Birthday WINNERS and GRAND PRIZE Giveaway!


I am excited to share all the WINNERS of my Birthday Giveaways!


I have grand prize from Beacons (it’s true they have a glue for everything you do!) and it’s a gift basket literally packed with fantastic Beacons adhesives plus lots of other treats too!Beacon1

All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me what was your BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER to be entered.  That easy and that simple.  I have so many wonderful birthday memories and gifts and I  would love to hear yours.  For me this year the ENTIRE month of May to rekindle my spirit and remind myself what is important was the greatest gift of all.  Giving back to you for all you guys give me on a daily basis!
Special thanks goes to Beacon Adhesives:


Please make sure to stop by Beacons’ Facebook Page and thank them for sponsoring Tracy Weinzapfel Studios!  Visit their website:  I will award the WINNER July 31st!

63 thoughts on “Birthday WINNERS and GRAND PRIZE Giveaway!

  1. One of my best birthdays was when my husband gave me a couple of art classes at Aunty Amy’s store before she closed. It was my first time and such a blast playing and learning with other people. Then one of my best friends surprised me with a huge gift basket filled with spa goodies.

  2. Wow, that is so hard to say, but I’ll go with spending quality time with my son. That is always a treasure especially since he is now grown. Nothing say love like family.

  3. My best year was last year I had some minor health issues and I was so thankful to spend it with my family and friends!! Nothing better!!

  4. A puppy when I had turned 12. Our dog doed on my bday and that afternoon we got a new one. Now a days though Im just grateful to be alive to enjoy another birthday each yr

  5. I think the best birthday present is all the ones that have had family and friends at them. Congrats to all the winners!

  6. Best present ever has to be my iPad from a very special someone. Having it makes it easier to stay in touch with peeps, post to my blog and take online art classes.

  7. My boyfriend (now husband!) told me to pack some clothes, and he took me on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. The whole drive, i had no idea where we were going! He then took me on a sunset airplane ride over the canyon. He had purchased a brand new tent for me and that evening we camped out at the canyon! That was my 26th birthday! Second place would be by 21st birthday…I participated in the filming of a KISS video, but that’s a whole other story!????????????

  8. That’s a hard one since I’ve had quite a few birthdays!!! lol
    I threw myself a party a few years ago at a karaoke bar. It was so fun to have family & friends to dance & sing with!!!

  9. Best Birthday present was my Grandson we have 3 birthdays in same week so we just all celebrate all of them. Mine ,My husbands and his it’s a lot of Fun !

  10. Congrats to all the winners. These give aways were spectacular! Best birthday present was a crystal and gold filigree rosary. I carry it with me at all times 🙂

  11. For my 17th birthday, Mother made me a Dutch doll quilt (sung bonnet girl). She used material from the dresses of my friends to make the dresses for the girls, and machine embroidered their names on the Square. It was then quilted by a group of elderly ladies that lived in the Barren Plains community, where she was born–a few miles from the Youngville Community, where Daddy was born and where our farm is. It was a labor of love that included our “village”…thanks for sharing with us. ♡

  12. Best ever was meeting my now husband on my birthday. Our 23rd wedding anniversary is this coming June 26th.

  13. I have so many good birthdays….I was born on Thanksgiving day back in 1957, so I am blessed that every few years my birthday is on Thanksgiving and all the family is together. I can’t really tell you my best gift…but I can tell you that my 16th birthday was great! A huge party, one that is still mentioned to this day. My Mom and Dad worked hard to make it special for me and all of my friends. And the same for my 40th, my husband threw me a surprised party and had childhood friends here. Love the memory of both of them.

  14. My best ever Birthday present was the year that my husband gave me a present for the first time in our (then) 11 year marriage. He arranged for 2 days off for me and a bus trip to Foxwoods Casino to play Bingo and gamble. He packed for me with help from a friend and even gave me money to gamble with!
    It was a dream come true! He hasn’t given me a birthday gift since but that is ok because when he does do a gift it is AWESOME!!

  15. Tracy…..First of all THANK YOU for the contests and YEHAW I won!!!
    As for my favorite birthday present… very own brand spanky new television set for MY room when I was 10…….My parent’s probably needed peace and quiet from the main set, especially if the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan…….

  16. There is not one single favorite birthday present for me. Not sadly but rather happily because there were so many special presents, thoughts and all in all memories. Still, I also remember the not so good ones and while they don’t count as good birthday presents, they let me appreciate the good ones even better. Birthdays are the perfect “excuse” to show family and friends how much you love them and how much you are loved 🙂

  17. My best Birthday present was meeting my husband and best friend of 31 yrs. I had made a decision to divorce my ex-husband after 3months of total silence, and total breakdown in communication. I had tried as I did every evening after work to talk to him and was met with a wall of silence. It was my Birthday, no card no Best Wishes, and on my way to my friend’s home in tears, Eric who knew me by sight stopped to enquire if I was OK and then took me for a coffee at a local cafe. He had such kind eyes and listened. The rest
    is history.

  18. best ever birthday…. I went to Isla Mujeres for my 40th and we celebrated with a candle-light dinner on the beach. Of course there was that keg party when I turned 21… 🙂 It was pretty awesome too. LOL.

  19. Congrats to the other winners, very thankful for all of the sponsors and the month of festivities!

    My best birthday present ever…………this is a hard one, I don’t think it was every anything materialistic. But last year I did spend the whole day with the hubby and the kids on the lake just relaxing and enjoying the weather. Precious memories are where had that day.

    Thank you for this chance and a huge shout out to Beacons. 🙂

  20. my best birthday gift was my sister. she was born on my birthday 4 years after i was born. she is still the most special person in my life. my life would not be the same wothout a bestie like her. thanks for letting me tell my story.

  21. Celebrating my 51st birthday on a Caribbean cruise the year before my husband died. He had arranged for a cake and to have our dining room attendants sing happy birthday to me. He also had a surprise party at the hotel the night before we left, it was a very special time that I will always remember.

  22. Best ever was actually not even mine! My older sister got a new bike for her birthday, and I learned how to ride it before she did! Boy was she mad! 🙂 I was only about 4 at the time.

  23. My best birthday was when my grown daughters had a surprise party for me for the big 50.

    Congrats to all the winners!

  24. This year I turned 65 and for my birthday present, my boyfriend sent me to Maui for a “Soul Art” Workshop taught by Annie Lockhart. Amazing!!!!

  25. It had been a few years since we moved from Rochester,NY to Michigan. I had not seen our best friends since then. For my 50th, my husband flew us back for a surprise party. He and my kids picked me up early from work -my boss was in on it. And off we went for a weekend of fun including manis and pedis and a wonderful party. They even packed a suitcase for me.

  26. My best birthday gift was my son taking me to Hawaii for 5 days at the Four Seasons Resort and Spa. I didn’t get to see or do as much as I wanted, since it was an incentive trip he won through his company and there were events we had to attend, but at least I can say, I have been to Hawaii (Maui actually) and can check that off my bucket list!

  27. celebrating my birthday at the SDP conference with all my painting friends was better than any gift I could have received.

  28. Congratulations, everyone! What wonderful things to receive! I don’t have a favorite bd present because I have received so many great things from friends and family. Bds are big deals for us and everyone is special 🙂

  29. My best birthday present was marrying my hubby – 4 days before my birthday & celebrating my birthday on our honeymoon!

  30. I received for my birthday when I was about 5 years old a red tricycle. It had that sparkly paint and that little step on the back where someone else could stand and push you while you were sitting on the seat. It had those dangling plastic ribbon things hanging from the end of the handlebars. I was so excited to get it for my birthday, that I tried to take it to bed with me that night of my birthday. I know crazy, right? My mom told me I could not do that. HaHa I was a silly kid. 🙂

  31. My very favorite birthday present was one from my husband. He gave me my first digital camera. I had been adamant that I did not need one…my old point and shoot was just fine. Now I wonder how I ever got by without one!! Congrats to all your lucky winners and thanks for the giveaway. I’ve been hearing about Beacon adhesives from a lot of crafters but never tried them.

  32. 1980! It was a few days late but it was the birth of my beautiful daughter! She was definitely worth waiting for!

  33. My current husband used to own a motorcycle. We were at an awkward stage, do I love him? Does he love me? He bought me a motorcycle helmut for my birthday that matched his. A big deal. We ended up getting rid of the cycle, bought a boat and got hitched.

  34. I do not celebrate my birthday, a kid thing. But I am thankful to the Lord for allowing me to be vertical for another year and to be with my husband, family and friends.

  35. With my birthday being in the middle of July, often it goes unnoticed especially when I was a kid….never had a kid party….So I’ve tried very hard to be sure that my children, now grown, had a special type of a birthday celebration. When my day is remembered, it is usually spent with my kids and grands. Did go to a painting convention one year the week of my birthday.

  36. The best birthday present I ever got was my first bicycle, when I turned 7. My parents splurged on a blue Schwinn…the only bicycle our family ever had that was purchased new! What a surprise that was. That bike was handed down through all 4 of my siblings, and gave years of joy!

  37. Congrats to all the winners!
    My best present I ever got was a birthstone aquamarine ring from my parents. I still have it! Got it when I was about 11…. and that was a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time ago!

  38. My best birthday gift EVER was the birth of my daughter. She was born on June 4th, and my birthday was June 5th….it was a HAPPY 30th birthday present to me (12 years ago!).

  39. My favorite birthday gift was from my husband about 3 years ago. I mentioned an event in Wilcox, AZ (i live in Illinois) that was on my bucket list. He turned & looked at me & said, “I’ll make it happen.” And he did.

  40. 19 Jears ago from my proud childrens. They made an A4 with their handprints on it. I had to be careful, because the paint was still wet and their faces were also smuged with fingerpaint.

  41. My favorite birthday was my 40th. Not necessarily for a particular gift, but because my family treated me like a princess!

  42. Hello ……….I am not able to come up with a best birthday in my life…..actually my 15th birthday was special….my boyfriend who became my husband several years later sent me a bouquet of red roses……..however since tomorrow is my birthday I might know more then…

    p.s. Of course, I always enjoy any family that I might have with me to share any of my birthdays….there have been several…

    Thank you.

  43. It’s strange, but my most enjoyed birthday present was a PURPLE CABBAGE of my very own. I was about 11 or so and that is what I wanted. It took me a couple days to finish, and i loved every bite!

  44. They’ve all been really good! I can’t remember just a single best gift ???? I’m also 60ish, so that may have something to do with no memory…… ???? Hugs to you, Tracy!!!

  45. My mom gave me a quilting class, gift certificate for supplies, and that was a wonderful gift. I learned about color, placement, and a lesson in patience and perseverance!!

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