Birthday Giveaway #4 – Stampendous

The Birthday fun continues and I love this cute poem written just for me:

Happy Birthday Sweet Tracy!

Today is the day for the song of your soul
To explode with renewal and peace.
Today is the day to laugh and enjoy
A celebration of sweet release.

Yesterdays challenges swept under the bridge
With past remembrance of only good
Your soul can forget those negative barbs
Moving past what was misunderstood.

Tomorrow is the day you step up to the plate
Start the batting and run the bases.
Even the unknown adventures will be fun
Just remember to tie up your laces!!

BUT TODAY is the day to magnify life
Toast to laughter and love and be blest.
Today is the day to dance and play
In the way your heart desires best!

Today at 46th you exemplify a woman
Whose dreams deserve the spotlight.
Walk forward bravely towards your goals
This year’s future is an amazing delight.


I just love that!

Now time for more delicious candy for you AGAIN today – I’ve never given away SO much stuff!  Today we have some stamps by my friend and colleague Andy Skinner for Stampendous.  He did an awesome job with this latest release (obviously don’t tell him I said that!).  I will pick THREE random winners to win a set!


Andy and Stampendous gifted me his new sets and they are great for adding detail and texture to my art!  Here’s some pages I was working on at the Creative Painting show earlier this year.  I stamped the circle image in gold metallic paint – love how that looks!


I’m sharing this post on my Facebook Page today and I want you to share which of his new sets you like best to be entered in the random drawing! (From left to right they are called Toxic, Curiosity and Shabby.).  If you love these stamps as much as me then show some love back to Stampendous today on their Stampendous Facebook page:!  Visit them Stampendous Website: and Stampendous Blog:  I will pick THREE random winners.


Then since Andy is out of town so please go flood his Facebook Page with HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages from me.  I mean really blow up the messages there and wish him a happy birthday.  I want to thank him for posting this on Facebook a few weeks back……..I know how much this will mean to him upon his return.


Thank you Stampendous for your support!


45 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway #4 – Stampendous

  1. wow, that’s a tough question to answer because all three are so cool. I think I’d have to go with curiosity.

  2. I’m loving Andy’s stamps. Hard to choose a favorite. But it’s between toxic and curiosity. This are my favorite of the 3. I also love this poem. It’s beautiful!!! Happy birthday month Tracey.

  3. I’m definitely toxic! Thanks for being so nice to your fans. The poem is awesome. You are one lucky woman to inspire someone to sit down and write something so special.

  4. I would say Toxic is my favorite as I like the textured stamps. Shabby and curiosity are pretty cool too and would love to use them in my mixed media pieces. Thanks for the great giveaways. Awesome fun.

  5. Happy Birthday month to you – its a great idea to extend the celebration, we get a week in my house but might have to go for a month:). Curiosity would be my pick given a choice. Thank you!

  6. Ooh, these stamp sets are fabulous and something that I would use a lot! Thanks for another great birthday giveaway Tracy! This is my birthday month too so maybe that will bring me luck (and stamps!)

  7. I will come and carry ALL your luggage if you pick me for these….thanks for the chance to win!!

  8. I love the stamps! I have to pick Toxic as my favorite. Thanks for offering the giveaway. Happy Birthday!

  9. Thanks for this great month of giveaways! These are all such interesting stamps but I guess my favorite would be Toxic because I love the backgrounds! Off to comment on Facebook too and thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Fabulous! So hard to say a favorite. I think I’ll say Curiosity…. all are wonderful. And Happy Birthday!

  11. Shabby is my favorite! Nice of Andy and Stampendous to share with us to celebrate your birthday!

  12. Curiosity is my no.1 I think, although I love all Andy’s stamps. Sorry I missed you last night Tracy, we are away in our m/home and Internet very sketchy. I will do my utmost to wake up next week, in the meantime, have a great week and I will watch the video when home.xx

  13. I would love to use any of these sets but my favorites are Toxic and Curiosity. Love the vintage designs and quirky images!

  14. You two just crack me up !!! I would have to say that shabby would be my first pick, but definitely would find some uses for all three sets. Thanks for sharing the love, Tracy!

  15. The Shabby set is my favorite. You and Andy really have awesome product lines – so talented!! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  16. Definitely Toxic. going to harass Andy and thank Stampendous. Got to give you credit-you sure know how to celebrate!

  17. They are all fabulous!!! But as I have to choose one, it’s Curiosity. I just love it. Best of luck – and may the continuing banter betwix you and Andy continue! 🙂 Maxine xxx

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