What is your Calling?

Have you sat down and thought about what your calling is?  Someone posted this the other day and it got me thinking…..

Vicki Davis Gordon Thanks for all you inspire Tracy…what a wonderful calling…..!!!

Kathy Berg Thanks Tracy. I agree Vicki, Tracy has a special calling. She inspires so many people. I had to continue and not start over because I set aside one journal for all the MMM pages this year. I started in January and am determined to complete the journal. I had to work through the “mess” and glad I did. You never know how something is going to turn out.

At times it has seem silly that painting vibrant pictures of flowers is my calling.  But is it that simple?  Maybe I am not giving credit to my own calling.

My latest art journal page has me sharing what I thought never possible.  It comes from doubting and putting the limits on myself!


I just saw this posted and it made me mindful of that small little box being my Purpose…it feels like so many things have aligned that those simple vibrant flowers are something far more than simple.  My art is ever evolving and I am thirsty for more while staying within that Purpose…….


So I posted this because for me my purpose is about connecting through my art…


Words are sometimes hard to come by every week when I am LIVE on Mixed Media Monday…it has been the little show that could.  The show that filled up my Monday  nights, started my week and was “me” time in the Studio with so many people!  It is where my calling stemmed from and connected me to so many awesome people.  So now the trick is to keep that calling, that purpose and grow…as an artist and person!  And……to keep painting!

Today I received this timely comment from Karen P.

Tracy! You have opened my eyes back up to doodling, drawing, sketching and painting again and there are not many that could have done that – so thank you hun!”

So maybe this is my calling…..to connect through art and inspire others to do the same.  Maybe it is to just paint simple flowers every week and see where the art takes me.  Have you given a true thought what your calling is? (P.S……this is another stream of consciousness post that stemmed from my art journal.  I hesitate to post but those posts I hesitate on are the ones I love the most.  My truth).

You were put here for a reason, with your unique personality, skills, passions and point of view. You’re meant to do very unique work in this world. “And what’s that?” you might be wondering… Show up and be you. Do what you’re called to do.  Follow your passions, speak your truth and leave your mark.”

8 thoughts on “What is your Calling?

  1. I loved reading this Tracy. For people like me, your vibrant pictures of flowers are many things: 1) they make us smile and we need to smile, 2) they give us courage to be bolder – choose vivid, 3) they are forever alive – in our minds and on your canvas, 4) your flowers are simply, unobtrusive, sweet, and without pretense… they go anywhere; they go with anything; they speak a language of their own…they say it all or they say nothing; they minister to hearts and they embed vivid images into minds; they take us to an imaginary place – to a positive happy world; their blooms are life giving to the heart; 5) and most importantly… they are yours and you are a great encourager thru them. Not everyone can paint a flower and a great percentage of those that can paint a flower – cannot paint a flower the “lives”. Your artwork is alive. It glows. It speaks. It floods the soul with hope. Yes – you have a gift – a message and a purpose. Please never forsake your flowers even as your “box” expands (and it will) – we still need your flowers to give fragrant encouragement to our own callings! 🙂 j.

  2. By following your calling you are encouraging us to do the same, how wonderful is that? thank you for it all.
    Annie v.

  3. “…..to connect through art and inspire others to do the same.”
    i think that’s your calling. i’m not good at the gush love words, but i too have really appreciated having found you.
    and i debate whether being paid for it is an essential part of purpose. : ) Volunteering is a very important purpose, and you don’t get paid for mothering

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