Birthday MONTH – GIVEAWAY #2 (Dare 2b Artzy/Totally Tracy Stamps)

I have been in Las Vegas all week working at the National Hardware Show and celebrating my birthday!  It has been quite the week and I want to keep the Giveaway’s going!  Friday’s are awesome this month!  What would my birthday month without a giveaway from Dare 2b Artzy/Totally Tracy stamps! After all, this was a dream that transpired this past year.  So here is your chance to win TWO sets.


Some of my favorite moments this past year was spent in Starbucks with a black Sharpie and a white pad of paper.  Truly a dream come true.  Now I want to hear about your dreams…ones that has come true and one you are working on.  All you need to do is leave a comment. I will pick a random winner at the end of my birthday MONTH!  I know my dreams have gotten much bigger including some more stamps!!!  I see some Starbucks trips in my future!

Here is a project Sandy McTier shared using Totally Tracy Stamps!


Are you following twStudios on Instagram:  You can see some of my birthday celebration in Las Vegas. I am headed to Chicago next week with DecoArt to the Society of Decorative Painters Conference.

Don’t forget that in honor of my birthday all Totally Tracy Stamps are on SALE HERE:  Lowest price and I have sold out many a time but next big shipment is on it’s way!!!

Please leave some love ad LIKE:  Tracy Weinzapfel Studios and Dare 2b Artzy for their awesome support!  I truly love partnering with this company for the awesome quality products they have and the people I get to work with!!!

Don’t be afraid of your fears.  They’re not here to scare you.  They’re here to let you know that something is worth your while.”

132 thoughts on “Birthday MONTH – GIVEAWAY #2 (Dare 2b Artzy/Totally Tracy Stamps)

  1. It always makes me smile to get these BIRTHDAY MONTH emails. So fun and so happy it’s for such a sweet gal! Thank you Tracy. My dreams are small but that’s perfect for me! One dream that came true was to win a badge for my blog! Another dream I am working on is to own a cutting/embossing machine soon! LOVE thinking of you at Starbucks CREATING Tracy! j.

  2. Thank you for the awesome giveaways. Creating with these products is like I am kid in a candy store. Love your work. and keep creating !!!

  3. My dream is to just continue to grow in my art work and confidence. I continue to play but often struggle. I want to just create without worrying so much! Thank you Tracy, for all the inspiration and laughs!!

  4. My first dream is to go see my daughter and grandchildren,that comes true next month. My second dream is to have quality art time with my grandson.

  5. It’s that time of the year again !!! Tracy’s Birthday. Anyone “whose” anyone knows that !!! Last year I went to Hawaii to visit my daughter (that was a dream come true) and this summer I dream of completing my Hawaiian Journal. I have taken a different approach to scrapping lately … I call it Scrapping meets Altered Art ….. and your stamps would be ‘perfect’ to use as embellishments. May the Month Of May be a Birthday Day everyday !!!!

  6. My dream in life was to be a mom, that has been fulfilled twice now (and hopefully many more times down the road). Now my future dreams revolve around seeing my business with my husband expand and grow successfully and ensuring that I raise children who love the Lord and become productive, encouraging, selfless members of society.

  7. At my age, most folks have achieved their dream…or retire to see it. My journey has been long and difficult. My dream is to make it past my 5 year mark of breast cancer and to continue to embrace life through art. When at a low and lonely time, I happened upon MMM one night and my outlook on my situation changed. I laughed. I learned. I was challenged. I met new friends. Thank you Tracy for setting an example of dreaming big!

    • I am homesick and ready to be home with my family….and to continue to do what I love so people like you cross my path Bonnie!

  8. I’m so appreciative of these birthday giveaways for us!! My biggest dream is to believe in myself as an artist. This is all new to me (at almost age 64!!) and I lack confidence in everything “art” but am slowly seeing myself improve and LOVE the inspiration you give us all on Mondays (and every day through your FB posts).

  9. I enjoy acrylic painting and now want to try stamping with acrylic. I would love to try mixed media but do not have the funds to do so. Living in s small town with no craft stores around means I would have to travel 2 1/2 hours one way. This would be a great way to start. I love your blog and ideas you share.

  10. My dream is to believe more in my mantra Dream Create Inspire! To turn my passion for painting into more than finding a few minutes before and after work. To continue to paint and bring smiles! ( be it on canvas, wood or cookies!)

  11. My dream is to find more people who like to create art that are local so we can rent a beach house and paint on the beach and meet at other places to create together and share ideas. Better yet win the lottery and buy a place on the beach and mountains just for that purpose. Of course, we would have a big screen for watching Mixed Media Mondays and play with Tracy stamps. Then I would like to have a shop where all my artzy friends could sell their artworks and hangout out with a little coffee shop inside. Then if I am successful, I would like to help others that want to do the same in their local areas.

  12. Tracy, I love your stamps. Seeing them on cards is so cute! And, Sandy McTier’s project is awesome!
    Believe it or not my dream right now is to clean my craft room so I can create again. It looks like a hoarder threw up in there. I envision it clean daily, but that’s as far as I get. Ha ha
    The dream I’m realizing today is learning how to eat sugar, caffiene, and gluten free. At first it was so hard, but I have a grasp on it now, and I’m loving it. Thx for asking.

  13. Tracy am so impressed with all your art work. My dreams are that my family and friends be happy and find contentment in their lives, and that I will find time to create my artwork.

  14. My dream is to live my best life and to just be present! Finding my passion through my love of creativity is making it a reality! I love what I’m learning through MMM and Totally Tracy sites…dreams are glorious:)

  15. My dream has been and would be to have a cabin by the lake in Missouri, where I could relax, paint, fish and find total peace, with enough rooms for all of my friends to come and join me in the FUN of it all!!!!…. and thank you for the birthday month give away’s, it would be wonderful to win them……

  16. So my dream that has come true is being able to homeschool my kids. We pulled the first one out 2 years ago and the 2nd one is finishing her first year today. It is not without its ups and downs but it is amazing. My daughter and I love doing art together and watching your videos gives us lots of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us!

  17. Hope you are enjoying your birthday MONTH……… 🙂 Miss MMM but am thrilled you are having a good time..

  18. Happy Birthday! I am glad you enjoyed it in Vegas. How fun to create at Starbucks! My dream that came true is that my kids are doing well in life now that they are older and following their dreams. My future dream is that the kitchen remodel goes smoothly.

  19. Tracy you are such an enabler and encourager and I do love your free painting style and your flowers just flow out the end of your brush. My dream is to capture some of that freedom.

  20. Happy Birthday Tracy. Dreams do come true:). The one that came true for me was to finally be able to take share in creating with my forever friend. We have tried for years and finally made it happen in an art group. The one I hope will come true one day is to find my own style, still learning and exploring.

  21. Happy Birthday – it’s mine too this month.
    My dream is to spend much more time messing about in my craft room, trying all the wonderful things that you can do (Oh, and a bigger craft room too!)

  22. What a nice surprise. Everyone loves give-a-ways. My dream come true is having a blessed life with people I love. My future dream is retirement from my current job (someday) and devoting more time to the thing that brings me joy PAINTING!!!

  23. LOVE Your stamps!!! Thanks for the chance and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I’ve had two dreams come true….I have shifted the focus of my paper ARTs to donations for those in need….I work on cheer cards and I run a program for our local Hospice where I make Journals of Love for the patients and families. My other dream was to learn to crochet…. I do and I crochet very well…now run a crochet business and even making handspun yarn…which is an ABSOLUTE OBSESSION!! 🙂 I have more dreams to come….DREAM BIG !!

  24. The best of my dreams come true is my husband – best friend and supporter of all my craftiness. A dream I am working on us to sell my cards and crafts.

  25. I am fairly new to your creativity (thank you to Mark Gould) & really find your talent, sense of humour & enthusiasm both refreshing & inspiring.
    Dreams, oh golly. I am so grateful right now to be able to have dreams again! It wasn’t the case for a time & there are still days I wonder, “do I dare?” To keep dreaming, overcome obstacles, continue creating & one day (the biggy) to have a place in South France with my own studio & many Pussycats! Tyfo. Caroline

  26. Happy birthday! Love your stamps! A dream that I am blessed that came true is my teaching degree. I have enjoyed a long happy career teaching children! A new dream for me is to teach painting when I retire!

  27. I love your stamps. I’m celebrating the birth of my first grand baby on the 7th! I even got to watch his entrance into the world! Happy birthday Tracy!

  28. Your stamps are so delightful! They look really fun to color!
    I have recently reconnected with a person I met about 16 years ago! My dream is to see where this friendship leads.

  29. Hi Tracey. I don’t have huge dreams because I have most of what I need with my lovely family, friends and pussychap. Arty wise I’d drooled over mixed media bottles for a couple of years then finally took the plunge and did one I’m very proud of. Excitingly my next dream will come true in September when I visit friends in CANADA!! And I do dream so much of retiring so I can do more arty stuff.

    Thank you for this chance. Maybe I’ll see your stuff in the shops in September xx

  30. My dream has dome true in form of a house for me and my beautiful family, we all have our space now under one roof, I love my family and I love our house.
    Great stamps BTW jijiji

  31. I just found you today and liked you on FB. Love your artwork! My dream is to simplify my life, get rid of what I don’t use or need, and spend more time enjoying my family and friends – and to journal that joy artistically. I would love to doodle Scripture verses onto canvas with some artwork alongside. I’ve been practicing for a little while now. 🙂

    • Wow careen it is like you are a clone to me doodles, scripture and I am currently selling and giving away what I don’t use or need. Thanks for sharing a part of you. Blessings. Dana martin

  32. Love these examples. I always have fun watching Mondays too. My dream is to teach local and maybe do demos. I used to do this in business and now would love to do in art.

  33. My first dream was to be a Mom again, and it happened!! He’s now serving in the U.S. Navy in a very specialized field. My to-be-fulfilled dream is to have my own art show when I’m in my 60’s. That’s not too far off, so I must get it together. Thanks Tracy.

  34. My first dream is to visit my youngest son and his family in Texas which will be coming true in June. My second wish is to move to Texas.

  35. Congratulations…so many floral stamps are too traditionalist me but l love your modern take 🙂

  36. I have a dream coming true in just a few weeks! My goal is to continue to design HAPPY things to put smiles on the people who see them because our world NEEDS happy AND I hope to be an ENCOURAGER for those who struggle and need some extra love…thanks for sharing a part of YOU with us…blessings to you..~charlotte

  37. Dream come true: I’ve had 2 photographs published in books (that sold at Barnes & Noble!)
    Future Dream: Learn painting/mixed media techniques and teach them to others. I love seeing the joy & happiness of others when they do some sort of art and love it.

  38. Happy birthday all month long to you! I am glad you have realized your dream. I love your Monday live sessions, seeing your being creative with no pre-visualization of what you are going to do! My dream is to buy a home again. I have owned a home practically my whole adult life until the market crash that happened a while back and we lost our home. We have been renting for over 5 years now and I so much want to have my own home again….

  39. Happy Birthday Tracy,
    A dream that has come true for me?

    my health… really. Both physical and emotional and spiritual. Too long of a story to tell but I truly am grateful to God that my health is what it is today.

    A dream I am working on?

    one is that I want to be more clear what my Passion is….and it is getting clearer and clearer (with actual steps I am learning to take to get there too) is to take my artistic talent that the Lord has given me from birth and refine it .

    I love doing so many mediums but painting and now in the mixed-media area …that so helps me because I DO love so many mediums … and so I want help in refining it or should I say get more focused on my artistic “voice” and then what ?

    “show” it to the world via in teaching it to others not only in a classroom but I would love to show and encourage and be a cheerleader to help others find their voice …where? in conventions, workshops, retreats etc. love love love those kind of venues.

    I so love to teach and help others realize that they are talented….maybe not in oils, acrylics, macrame, knitting etc…accounting, homemaking, airline pilot whatever they love IS creative. and with that realization comes empowerment, a step out of depression they may have, find their “tribe” so they know they are NOT alone in the universe, and FUN!!!

    hugs to you all and keep creating….I need to be reminded of that too.
    Dana 🙂

  40. Hope you have had great times so far in your birthday month. One of my dreams came true in that today I walk without a cane or walker since I lost weight. My next dream is to get enough art pieces to sell some art at a fair or festival by the end of the year. Tracy, because of your inspiration I believe that it is a possibility! You are special to me!

  41. It’s a great month to be born! Both my daughters have birthdays in April. I am a new fan and not much of an artist but do ok with the aid of great products. I love your stamps and are watching all your videos. Happy Birthday and I am excited for next Monday.

  42. My biggest dream was to be a Mom of little girls! Okay so accomplished that one! Now I just want to see them successful and happy with kids of their own…..working on it 😉
    .I dream of coming out of my shell and knowing what to call myself now after retiring from Nursing early…..trying to find my niche I guess. I know that if I hadn’t started watching you and becoming friends that i may have given up in the art world, i mean I still would have done cards and paper (probably) but the other art with paints and textures…probably not! Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me and everyone else who has grown to love you…easy to do!!
    Congratulations on all that ha come your way this past year Tracy, you so deserve it, you worked so hard to get here!
    Love you my friend!

  43. Tracy, this birthday month is so great! My dream come true was getting a house big enough for an art room. The room is upstairs and over looks the lake 🙂 My dream I’m still working on is becoming confident in myself as an artist. Thank you for all of the inspiration you share with us 🙂

  44. Happy Birthday month Tracy and thanks for the chance to win some of your wonderful stamps! One of my dreams came too because of the fabulous inspiration and work you do – I am drawing again and they’re not too bad either – so thank you Tracy!! Hope you get spoiled a lot Karen

  45. I have to say a dream come true for me is finding so many wonderful sharing sites such as these on the internet to inspire me. My dream for the future is to become a better artist. I know this takes practice, practice and more practice.

  46. Happy birthday – glad to see your dreams coming true and that you keep on dreaming. My dreams, well it was to one day become a great mom, and well that has come true, I’m blessed to have three wonderful and loving teens. Now my other dream would be to one day get to vacation in Hawaii with my family. sure there are lots of more dream, we all dream about a lot of things, and every time a dream comes true, well it allows us to keep on dreaming and believing that all dreams do come true. here is to your continued success.

  47. I have a dream to be brave enough to do a big canvas someday !! Thanks to the generous inspiration from artists like you in blogland, may be possible in not too distant a future !! wish you great success and a happy birthday month !!

  48. I love birthdays because of the presents! When I was 16 my husband (boyfriend then) threw me a surprise party.

  49. my dream has become to be proficient at 3d media so that I’ll have additional gifts to give my friends and family. thank you for this opportunity and, of course, Happy Birthday !

  50. Dreaming of getting the round Gelli plates. I have some of the others but wouldn’t it be the best birthday present?

  51. Thank you so much for the inspiration! My dream was to open my own store where I could share my love of all things creative! I was able to do it in 2011! So now I am the proud owner of a quilt shop with a twist! I teach decorative painting on fabric! Happy happy birthday month!

  52. My dream is to open my own Craft Store! The closest craft store to us is an hour away and since I am housebound that is no use to me. I want to open it in our basement and offer classes and open studio time so other crafters have a place to meet and share with each other.
    Happy Birthday!!

  53. My dreams were to always write a book. I still plan on doing that soon. Right now my biggest dream is for there to be found a cure for breast cancer…or cancer period!

    My mother was just diagnosed and my husband has leukemia…so we are fighting it alll around! But with prayer and the Lord’s will I know we can beat this thing!

    I hope and wish for you that your dreams continue to come true and bless you every day. Keep them always in your heart, and there is nothing you can’t do!

  54. My dream that came true was to be happily married and have kids. Part of that dream got shattered 3 1/2 years ago when my husband of 36 years suddenly passed away. With the help of my kids and family, I have begun to dream again. Now I dream of becoming a much better artist and expanding my creativity with all the mixed media you have introduced me to. I still have some very low days, dreaming of what could have been, but perk up by immersing myself in a variety of artsy magazines or websites, such as yours, and dreaming of what I will create next. Thank you so much!

    • Dearest Judi,
      I just wanted to let you know that your comment on the blog here was read and really understood. My prayers and hugs sending your way. So glad to read that you are taking art as a big part of your healing. I too have discovered this about art…and I have tons and tons of my artsy magazines I save and read and re-read for inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for sharing a part of your life, you have just helped and encouraged me.
      Hugs and love,
      Dana Martin from Utah

  55. Happy Birthday Tracy! This the first time I’ve visited your site and I am inspired by your creativity. Thank you!!
    My dream is to make my Mom’s time left the happiest she has had!! She is an awesome woman whom I’ve had the privilege of sharing a home with for the last 28+ years. She’s my best friend & I’m hers!! I’ve gotten into scrapbooking recently so we can go thru her old photos & get her memories recorded before she is robbed of them due to Dementia!! I am grateful to have an opportunity to have something we can do together and it makes Mom extremely happy to be part of it!!
    I look forward to visiting your site again and seeing the wonderful things you create. Keep up the awesomeness!! Thanks!!

    • Hi Anita,
      I just read your post on the birthday giveaway about your Mom…..

      My mom and I were best of friends and am too I was able to be her helper during the last years on earth to go and be with the Lord.

      I too am trying locate more pics of her and me.
      Thank you so much for sharing Anita,
      hugs, Dana

  56. I’d been wanting to expand my craft room so I’d have more storage. It’s an unused bedroom so there was a closet in there – butted up against a small closet that opened into the hall. I had some bathrooms that needed to be remodeled so while the contractor was here I had him take the wall out between the two closets, take the doors off the bedroom closet, and remove a portion of the wall. He filled the area with moveable shelving and now I have this amazing storage area. Instead of having to wonder where things were I’m usually able to go put my hands on whatever right away. Amazing how many things I found duplicated. They got put together and they added space. Love my room and the two bathrooms. My dream would be to have a great-grandchild but I’m not sure that’s going to happen any time soon Other than that – I’d love to plan a trip to Australia but I think that might be like the grandchild wish. Can keep hoping though (for both).
    Happy birthday. How fun to celebrate all month. Thanks faor sharing.

  57. My dream is to be able to craft for a living. Until then, lol, I would love to creat with your stamps! Live the flowers!

  58. My dream is to have a family reunion at some point…which is difficult because we live in different states!

  59. My dream is to have my own space for my art, scrapbooking, card making and my new joy mixed media and art journalling. Thinking about my own space brings a smile to my face and it would be the perfect place to display all off Tracy’s stamps.

  60. My dream came true last year when my 2nd youngest sister & I got to go to The Netherlands to visit our 2 elderly aunts, 1 uncle & meet many cousins & visit a place I have always wanted to visit in The Netherlands – Keukenhof – a gorgeous & huge tulip gardens – we were so overwhelmed we didn’t know which way to turn to take photos – I alone took close to 400 photos! Yes it was that awesome 🙂

  61. It’s been awhile – I love that you have your own stamps now! I dream of possibly doing that – designing either stamps or products.

  62. WOW ….. dreams! My whole life has been following my dreams and I am so grateful for being able to do just that. I believe in the power of dreams and Angels and showing gratefulness for it all. My family and friends are the product of my beliefs and dreams. I love the strength of my Angels and being surrounded by them and knowing that when this life is over they will be with me to guide me along my path and to finally reunite with my soulmate. Dreams are such an awesome part of our lives.

  63. Dream is my word for this year. Dream come true that has happen for me this year is seeing my son become a dad and what a beautiful grandson I now have. Dream I am working on is to be able to travel and see places I’ve always wanted to see. Missed out on London five years ago because I got very sick a month before that trip. Just got to make that trip happen now that my health is back.

  64. My dream is coming true as I have retired from teaching and now I can play with paint and being creative. I have a friend and she comes over every week to paint and dabble into creativity!!

  65. What an a fantastic giveaway. Thank you for offering. You’re teaching is helping me step into my passions and dreams. While I have many passions, just creating and staying connected to art is really how I want to live. And who knows, maybe I can make a living out of it like you.

  66. I am a huge dreamer too! 17 years ago I came to Costa Rica for the first time and fell in love- after that I told everyone that I would retire in Costa Rica someday… now long before retirement- I actually live here! THAT is living the dream!!!


  67. I’m a huge dreamer, I find it’s the best way to push me forward. I have got so many creative plans/dreams for the future, too many to list. First one, new house with outside studio to teach classes. Found the perfect house, with a studio! Fingers crossed it will be mine 🙂

  68. My dreams?? First, I wanted to be able to overcome the power my mental illness had on me, and lead a happy and productive life. I did that! Then…I wanted to start my own (very small) at home crafting business, and I just got my business certificate from the county this month! So…now it’s on to a new dream!

  69. One of my dreams is to be able to retire and devote my time to being creative. Another, that I’m working on, is to lose weight and enjoy at healthy lifestyle. So far I’ve lost 45 lbs. and feeling great! 🙂

  70. Love your stamps. Have seen them in my local scrapbooking store and it is very hard to decide which to purchase. I am building up my collection. Thank you. My dream was to be able to create art I was not embarrassed to share…..and it came true……I can finally share and be proud.

  71. I would like to have some fun creating with these stamps. Where I live there a few scrape booking stores but not carry stamps like these. Both stores have a very limited supply of paint and stamps

  72. I dream of having a cake decorating business with my sister one day and I dream of creating art and selling it. You taught me that I can do things that I thought I couldn’t if I’ll just try. You, my friend, are a blessing!

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