just a little or small amounts of everything! ! Hope I win!!! Good luck everyone

  19. Tracy, Love the tips on preparing a travel journal kit. I am anxious to begin playing with watercolor paints. I enjoy your MMM you are so inspiring. Thank you!

  20. Thanks for posting this again. I’m traveling at the end of the Minh and was wondering what to pack. I don’t have those watercolors that would be great to have in my kit.

  21. Thank you – so much for sharing this Tracy. I am just about to become the owner of an RV (mini motorhome) – so, seeing the supplies you “travel” with is going to help me prepare my own travel tote – for journaling, etc. while “on-the-road-again” !!
    Thanks for so generously sharing your knowledge, talent and skills. I truly appreciate it.
    Pet Nanny ~~ pawsitively special ~~~ Bonnie

  22. You are so awesome, girl! I love watching your videos and how you just fly by the seat of your pants and it always turns out so cute!

  23. Thanks for sharing! Love your pages. I usually bring simple supplies on vacation but end up not creating much. It’s cool to hear that u sit on the plane and do this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Tracy, am inspired by your paintings, your travel bag, and your doodles (Dream) … and your videos! Haven’t worked much in watercolors, but want to start! Would be nice to win these!

  25. I don’t travel with art supplies but sometimes looking for something in my craft room is a journey all by itself LOL Love your Art and love your shows. Look forward to it every Monday!

  26. I travel 5-6 days a week for work and I like having time where you can just let your mind wander in any direction it wants to. I think your pages are a wonderful representation of your creative mind and how it is always working to bring you – and us – the beauty of the world. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  27. I just got my 1st pack of Grumbacher Watercolor paints in the mail (BTW-That was fast delivery) and I am so in love! Now, I want all of them. Fingers Crossed. Love the flowers in your traveling art journal!! You give me so many ideas and lots of inspiration and now I can now practice with some quality paints. I think it makes a world of difference and so much more fun!

      • I forgot to leave my travel TIP: Pack Light so you can have room in your suitcase for all the goodies you might purchase and need to bring home with you! I should take heed of my own tip because the last time we went to LA, my sweet hubby had to ship a bunch of stuff home for me 🙂

  28. Thanks for the great travel ideas! I always try to bring too much! I just made a little ‘book’ of Peerless Watercolors last week to try to use for travelling, the your watercolors look very handy for travelling! I have done the last 2 Mixed Media Monday’s & made my first mixed media pieces & painting pieces ever. Thanks so much for the creative play time & the inspiration. Your work is fun & beautiful!

  29. Your work is so colorful! I love it. I mostly love the post about you and your Aunt! It touched me and makes me miss my creative Aunt. The memories of our crafty adventures inspire me still. Enjoy your travels!!

  30. Love your travel kit and your flowers just pop off the page ,oh to win a set of those watercolours would be a dream come true….

  31. I need to make a travel set for the cottage! Would be fun to be able to play while on the boat or at the campfire!!

  32. Tracy, your work, words of wisdom and carefree outlook give me inspiration as I struggle to find myself as an artist. Thank you for sharing not only your work, but the process behind it. Annette

  33. I travel today and could have use your travel kit. I did try to paint today but it was a little bumpy. I went on a train trip and visited some of the places that I live in for a short time. We didn’t get to get out and visit or site see but did enjoy the trip from a different view. And a little visit down memory Lane.

  34. Hi Tracy, I’m so happy that I started to follow you on FB. It’s been awhile since I’ve
    picked up a paint brush. I’m recharging the mind now for the body need to get these shoes walking. Thanks again.

  35. WOW!!! Those pieces you made are awesome…….I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself…..thanks for the GIVEAWAY!!!!!

  36. OH such WONDERFUL yumminess!!!….I love how you load up your tote to travel…if even for a poolside get-a-way…or to Starbucks!…I would love to win this favorite set of watercolors…so I could pack a bag to “retreat” during the work day at lunch…or whatever. I have been trying to do some “heArt” every day…if only for an hour……You are my inspiration!!…Debbie/StudioBeeCreations

  37. I love the new creations of your!! I do have a small travel bag myself, with few of my art supplies. It is really amazing to realize that some of the art done while waiting at a doctors office or at one of girls classes turn out to be really pretty.
    Love all of your work and thanks for all the inspiration!!:)

  38. As always love the things that you have done I have never drawn or painted before plenty of other crafts scrapbooks wood burn wire art rugs and so on but since I found about you I have made 3 pages and want to make more Today I went to beach and took my journal and freezer bag full of colored pens had a ball thank you for the inspiration

  39. These are such pretty pages! I love watercolours, they are so easy to travel with. I’ve been saving up to buy a good set, so thank you for the kind giveaway!

  40. Great travel tips. Love the vibrancy of the Tombow Markers with the watercolors. Thanks for the chance to win some watercolors. For travel and in my art room when using watercolors, instead of a spray bottle for water, I like to use a dropper bottle. I feel I have more control over the quantity of water for the times I want a deeper color over a wash effect.

  41. Thank you for sharing what you put in your travel kit. I made my own travel kit when we went on our bike trip and it had allot of the same things in it…..the only thing was I never used it!! I takes me so long to get myself to a point where I’ll try something new it drives me crazy!! Lol. I think I may have to revisit my little kit again.

    • I hear ya Yvonne! The time is the issue but……if you don’t have the time it much mean you are doing something awesome! Cannot wait to hear about this year’s trip!

  42. I have to take art supplies with me every time I travel now (after seeing you post about it)… Sometimes I never even get to touch them but it’s just comforting to know they’re with me!

  43. A friend of mine directed me to your site and I LOVE your work!! I am very impressed what you are able to accomplish on a plane. Beautiful work. Looking forward to visiting often. : )

  44. I bought a bigger purse so I would have room for a pad and watercolor pencils.. I just wish my renderings would come out as wonderfully bright and GOOD as Tracy’s. I find that I have a tendendacy to loose my patience so my tip is to BREATHE and stay calm!!

  45. I have never taken art supplies with me when I have traveled. Every summer we go camping in a beautiful spot by a river. You have inspired me to start making a travel kit to take along with me next year.

  46. You give me so much inspiration in a time in my life where it’s so needed. I’ve been disabled and in a wheelchair for almost 10 years now but have recently have, found the motive and inspiration from you to try walking. I will walk around the block 1-2 times, it’s not much but for me it’s HUGE. Thank you for sharing your journeys (art and personal) with us. I also take my travel supplies to every doctors appointment 🙂 keep going, you inspire me to be better in art and life!

  47. Thanks for the great giveaway, Tracy! I received one of your cards in our last card exchange and don’t want to give it up. Your work is even better in person! I usually don’t get to see your show until it’s a “re-run” but I always love how real things are at your house. Thanks again for being an inspiration to so many.

  48. I don’t know if my commented posted or went into never never land! Just love the kit idea and all the beautiful pages! vickie

  49. You inspire me to go out of my comfort zone and push the limits of my art and capabilities.
    I love your art and the use of such vibrant colors along with words of inspiration. You have made me fall in love with watercoloring, and I would love nothing more than to win this set of paints so that I can paint like you!! Thank you for being an inspiration to me and many others.

  50. Omg tracy how many comments have you reveived.. im sorry for the time difference between our country’s because i can never be there real time but i do always catch upthe next day.. you inspire me with your presence and my tip for you when you travel is to always pack this energy And 1 posca and you will be fine! Keep enjoying.. ill catch up on Tuesdays 🙂

  51. I have been reading your positive, encouraging words lately and I thank you. Your work is so lovely, your smile is infectious, and you are really helping me conquer my fears of failure. Winning would be wonderful, but not necessary. I just wanted to say thanks! You are an inspiration to many besides me I’m sure.

    • Thank you so MUCH! I know those fears of failure. For me I am my own worst enemy but now try to shut that voice down in my head. The trust is……..when you leap you do build wings or learn some crazy good lessons on the way down LOL 🙂

  52. well…lets just say i’m truly and totally inspired by your gorgeous works of art. i’ve actually dropped the other few blogs i followed (and online classes) because i find that i can relate to yours best and i just have such a good time watching while you are so ‘YOU’ while conducting this mixed media madness!! unfortunately i have no travel plans this summer but i’m looking into a few options for November. i need some ME time!! <3

  53. I want 2 say thank u 4 inspiring us to dig deeper in ourselves to reflect n not be afraid to create art in a non complicated ways at home n even while traveling! But not only that, but you share with us ur true self n ur family, ur life, as we see n can relate as mothers, wives, artists, dreamers,…women! I’m so blessed to have found u, ur art, ur beautiful familia, n ur beautiful n supportive art familia! 🙂 I use arcylic paint, but believe it or not have not dabbled with watercolor hoping to play soon! Fingers crossed! Lol!

    • Thank you so much Gila!!!!!!!!!!! the part I embrace as an artist is being a mom, woman, single woman and soon to be married woman. Life is real. Always hope I share it that way. ♥ Glad you found me too!

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