Birthday Giveaway #7 – Marvy Uchida

For Giveaway #7 we’ve got some fantastic pens from Marvy Uchida!  This prize consists of LePen Permanent Pens in three different tips (four colors each) and LePen Drawing Pens in 7 tip sizes!!!  I really love these pens, especially the permanents, for adding drawn detail to my art.


Leave a comment below to enter this drawing – tell me when your birthday and no the year is not required!

Drop by and give Marvy Uchida  some LOVE on their Facebook Page:  and find out more about these great products here:

Just a reminder that all Giveaways will be awarded the first week of June!  Have you visited them all:

I am so thankful for the response and participation!  Thank you!

74 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway #7 – Marvy Uchida

  1. Love these pens! Thanks Marvy Uchida and Tracy for another great giveaway!
    My birthday is Nov. 22 – does that date ring a bell with anyone? Yeah, JFK was assassinated on that day…but I was born years later (well, a few years later).

  2. Hi Tracy! I’ve never used these pens, but I have only heard great things about them.
    My Birthday is Feb. 20. Thanks for the chance to win. I’m loving your birthday giveaways.

  3. My birthday is 4/3 and the Marvy brand is part of the supplies that I depend upon for art projects.

  4. I would really like to have some great pens. At this point I have none. It would be great to win and thank you for the chance to win.

  5. My birthday is May 1st . I love art and crafting! I hope I am one of the lucky winners to win one of the birthday give aways !! Live laugh love!!

  6. My birthday is April 26. I am the prelude to Tracy’s birthday month. I love these pens and I have just recently started using them.

  7. My Birthday is October 4th. I will be 48 years young this year! There have been lots of tears, laughter, fun, heartache and magical moments and I hope to have many more years to make memories for and with my family and friends!

  8. Hi Tracy,
    My birthday is the same day as yours…May 4th! Thanks for sharing all your birthday goodies!!!!

  9. Love the Marvy Uchida brand of pens! They come in so many awesome colors and are always a great quality. Love them!
    Thanks for continuing your birthday celebration all month and giving us chances to win some fabulous prizes! My birthday is March 16th. Glad you didn’t ask the year!

  10. These pens look like they would be fun to try. My birthday is in November on Guy Fox Day the 5th. Some autumn colours would be nice to work with. Thanks for the giveaways.

  11. Hi Tracy, my Birthday is 14th March. Such a lovely month, May has been with all these lovely prizes.xx

  12. Hi Tracy – I just found out about your videos and have started watching them. They are awesome. Thanks for doing this for us!!! liz 🙂

  13. Love LePen! I have all the colors in the fine point so my writing matches the color scheme of my cards.

  14. My birthday is februari 17th in 1972. What a great price again. You are spoiling us. thanks!! hugs xx

  15. I have some Marvy pens. They are old but still work so well.
    Would be nice to have new markers and some of the different
    kinds that they offer.
    Happy Birthday. Best wishes for many more artistic years.
    My birthday is August 26. Don’t mind telling you that I’ll be 76 in August but don’t feel it mentally (physically I feel it more but still get around and go and do what I want when I want.

  16. I would love to win these fantastic pens.
    Wishing you a great birthday month. Thank you for the chance to win one of the super giveaways!

  17. My birthday is August 12th. your videos. So enjoying your birthday month giveaways. Wow. So amazing.

  18. My birthday is next monday – June 18th – the same day as Sir Paul McCartney 🙂 Thanks for the chances to win. This birthday month is so much fun !!!!!!

  19. Your art is so wonderful and inspiring. I need to get me a journal like you use. What a fun birthday month for you, look fabulous darling!! Love the giveaways.

  20. For me – it has been very hard to find permanent pens that will work on my paintings so these sound wonderful. Thank you Marvy Uchida for your kindness in celebrating Tracy’s birthday month and thank you Tracy for another wonderful birthday gift giveaway! My birthday is in January! YOU – dear Tracy – still have one more week to go this birthday month – FUN!!!! j.

  21. Turning the Big 60 on June 8. Someday I will have to tell you all about my birthday. I Celebrate on the 6th, 7th and 8th. lol AND…..Thank you Marvy for contributing to Tracy Weinzapfel Studios Mixed Media Birthday Giveaway! A must have for all mixed media journalists.

  22. My birthday is July 7. I just rediscovered Le Pen and am in love. How cool to win a few more products in the marvelous Marvy line!

  23. I share your birthday month. My birthday is May 13th. I had a set of Le pens years ago that I loved. It would be interesting to play with them again .

  24. August 23 rd!
    What a fun month of giveaways this has been!
    How are you going to beat this next year??!! Lol

  25. My BD is 3/1, should have been 2/29 but they delayed my mothers labor so I would have a birthday more often than every 4 years

  26. My Birthday is March 12th, however I never celebrate alone because my baby brother was born on my 2nd birthday. ????☉????????

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