Try Something With Tracy – 3B Charcoal Pencil and Sharpener


Well, you all knew it was going to pop up eventually. There absolutely HAD to be a video on Tracy’s love affair with her 3B Charcoal Pencils. I am sure many of you out there thought this would be the first Try Something With Tracy video. But, that would have been too predictable.


On Today’s video, you will get a glimpse of Tracy’s second LOVE.  You will learn the reason behind why Tracy only uses a 3B. She uses only one brand and even shares her now FAVORITE pencil sharpener for the softer led charcoal pencils.


We all tease Tracy about her obsession, but Tracy has taught us all how to take all of our artwork from DRAB to FAB with these simple little art tools. Get one!! Use it!! You will love it and never be the same again!! (Right Angie?) and Jean agrees you can never have too much charcoal pencil!  Is there such a thing!?

Her nubby pencils have even been made into art thanks to Debbie Page Harris!


 Tracy Weinzapfel Studios’ Shop sells 3B Charcoal Pencils and Sharpener.  Thanks for joining me for today’s Try Something with Tracy!  Make sure to check out all episodes……..Try Something with Tracy

4 thoughts on “Try Something With Tracy – 3B Charcoal Pencil and Sharpener

    • Hi Sharon, I will be posting it ASAP. Listed house for sale and 2 days of travel but I am back in the Studio catching up 🙂

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