Birthday Giveaway #2 – Grumbacher Watercolors!

5/12/14 UPDATE:  WINNER WINNER ANNOUNCED (email your shipping address to

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In honor of My BIRTHDAY MONTH and we are over 1000 members and growing it is time to announce another GIVEAWAY!


Monday I used one of my favorite products to create my “Love in Bloom”.…….Grumbacher Pan Watercolors!



I am beyond excited to announce Grumbacher is giving away that very set of 24 Opaque Watercolors!!!



Oh my do I LOVE these watercolors and I am excited to share .  All you need to do is leave a comment here on this post telling me how paints rock your world I will be picking a random winner next week!   It’s that simple………I want to know what colors your world!



PLEASE also post a comment on Grumbacher’s Facebook Wall and thank them for sponsoring Tracy Weinzapfel Studios!  I appreciate all the great companies I work with!


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153 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway #2 – Grumbacher Watercolors!

  1. I love the intense colors of the Grumbachers watercolors. They make your creative works just “POP”!

  2. Paints color my world , brighten it without including the daily ugliness of stress, worries,etc. I need them to breathe life into me, otherwise I’m just another drab painting, meaningless, colorless. ~Debbie Rucker/izacrafty

  3. Oh how wonderful I love when you use those beautiful watercolours and would so love to have some of my very own to use.. I Had never even used watercolours until I saw what a beautiful job you did with them thanks so much for the chance to win some..
    Sandy 🙂

  4. I have started to watercolor since when I found Tracy’s MMM…..a new avenue for me…got one 12 count tray of Grumbacher paints and have gone NUTS using them…..I now have one morning a week from all of the rest of the world, that I devote to painting….I may not be the best artist…..but I don’t care….I paint, relax and then paint some more…….best day of the week ….thank you for the chance to win more paints!!!!!

  5. Oooh, thanks for the chance to win these! They look yummy. My favorite colours would have to be citrusy colours. Lime greens, orange, yellows. But it depends on my mood!

  6. Love the colour range in these paints I have never seen them before, they work really well together and the opacity if that’s the correct word is great. Just watched the show great job. Congratulations as well xx

  7. I have fallen head over heals in LOVE with watercolours because there are so many shades of colour that can be created within a single stroke. The beauty of watercolor is that each color produces it’s own array of uniqueness to the heARTtistic hand within a piece.
    I LOVE living in a world of color and appreciate watercolors with MMM because this is where I learned my first stroke.
    HUGS xoxo

  8. Ooh, that would be awesome. I can;t seem to find these where I live. Had to settle for another brand that turned out to be not so great.

  9. Oooooh Tracey you are such an amazing inspiration and eeekkk I would just love to get my hands on these watercolor paints so I can stop playing with the kids crayola ones. If there isn’t paint in my hair and my nails I am a very depressed lady and watercolor paints are so much fun to play with. Thanks so much for the chance xxxx

  10. All I can say, is that I am so very blessed to have found you…your art…your inspiration….YOU color my world…and after years of acrylic paints, I am jumping into watercolors now too….LOVE painting along with you! Thank you!….and thanks for the chance to win this yumminess!

  11. What an awesome giveaway! Any chance iI get to be creative really rocks my world… and painting with watercolors is my favorite. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  12. What a great giveaway! I just started using watercolors because of your show. Several of the cards I made for the swap were first tries. I made some beautiful background papers using watercolors too! It’s really hard to stop once you get started!

    Ustream: DebraShaw33

  13. These are so pretty! I love paint for everything, but mostly for frames, my art journal and canvases. I’ve been wanting to use paint on cards lately, but haven’t picked up the water colors yet. So these would be really appreciated and put to good use!

  14. That is awesome. I love paints and have been experimenting more with them lately with my journal. Thx and sure would love to win

  15. Color is my world, it doesn’t just rock it. Everywhere I look, my soul is filled with color. My hands always seen to have the remnants of some color medium on them. This is a fantastic birthday giveaway my friend!!
    Huggsss, Yvonne

  16. Paints make life brighter for me! I would not want to imagine life without paints, they are just too fun to play with and add so much to projects and life!

  17. Happy Birthday!! I would love the watercolors!! I’ve had to miss the pass few weeks because of computer problems, and I really miss MMM. Congratulations!

  18. Happy Happy Birthday! This is totally awesome! I never thought about playing with watercolors until I started watching MMM! I have to say it’s super fun and carefree. There is so much more I can/should learn and hope to as I go along! LOVE IT! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  19. I’m just learning how to use watercolors. I would love to win these. I’m more comfortable with acrylics. I started painting with them when I was about 7 years old.

  20. Oh my how awesome! I have been painting for over 20 years! When I am painting that is when my soul is the happiest! Thanks Tracy & Grumbacher!

  21. What a great give away! I love what you do with the Grumbachers watercolors each week! The colors are so vibrant!

  22. Love the Grambacher watercolors – they are so beautiful and cover so well. Love the blues and greens – oh and the reds and yellows, oh and the oranges. Thank you Tracy for inspiring me every week.

  23. My Mom Says That I Should Enter To Win Because Painting My World Has Calmed Me Down Soooo Much. I Took Up Art Journalling Recently And It Has Made Such A Difference In My Life.

  24. I suffer from depression so color is very important to my mental health and well-being. I was once told by a therapist that “art is my salvation” and I fully believe that. When I work on colorful art everyday it lifts my spirits unlike any medicine that doctors can prescribe. I am very grateful for brilliant, beautiful colors that make my world a happier place to live!

  25. Happy Birthday Month Tracy! Enjoy catching up on all the Mondays I missed and watching live again. If. Don’t win these I’m definitely buying them.

  26. I’ve never used Grumbacher watercolors. I’d love the opportunity to try them. Thank you Tracy and Grumbacher!

  27. I have done very little with watercolors, but am anxious to start doing more, after watching you I really want to learn more, thanks for your shows, would love to win this so I can get started, have done several canvases but with acrylic paints and other mediums, truly love it. Thanks Tracy

  28. I don’t actually own any water colors and would love to try them:) anytime I see them being used I’m like yah I need those! The bright colors look beautiful, just what my art needs some days:) good luck everyone!

  29. What colors my world? Well…watercolors of course! I’ve always been drawn to them and while I love acrylics too, I always come back to watercolors. People think they’re hard to control and dislike them. By I have about 386-627-39297 different sets and I love using each and every one of them because they all work differently. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. After such a crazy winter I am so drawn to colors of the ocean. These watercolors would be such a great way to brush away the cold. Happy birthday Tracy!

  31. I for one have never tried these water colors, but I would love to win – I LOVE to paint, on everything I can, that applies to my cardmaking as well and not to mention painting my own beads, fabric, paper flowers, color makes everything more beautiful! loved your video.

  32. I love how they seem so creamy and blend together beautifully. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  33. My inspiration comes from color! These colors are fabulous! I would so love to win a set of these. I could do the happy dance all day!

  34. Painting is a way for me to express myself and is a connection that i have with my Dad who passed away 6 months ago. He loved to paint but lost that ability as his Parkinson’s Disease progressed. But he gave me the love of painting.

  35. Well i’ve never used watercolors as an adult, but you make it look like so much fun on your video’s. I do really enjoy acrylics though. Its just relaxing and so stress reducing. Right now my go to color is gold 🙂

  36. I love watercolor and have watched you use these and would love to win them…. some of my inspiration comes from flowers and the daisy has always been a favorite…… thanks for this chance to win

  37. I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t dedicating time to painting that my life would be miserable! I am enjoying trying new things!! Happy birthday month!!! Thanks for being so inspiring!

  38. Painting makes my world a brighter place, it has helped me so much since my husband passed away 6 years ago. Love the colors and would love to win a set! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and Happy Birthday!

  39. Tracy! So happy that I can kind of say “I knew you when!” Amazing things since I joined this group! And WATERCOLORS were one of the biggest discoveries! I can take my art on the go for stress relief now! YAY!!! Thanks for everything!


  40. The colors in this set are so vibrant and then to see you work with them is very inspiring.. I only have a very cheap set of watercolor and am just learning the blending of colors etc.. Hope your birthday month is just as exciting as the first few days…..

  41. These are beautiful. I’ve always wanted to work with watercolors. I draw and use oils a lot. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. And thanks for the chance to win and try out a new medium for my art.

  42. Colors are my life! Painting with as many bright and shiny colors as I can is my favorite thing to do! Taking the art of henna (which is always brown) and turning it into a brightly multi colored creation is my passion!

  43. What a awesome giveaway, love the brightness these watercolors have!!
    Painting has slways brighten my day!! 🙂

  44. I would LOVE to win these Grumbacher Opaque Watercolors. The possibilities are endless with a good set of paints! And the colours are lovely!

  45. Paints make my world a more beautiful place. every color every hueI love to paint! Its what I do.

  46. I so miss the freedom of mixing and coloring my sketches. The watercolors would be so great. I had a small set when I was in grade school and spent many hours just playing with colors and blending. Happy days!

  47. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!! I think it’s so awesome that you’re making it a birthday MONTH! : ) Love, love, love your work! These colors make me want to get to work! Would love to win this Grumbacher set. I think I would keep it by my coffee maker so each morning I’m inspired right away!

  48. I just started to use water colors but my local store didn’t have Grumbacher. I also just discovered MMM and am having fun but need some more supplies. Would love to have them!

  49. Happy Birthday!!! I love color in all forms! As I am out and about, I am always looking at the wonderful colors of our earth. Layering colors brings me joy, as I love to see little hints of colors peeking through in my paintings. I’m loving my watercolors…but I have yet to try any opaque ones and these are such beautiful rich colors!!

  50. I started on my creative journey with Grumbacher back in college. The way the colors flowed over the paper was way more exciting than a T square and an HB pencil. I’ll have to show my kids how fun water color can be!

  51. These look wonderful. For the record, I am going on a trip very soon (Seattle//Hawaii//San Diego) and in my head I have been packing my artsy supplies. You are an inspiration. I am thinking that I am going to do what you did. Art journal//pencils and some watercolors . . . .

  52. I remember receiving and using the set of Grumbacher pastel chalk , during my childhood. Oh the stories I would create, on the big slate blackboard our family had. Stories of little critters, their families, and their life depicted underground. I took a drawing class at the local zoo, a turtle was my best effort. Grumbacher supplies always grab my attention, in any art store, and I drool over the opportunity to own this set of water colors. Thanks for the opportunity.

  53. Tracy… I did a small watercolor painting in my journal during your Birthday show … Had a blast and can’t wait to do more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  54. Love watching you paint…will pick up a brush one day I am sure. This set will push me in the right direction for sure. Thanks for the chance

  55. The best part of mixed media is that I get to feed my scrapbooking need, and fuel my desire to have a paint brush in my hands!! Just give me color, any color. It’s all good!!

  56. It would be so wonderful to win. I don’t have these paints for watercolor’s I have crayola. and the other brand that you said was good. can’t remember the name. starts with a P. oh Yea Prang.
    I just love how vibrant your paintings come out.

  57. Grumbacher watercolors are beautiful pure colors. I have been wanting to try watercolors for years. Would love to start with this fantastic set. Color bring life to my projects and brightens my world.

  58. Love them! Love the bright colors,…the blues the yellows! Paints allow me to live in a new world and change my mood everyday that I paint without having to repaint a room or go any further than my studio! I can change my mood just by being lost in the color even if it is only for a few minutes. Paint tells my story or the story without having to use words, because sometimes the words just either aren’t there or they aren’t enough.
    Happy Birthday Month Tracy! Wow! What a year this is going to be! <3

  59. How do paints rock my world? Well, let me tell you, missy. I have two drawers full of all kinds of paint – acrylic, acrylic, and acrylic, but not as many watercolor paints as I would like. Thanks for the chance at the watercolors!!

  60. Happy birthday Tracy! I love your work and that it is always bright and happy! It always makes me smile.

  61. Oh my gosh! I have looked for these everywhere and would love to win these! And thanks for sharing your creativity!

  62. I’m just learning to use watercolors, but I love them – I’ve heard great things about these paints, would love to try them!

  63. Paints color my world in more ways than one. I enjoy color in everything I do. I color, tag, mark everything. What a wonderful paint set to win. Thanks Tracy!! Happy Birthday too!

  64. I always considered watercolors to be something I used/did as a child …. Until I met you, Tracy! Since then I have had fun trying watercolors and seeing my creative options expand! Thank you for that! I would love to have the opportunity to try these!

  65. The Grumbacher colors are beautiful, and look amazing applied to paper. I just recently joined your website, Tracy, and enjoy watching you tremendously. You are such an upbeat person, fun to watch. These paints would ROCK MY PAINTING. Thank you for this opportunity!

  66. I Love those colors! I am a crafty person, though I am new to painting. (so I am not the greatest) It’s more about enjoying myself. I am Loving it! It relaxes me and I just get lost in it.

  67. Wow! Would love to win these. Watercolors re my favorite mrdium.,,colors alone or blending are colordelicious. It’s my birthday month too!:-)

  68. What a beautiful set of watercolor paints! I typically work in pencil/colored pencil but would love to try my hand at watercolors. Thanks for your wonderfully encouraging blog!

  69. tracy, i love your artwork and the bright, juicy colors you use. cause color rocks my world! it sings my name, then jumps up and down and shouts if i don’t pay it enough attention! hahaha! wonderful giveaway! thanks 🙂

  70. This would wonderful to win! Have never used these. We win either way:) thanks for all you share. Not only do you help us increase our knowledge, you hrlp our souls grow. Thank you!

  71. Awesome giveaway. Happy Birthday. I have never used watercolor and these colors look amazing. They look so rich and vibrant. What fun these would be to play with. Love the card you created with the watercolors as well. Fingers crossed I win this great set.

  72. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Month! Painting, crafting, creating is my happy place. Need to escape to it every day even if for a few minutes. Watercolor is a favorite right now, playing and learning, and I would love to try the Grumbacher Watercolors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the generous give away… the paints look awesome and I enjoy watching you paint with them on MMM.

  74. Wow, thank you Tracy and Grumbacher for the chance to win these. I love the colors…I could never pick just one! Maybe the pale turquiose, or melon, the ornage and yellows! Anyway, Happy Birthday Month to you Tracy, I also celebrate this as my B’Day month! Hope you have a great month full of fun and brightly colored memories!

  75. This set looks like it will be an amazing addition to anyone’s artsy bag! I love the way you can manipulate watercolors and this set look like it can do that while giving amazing pop of vibrant colors! Thanks for the opportunity to enter=)

    • Thanks so much Esther!!! I do it to calm myself too and miss it when it goes by for a couple of days 🙂

    • How cool! I love using water colors! This is the one color source I can’t keep in the house. My daughter and I paint with water colors so much we are always running out. She actually was given a couple Of sets for her birthday because her friends and tjeor moms know how much she loves to pain (she just turned 8!) We would love to get a chance to try these!!! They look so vibrant and love the fact you can take the individual colors out!

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