Birthday MONTH – GIVEAWAY #3 (Gelli Arts®)

Hi….it’s me, the birthday  month girl and I am just back from The Society of Decorative Painters Show in Chicago!  I am happy to announce Birthday Giveaway #3!  This one is sponsored by Gelli Arts® and it is awesome!

They are giving away a 4″ and 6″ Round plate!!!


Seriously I am in love with my round Gelli Plates®!


awesome backgrounds as I used it in the last Mixed Media Monday 4/27/15:

Vines1All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me your memorable birthday.  One of mine was last year (I cannot wait to share the photos from this year!) when my fella planned a whole day (which nearly did me in and kept me from celebrating the whole month!).  It included my kids, my girlfriends and him!  Plus it had views of the ocean and everything that means the most to me AND was the first time in my life I was truly surprised!  I still do not know how he did it……..


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Make sure to visit and comment on Birthday Giveaway #1 (Decoart Prize) and Giveaway #2 (Totally Tracy/Dare 2B Artzy Prize).  All random drawings will be done and awarded the first week of June!

Look at how far you’ve come.  You have made progress.  And now, imagine how far you can go.”

127 thoughts on “Birthday MONTH – GIVEAWAY #3 (Gelli Arts®)

  1. Love the round gelli on your MMM artwork – that was so fun to watch you create! I recently saw the smallest one used to make a card and it was so easy!! I have a big square one so a small one would be fabulous. Hmmmm – my best birthday might have been when I was a little girl and got my first dog. I named him Lucky and I remember being the happiest girl in the world that day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH Tracy!! So fun!! j.

  2. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 7. My mom let me have a tea party with my grandmothers tea set, which I never got to touch!

  3. As my birthday falls on the 24th of December, it usually gets forgotten in the Christmas rush. One year a week before my birthday my husband surprised me with a party with all our friends. We had a great time!

  4. Love to have a round Gelli plate! Happy Birthday to you! Hope this year tops last year. Guess my most memorable birthday was my 16th birthday with a dance and party and the whole big deal! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. When we and they find the right one for us they do spoil us – thank goodness for great and good husbands! Looks like lots of fun was had by all. Enjoy this week too Karen x

  6. hmmmm most memorable. :/ nothing spectacular ever happens on my birthday. So guessing the year my daughter was born just 5 days before my birthday on the anniversary of my Great Grandmother’s 107th birthday. Was pretty special and certainly a special gift.

    Thanks for the chance…Geli Plates are AWESOME….just like you. Hope you are having a FABULOUS birthday month 🙂

  7. My most memorable (so far) was my 50th when my two sisters, my sister-in-law, and my aunt all came for a visit and we had a wonderful girls weekend. I am blessed!

  8. For my 50th birthday, dh planned a trip back to Rochester, NY. We had moved from there 3 years before that. He plotted with the kids and our best friends back there and they showed up at my work to get me so we could catch the plane. I was mad he took the kids out of school:) and they even packed for me! I was shocked.

  9. My dad would always ask me if I felt older on my birthday morning. This year I turned 65. I smiled that morning knowing that my dad would be proud of me today. Today I can play with art goodies and create beautiful art. And. Know that I am the “older generation” now.

  10. Hmm, I’m not sure I have a favorite birthday memory – they’ve all been pretty great. Does that count?? 🙂

  11. My most memorable birthday was in 2010. I spent it in Denver, CO, a city that had been on my bucket list. I spent the time there with my honey.

  12. It was my 40th birthday. My hubby got a cake and asked some friends over. He is not a planner, so I was incredibly touched that he did that for me!

  13. I love Gelli plates too. I would love to win a round one! I have had many memorable birthdays. My birthday often falls on Columbus Day. My husband’s family has a tradition on Columbus Day to go apple picking. So, we picked apples went to lunch and just hung out.

  14. My 40th…huge surprise party! Big surprise! Tons of fun with family and dear friends. Never suspected! Hope you’re still having a fun Bday month.

  15. My birthday is New Year’s Eve so I don’t go out and prefer to celebrate at home. I have had many memorable birthdays. Last year my oldest son and my youngest granddaughter (the one who likes to paints with me) popped in with a pressure cooker I had given him for Christmas and some oysters. We had the best time around the kitchen table eating our oysters and hanging out. Another year, I was up by myself, hubby had gone to bed, and the phone rang near midnight. It was my youngest son who was having a New Year’s Eve party with his family and friends. He had snuck away to call me and said, “Happy Birthday mom. Go outside to the end of your driveway and look towards my house.” I did just in time to see a beautiful fireworks show and hear him say, “This is for you mom.” I cried happy tears. My sweet hubby was not always home for my birthdays because he was serving his country. One year in particular when our boys were young, he was home and we managed to get the boys to bed early, on New Year’s Eve which made for a very memorable birthday party. LOL

    Thanks for the fabulous contests for some awesome art supplies.

  16. Love Gelli Printing. The video was great. Can’t wait fir the next MMM. It is so fun to join you and I love the products and how you show us how to use them.

  17. My most memorable birthday would have to be the year my daughter was born. I had a sonogram on my birthday. (That was back in the dark ages when sonograms were only done if they thought there was a problem.) She was born 4 days later. 🙂

  18. I remember a present that I got …. when I was little (in the 60’s !!!) ….. it was a small stove … about the size that a Barbie Doll would use …. it was pink and the oven door opened … and it was made of metal. I only remember receiving it … I do not remember playing with it. Since to this day I do not like to cook …. I probably never played with it !!!!!!

  19. I don’t have a specific birthday, but all my birthdays as a kid were with my sister since our birthdays are nine days apart. We always celebrated together. Didn’t really matter what I got, but that we got to have fun together.

  20. My best birthday was my 31st. I was expecting my 2nd child, a girl, any day and my son and husband pampered me all day long. She didn’t come that day but three days later and because of my special birthday, I was relaxed and ready for her.

  21. My favorite birthday was my 40th, just recently. Husband and mother worked together and planned a surprise party! It was a wonderful evening! Thanks for the opportunity to win another awesomr gift! Happy Belated Birthday! Love the MMM!

  22. I have had many great birthday celebrations but I believe my favorite was and early morning fishing birthday party at the lake, I made all the food, coffee cake ( which serves as my birthday cake), breakfast casserole, fresh fruit and muffins……and invited ALL my friends and family, those that fish and those that do not to join…..out in the park, at the lake around 6, eating, laughing, burping, farting, telling lies and jokes and stories, then…… to the lake to fish….a glorious fun filled day!!!!!

  23. Remembering favorite birthdays coincide with remembering the simplistic childhood of all of us born in the 50’s. So I really can’t pick just one, I think any of them I had as a young girl were collectively my favorites. Since I just had my 60th I remembered how fortunate I was to have the warm memory of the anticipation of the family parties…what a great time to have that big Italian celebration, seeing my favorite aunts and uncles, and playing with all of my cousins, until some killjoy parent thought it was time to go home. I was fortunate enough to have a Mom who was very creative in the kitchen and in party planning…simple stuff, most always in our backyard, and she always came up with something unique…and simple…to entertain the masses of kids at the second “friend” party. Those simple parties and the excitement each birthday brought seriously outweigh the surprise stripper party when I was 33 and the Corvette for a weekend when I was 40.

  24. I’m about to give away my age in order to tell you about my favorite birthday. Age 13 is usually one of the most difficult for kids but turning 13 for me was happy and memorable. My best friends came for a slumber party and Mom took us downtown to see a new and popular group, the Beach Boys. Those were the early days for rock concerts and you couldn’t even buy tickets in advance. There were 4 of us plus Mom and we were running late. At the ticket counter the agent said “I’ve been waiting for some nice girls like you” and he gave us seats front row center. (Except for Mom, who sat in the nosebleeds.) It was so exciting and I have to tell you those guys were magical in person and from their start. We couldn’t quite figure out all of the screaming 18 year olds around us; that took a few more years. Thanks for giving me a jumpstart on that memory. I hadn’t thought of it in a long while.

  25. Oh so many happy birthdays!! Sixteen, twenty-one, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty–loved them all but the best ever–SO FAR, sixty-two!! I decided to take early retirement when I turned 62 and am in complete and total love with retirement!! Why? Nothing but time to play with my new obsession: mixed media art!! I’ll be 64 on August 2nd and what a great gift to celebrate–the round gelli plate!!

  26. I think my most memorable Birthday would have to be my 50th when my husband had a surprise party for me. But any Birthday that I get to spend time with my family is a wonderful event.

  27. Love gelli plates My favorite birthday was spent at the Santa Rosa Safari we stayed over night and listened to all the wild birds

  28. My most memorable birthdays are several. My daughter and I are extreme Disney nuts. We plan a 3 to 4 day trip to Disneyland every year around my birthday. We both have annual passes, which make for an amazing time. Just to spend that much time with my wonderful daughter Amanda is my treat. I have really gotten into painting with acrylics and oils and now have found a new fun with mixed media and all the new things you are introducing to me. Thanks so much.

  29. Hi Tracy! My most memorable birthday was my 40th. My husband surprised me with a getaway for just us 2 and it was so awesome! Come to find out that the getaway was to throw me off about a big surprise party thrown a few days later with my family and friends! It was surprise after surprise for me… So much love and fun! I will never forget it 🙂

  30. My most memorable birthday just happened in March. A surprise party for my 70th!!! Still can’t believe I’m that old!! I only feel like maybe 40, but that can’t Bebe ayes I have a daughter at 45 and a sin at42!!! Love all the stuff you show and I get so excited to learn new things!! This year is my year to grow in my art work and I’m like a sponge soaking up as much as I can. Thanks for all you’ve taught me!!!

  31. Ooooo. Round gellis! How fun.
    My most memorable birthday was my 40 th. i rented a public park space and had potluck brunch. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the time with my friends and family.
    Happy Birthday, Tracy.

  32. What immediately came to mind was my Uncle, when I was a little girl. He had the same birthday as I did and it was in the middle of February, which is a very cold and blustery time of year . We lived on a farm and he lived in town…. He would phone me and say.. “You start walking and I will start walking and we will have a party when we meet”… Funny in my mind that would have been the best time knowing all along it was not going to happen but just the thought of it and what we may do still resonates as a fun time….

  33. My most memorable – not to be confused with favorite – birthday was when I was 6. I wanted a party with friends and knowing my mom would say no, I invited all the girls and one boy from my class. When my mother found out, she sent a cake to school. My next party with friends was my 18th!!!

  34. FABULOUS giveaway!! So need the round plates!!!!
    My favorite childhood birthday ~ was when I was in the 4th grade! My mom picked me up from school early and took me to get the new gauchos and vest – no lie – two toned purple – so have to find a picture of them! Loved the outfit and would have worn it every day if I was allowed to. My favorite adult birthday – November 1990 – finally spent a birthday with the love of my life – 25 years later he still makes em special <3

  35. My most memorable birthday was my 50th birthday! I guess partly because when I was a little girl I thought 50 was really, really old and to my surprise, it wasn’t that old! Anyway, my husband and I were visiting friends and family in Montana and they all surprised me with a birthday dinner party. It was great fun.

  36. One of my favorite birthdays was my 11th and I had a party at the skating rink and did not realize that my Dad was an expert on roller skates (his grandfather owned 2 rinks when he was a kid). He skated backwards and did the “shoot the moon” and zipped around so fast. I loved him so much! I love your work, your brightness and spirit, your way with people. Have really missed the MMM’s! Looking forward to the next one! Thanks, Tracy! Love, Nancy.

  37. My most memorable birthday was my 50th for several reasons. My hubby planned a surprise party, he hired a village hall and had a DJ, a man videoing me and the party (hated that part), and had invited loads of people from my past that I hadn’t seen for many years – my old teacher, school pals from high school, work colleagues and friends and family. For food our friend drove to London and came back with great drums full of Indian food he had arranged to be cooked, not sure bringing them back in an uncooled van on a very hot summer day was wise but everyone loved it and survived! I danced the night away – can’t do it now, and had to make a speech. Now I had guessed about the surprise party – my Mum has a loud voice even whispering and I picked up on a few things, also the behaviour on the day was very suspicious!
    There were presents from lots of people, and hubby even organised our first (and probably last) holiday abroad to Prague – not somewhere I ever imagined I would go, that was for later in the year. That was something I never expected or guessed and when we went we had a lovely time!
    At the end of my party because I don’t drink and was the only one sober I ended up driving a few trips to take people home, then when my family were all in bed snoring I stood in my pink silk dress (big mistake when I saw the videos later), ladling left over curry from the vats into containers and trying to fit it in my fridge!
    Mum has never let anyone forget she ended up stuck in the kitchen washing up – but it wasn’t her party and I think the driving and food storage I had to do on my birthday was a bit much!
    So with my next milestone birthday happening this year I am not sure what to expect – if anything! Should I be worried I wonder?

  38. My most memorable birthday was my 18th. My then boyfriend (now husband) of two years, long distance, took a bus and came from PA to NC to celebrate with me. He was only supposed to be there a couple days, but ended up getting permission from his dad to stay an extra week. I received my first kiss when he came off the bus and knew in an instant we would spend the rest of our lives together. We went to dinner at a Japanese place that had just opened up, his first time at a hibachi style family dinner. I haven’t had that great of a birthday in close to 8yrs. 🙂

  39. I remember my 21st birthday party, one of my sisters and my close friends got together to give me a surprise party, well it was a surprise for before the guests arrived, they had a male stripper, all for me, it was a bit embarrassing, but well it was fun too – LOL after he was done with his dance, the party started and we all had fun dancing all night long to the DJ

  40. Awesome prize! Thanks for letting us celebrate your birthday with you!
    My most memorable birthday… I was about 11 and my Mom decided to give me a haircut the day of my slumber party. It turned out looking terrible and she had to rush me to the beauty parlor to get it fixed! Just in the nick of time for my party!

  41. When I was 7 My parents took me to the circus. I had a friend with me too. We were talking to a lady outside she was so friendly and my friend told her it was my birthday. I still remember all the horses and the trapeze people.. Well about half way through the ring master came out and he was with a clown and the clown was playing up. He was throwing this thing and it was zooming around on a string. The ring master said “you cant play up today its Vicki-Ann’s Birthday. Then the clown was doing tumbles and being silly and he said it again. That it was my birthday and then they asked where was I. Mum said to me they want you to go down to the ring.. So off I went down to the edge of the ring and onto the circus ring, a man lifted me over the edge. The clown was doing all these silly tumbles and things then they handed me this pink fluffy toy on elastic and a stick. I remember looking around at all the hundreds of people looking at me. I remember saying Thank you. Then it was time to go back to my seat. I still have the pink fluffy toy, sits on a shelf. The lady we had been talking to outside was the ringmasters wife.

  42. My favourite birthday was my 50th Tracy, I decide to do 50 random acts of Kindness for my birthday. This is a copy of my Facebook post. Sorry it’s so long.

    50 RAK
    Ok everyone this is what I’ve been up to the last while. It’s a super long post so bear with me.
    50 Random Acts of Kindness before I turn 50. By Cindy Henning
    So here’s how this whole idea came to me. Last year I had given Mom a book called 29 gifts. I had heard it was a good read and thought she would like it. She recently passed it on to me (thanks Mom) I thought it was a great book and quite inspiring . Why not give it a try.
    The premise for the book is how a month of giving can change your life. I read the book in mid-November 2013 and thought what a great idea” I’m going to give this a try”.
    So I started giving. (list to follow) I will admit that it does get kind of addictive. At first it was hard to think of things to give or do, but once you start paying more attention to those around you the possibilities are endless.
    Then it came to me that my 50th birthday was coming up on December 24th, how about if I try to do 50 Random Acts Of Kindness before I turn 50. My first thought was that I would need some help to accomplish 50 , so I decided that instead of gifts this year I would ask for people to do a random act of kindness in my name. My husband was planning a big party for me to celebrate this milestone birthday, so on the invitation we put this gift request. I was so excited to see what ideas everyone would come up with(second list to follow).
    Well as I said it can get quite addictive so as my birthday got closer I was accomplishing more more random acts of kindness. By the night of the 22nd I had accomplished 41 on my own, so along with a couple of my grandkids we had we did a blitz on the 23rd and finished all 50 of them. Wow it felt great!
    My 50 Random Acts Of Kindness
    1 -Gave a crib to a neighbour
    2 – Called Lois had a nice visit.
    3-Back rub for my husband
    4-Went to Bentley and delivered Coaches Oatmeal (its hard to find) to a couple of great friends
    5-Called an old family friend today and had a nice conversation. Then tried to locate a place for her to meet her son for Christmas.
    6 – Gave high chair to neighbour
    7-Bought someone breakfast. Ok, not quite at a restaurant but at Save-on Foods. Food-bank donation was pancake mix, syrup, peanut butter & hot chocolate
    8 & 9 -Stopped at the grocery store in Blackfalds . Purchased two poinsettias. Dropped them off at seniors housing to two very nice ladies.
    10 & 11 Bought 2 lottery tickets for the cashiers at Caroline Supplies
    12 -Gave the attendant at the dump a fresh home baked muffin to go with his coffee
    13 – Gave a pretty Christmas plate full of muffins to a gentleman at the lodge in Caroline.
    14 & 15 -Dropped off 2 Christmas ornaments at the seniors lodge in Caroline. One lovely lady named Mary in room 7 & a nice couple in room 3.
    16 -Donated to Salvation Army kettle
    17 -Took a tray of baking out to our cabinet door manufacture
    18 -Gave some Christmas baking to a young fellow clearing snow in the parking lot at the bank
    19 -Left a tin of cookies at a fellows place where Rick was plowing out his laneway. By the way this was Ricks Random Act of Kindness for my birthday party.
    20 – let a gentleman go in front of me at the grocery store & picked up garbage in the parking lot.
    21 -Donation for a girl my sister works with whose Husband has cancer.
    22 – Another donation to Salvation Army kettle
    23 -Gave some money to a (down on his luck) man outside the fabric store.
    24 -Shovelled sidewalk for neighbour who had surgery
    25 -Donated blood for the first time. I was thrilled to see a good friend come in while I was there. She was also donating for the first time as her Random Act Of Kindness for my birthday party. Extra kudos to Mary as she is scared of needles.
    26 – Took carts back to grocery store
    27 -Gave lefse’ to my Dad. The tradition of making lefse’ at Christmas comes from my Dads side of the family.
    28 – Passed the 29 gifts book on to Chelsea, who passed it on o a friend.
    29 – Bought lottery ticket for a cashier at Sobeys
    30 – Did a couple of on line reviews
    31 , 32, 33 – Delivered 3 trays of baking to hospital. 1 to palliative care unit, 1 to Moose Cottage and 1 to unit 31.
    I had the great idea to download some Random Acts of Kindness cards from the Internet & had them printed at Staples. Then used there paper cutter to chop them up. Wish I would have thought of this sooner.
    34 – Complimented a girl outside of Safeway about what a good job she was doing chipping ice & snow off the sidewalk, handed her my 1st Random Act of kindness card & $5.00 she was thrilled!
    35 – Gave a baby gate to a friend
    36 – Helped a lady unload her cart at Costco, then brought in her cart & an extra one for someone else.
    37 – Let a lady go in front of me in the lineup at Costco during the crazy Christmas shopping rush.
    38 – Purchased some food for the food bank at Sobeys only to find out they no longer have a food bank box at the store.
    40 – Dropped off a winter coat at the Safe Harbour building ( where the homeless can go to get in out if the cold) also left the food bank donation there.
    39 – Bought someone a coffee at Starbucks. Paid for a coffee & left a Random Act of Kindness card for the barista to give with the coffee.
    41 – Took cart back inside Sobeys grocery store.
    December 23rd what a busy day!!!
    42 – This was really fun to be able to share this part with Logan & Olivia, 2 of my Grandkids who had come to visit for Christmas. We bought some snacks & small hand lotions at London Drugs to give to the homeless shelter.
    43 – We sang a Christmas Carol for the cashier at London Drugs ( mostly Logan & Olivia sang, my gift to her was letting them drowned me out)
    44, 45,46,47- We bought 4 poinsettias at Home Depot & delivered them to College Side Seniors home. We met 4 lovely ladies there. Also gave out hugs with each plant.
    48 – We sang Rudolf the red nosed reindeer for Carman one of the ladies in the seniors home. She had such a beautiful spirit & was thrilled with our singing, (this could possibly be because she was really hard of hearing).
    49 -I gave a thank you card & scratch lotto ticket to a community volunteer who looks after the hall that we rented for my birthday party.
    50 – Gave a gift wrapped box of fancy cookies & a Christmas ornament to a neighbour of Moms in Bentley. This neighbour is one who gives all the time so it was nice to do my 50th Random Act of Kindness for him. Thanks for all you do Pastor Greg.

    Partial list done by my friends & presented to me at my birthday party. Great job everyone!
    One of my good friends shovels the sidewalk for a Senior that lives near her and she also adopted a single mom and her daughter who have no other family & they invite to all holiday get-togethers
    As you already know one of my friends donated blood for the first time and also she’s volunteering in my name at the Ronald McDonald House freeze the house bonspiel for charity
    Another of my friends donated a large amount to the United Way, also toys to the Christmas bureau, he also let six people going front of him at the counter where he was lined up to pay a bill. He also won a gift basket from a place that he frequents and asked them to give it to a random person.
    One of my friends gave some money to the Salvation Army kettle and also shovel snow for an elderly neighbour
    My mom was very busy as I had told her that I didn’t want to gift she thought she would go a little overboard doing randomly acts of kindness. She made a large donation to their blessing pantry that helps less fortunate have a wonderful Christmas, Then she gave a subway gift card to a neighbour who had shovelled snow for her. She delivered a tin of homemade cookies and a box of chocolates to the amazing Public Works crew for keeping their streets cleared of snow so promptly.( This is no small feat as we’ve had record snowfall this year).
    Another dear friend of ours and her husband purchased two goats in my name for a village through World Vision. I wonder if the goats will actually be named Cindy hehehe
    Another wonderful couple that we know used a Tim Hortons gift card that they were given as a thank you to buy donuts for someone else to say thank you to. Now that’s paying it forward. They also took a new mom shopping for some jeans and shirts so she could feel pretty until she could fit back into her pre pregnancy clothes…lovely gesture
    Another friend donated a food hamper to the Blessings Pantry in Bentley as her random act of kindness in my name.
    One friend was kind enough to shovel the neighbors sidewalk and he even included her thank you card to him in my birthday card. Bonus.
    My daughter-in-law gave me this list. She bought a coffee for a couple behind her in line at Tim Hortons, then she brought Tim-bits (yum) to the staff at the library, she also donated blood and the cutest one…..she didn’t get angry when someone stole her parking spot at the mall this crazy crazy Christmas shopping season.good job
    My cousin and her husband’s card reads as follows 2snow shovels and 2 able bodies. Our random act of kindness was shovelling out some of our elderly neighbors and family over the past month
    Another friend bought a 50 million lotto Max ticket and gave it to the cashier
    My dad bought three Tim Hortons gift cards and gave them away to random people
    One friend made soup and donated it to the soup kitchen which I’m sure they enjoyed because she is an excellent cook.
    Some close friends of ours made a donation to Fund a Day at the Red Deer hospice in my name. pretty cool gift
    Another friend gave a senior a complementary roller set (hairdo) at the seniors lodge
    Some other special relatives of mine gave a lift to a stranger was stuck on the side of the road and frigid temperatures and they also organized at painting bee at a friends home
    My Sons list was 1) let someone in front of him in line at London Drugs during busy Christmas shopping rush. 2) Let people in front of him in the parking lot when no one else was letting them in. 3) Reads like this “I was going to send flowers to Aunt Dallas before your birthday party but I decided not to send until January. it can be a lonely time of year after the holiday rush is over.” This is a very touching one because we lost uncle Phil in October so thank you Dustin for thinking of her.

    Thanks to all my friends, so proud of you all.

  43. Love the artwork! The only thing I wanted for my birthday (May 2) or Mother’s day was a Gelli plate. I didn’t get one. 🙁 No memorable birthday for me.

  44. Hands down, best birthday was turning 26…The party started Thursday morning and ended Monday morning. It involved cookouts, lots of tequilla, great friends, music and games. 36 years later we still talk about it!

  45. My favorite birthday was my 31st. I just had hup surgery. My best friend and mom planned an amazing party for me. It was such a great day and made me feel special.

  46. Most memorable birthday was my 50th…hubby planned a huge birthday bash with all our family and friends…lots of fun and memories to last a lifetime.

  47. My most memorable birthday was during a family trip to Goa!! great time with family, sea and nature all around !! Happy Birthday Month Tracy !!

  48. For my 60th my little sister threw me a surprise party and all 3 of my children came, I had moved back to Texas (my home state and where my kiddos and all my exes live) that year and hadn’t seen them all together for a long time. It was a very nice surprise. Happy birthday month to you, Tracy!

  49. this year I turned 50. I had a multi-day celebration, The events included
    – a day at a yoga retreat center
    – a day at the spa
    – birthday dinner
    – a night of comedy with 19 of my friends
    – a 50th birthday bash at a local restaurant.
    twas fun.

    nearly two months later and I am still celebrating. yesterday I got together with my crafting buddies. one surprised me with a birthday was very special. thanks JL.

    what a great way to celebrate. may you enjoy all the celebrations of you.

  50. My memorable birthday was my 16th. We didn’t do birthday parties back then. Too much extended family, and finances were too tight. So it was always your favorite homemade cake decorated as best Mom could do, and some presents from parents and siblings, along with a beautiful Hallmark card from my Mom. However, they broke the tradition with my 16th and gave me a surprise party for me and my friends. It was one of the loveliest gestures my folks had ever made. It still brings a smile.

  51. I haven’t celebrated my birthday for many years, but my favorite thing when I was a kid was getting to choose the family meal for that day. My choice was always lasagna!

  52. Loving these stories from everyone!!

    My favorite birthday (thus far, of course!) was my 50th. My then-husband, who worked with a fledging viticulture program at the local community college, told me he had to stop by a local vineyard on our way into the city. As we walked toward the grounds, I heard music and said, “Wow, they’re playing The Waybacks on the sound system. It sounds like live music!”

    Well . . . it *was* live music! He had booked the band, catered an event, and invited family and friends to help with the celebration! It’s been 10 years, and I still think of what a wonderful time that was.

    The first song I heard the band play that afternoon was “I’ve Been Around.” Once I knew they were there for me, my reaction to that tune was “Well, harrumph!” It’s a great song, however.

    Thanks for letting me (and so many others!) share a joyful memory.

  53. My most memorable Birthday was actually this year!! My children and husband gave me a surprise party at one of my favorite restaurants!! It was awesome, Linda

  54. My best was my 40th when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child, an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy but so happy I have him.

  55. My favorite Birthday was my 25th I got a tattoo thinking I was so old at 25 lol I still have the tattoo to remind me I was still so young at 25 now that I am almost 60 how I would love to go back and tell that young 25 year old so much and life only gets better with age not worse !

  56. My memorable birthday was when I went out to dinner at a fine restaurant, and then to a dance club with my girlfriends, where the handsome waiter who attended to us showed up and joined our party. At about 11pm, we all decided to take the party back to the apartment I shared with two girlfriends, who were part of the party. The handsome waiter asked if he could give me a ride on his motorcycle, and I agreed. Instead of heading to my apartment, he said he needed to get something from his place, and drove back to the restaurant. He lived in a house on the property. He put me at a table in the restaurant, left for a few minutes, and came back and served me champagne with a great flourish, saying, “Every girl should have champagne on her 21st birthday.” We toasted and sipped champagne for a few minutes, then I held the bottle as we headed back to where the party had continued. It was a pretty magical time!

  57. My most memorable birthday was in 2008, at that time I worked for the Iowa national guard unit and we were told that we are deploying to Kuwait. And we would be leaving for training November of that year. My birthday is November 3rd. My husband took my kids to the store to pick up supper for our last night together which was October 26 since I was heading out with advance party to get things ready for the troops so things could go smoothly. They got back home and we had a wonderful ribeye dinner. I thought that it was great. But then everyone comes piling in to the living room and my kids hand me a present and a card, I immediately ask what is this for, they proceed to tell me that they would not be with me on my birthday and they needed to give it to me now. I read the card and started to cry, it had everything I knew they wanted to say but wasn’t sure how to. Then I open the bag and there is a Nintendo Dsi and 2 game’s. I had wanted one to help unwind when I wasn’t busy with military stuff. I still have the Nintendo DSI and now a few more games then I started with. Every time I see it or even play with it, I have those feelings rushing back to me and it gets me choked up and completely loved. Thank you so much for sharing your birthday month with all of us.

  58. Love the page with the blue heart. My favorite birthday memory is the birthday that my husband put together a surprise party. My birthday is the day before Halloween and everyone dressed up in costumes. It was great fun!

  59. Happy Birthday. My favorite birthday was held in a local restaurant with my parents, my in-laws, my siblings and my dearest friends to help me celebrate turning 50.

  60. love Gelli plates and these round ones look so fun!

    My most memorable birthday was my 9th, in 1968. i live in PA – always have, likely always will, but my parents had saved for years, with Dad watching the construction of Interstate 80 across the country – when its completion and their finances and time allowed it, they packed us up with our grandmother and six of us in a Galaxy 500 drove cross country – 21 days, something like 32 state and national parks and Disneyland and SeaWorld all thrown in. But my actual birthday fell on the two days we spent at Yosemite. The camp store only had a packaged Spanish loaf as far as cakes went, and my ice cream was a Nutty Buddy cone, and I don’t remember the actual gifts they rounded up for me. I just remember the cabin we stayed in, the beautiful, amazing trees and how fun it was to be somewhere so exotic for my birthday.

    But one of the most memorable birthdays for me wasn’t mine! It was our sons. On his 30th birthday we rented a theater in a small town near here – the place hadn’t been changed since the 40s, I’m sure. We rented one of his all time favorite movies (The Princess Bride) and some people came dressed up and we all screamed our favorite lines (except my nephew’s wife, who’d never seen the film and had no clue about this type of party, so she pouted that we “ruined” it for her! – all part of the fun, really, looking back) but two of my nephews dressed as Inigo and Westley (as the Dread Pirate Robert) and when The Sword Fight came on, they jumped up on stage and mimicked the scene. We’d made treat bags for everyone from burlap and had a treasure chest for his gifts and just plain had a good time. The best part was that he was completely surprised. My niece worked for a non-profit back then and “roped him in” to come to the theater to help her set up for a presentation. He was blown away. So satisfying when it all works!

  61. love the round gelli plates, thanks for the opportunity! my favorite bday was my 30th – i had more fun, received tons of flowers, and was taken to lunch nearly every day for 2 weeks!

  62. When you are 50 and something like me you don’t care much for Birthdays of yourself, but mostly of your kids and grand kids. So mine was 2 months ago and I didn’t want to celebrate it at all. But I would be totally glad to get some crafty presents and round plates are those I am missing in my craft room. So maybe I am lucky this time? Happy Birthday to you dear!!!

  63. For my 16th birthday, my mom gave me a surprise party with 16 of my best friends. Since my birthday is the day before Halloween, we all dressed up. One of my gifts was a beautiful musical ceramic princess with the number 16 that Mother bought me with her OWN money…why is that special? Because she was a stay-at-home mom and worked only occasionally in the tobacco market (small farm town).. I got gag gifts that were hilarious! We carved mini pumpkins…we had an orange autograph dog we all signed….mother always made everything special …I am blessed beyond words for having Godly parents…thanks for asking!

  64. Love the Gelli plates! The big 40 was the biggest Birthday from my wonderful hubby! He couldn’t wait to give me one of my presents so at 6:00 in the morning he gave me a beautiful diamond ring! Then that afternoon a limo picked me up and whisked me off to the Plaza where we were met by 20 or so of my friends for dinner and shopping. The best part was he even had one of my friends fly in from California to surprise me! Thank you Tracy for the chance to win these!

  65. Love you art work !. My special birthday was this year when I celebrated my 50th and my wonderful husband treated me my taking me to stay at a gorgeous hotel in the English Lake District, where he wined and dined me . It was also magical and romantic . He is such a wonderful hubby that he even took me to my favourite art supply shops in the lakes , so that I could sit my the lake with hi and sketch and paint one fantastic memories in my journal . I like to gelli print my own hand made journal pages , do that I,m not faced with a white page x

  66. My most memorable Birthday was my 30th. My husband who never does ANYTHING to acknowledge birthdays purchased a Bingo trip to a Casino in another state. He called my boss and got me two days off without my knowing about it, had me all packed (with a little help from a friend) and when I got home from work that Thursday night told me to get in the car because we had to go for a short ride. He brought me to the park n ride where the bus picks people up for the Bingo trips. I wondered what we were doing when ho got out and handed me a suitcase and a thick envelope. He told me to get on the bus and he would see me late Sunday night. I was in total shock and got on the bus, opened the envelope and saw a bunch of cash and a letter. I read the letter which explained where I was going and burst into tears at his thoughtful gift! He hasn’t done anything since but that made up for it. I love him with all my heart and am so lucky he is mine!

  67. One of my most memorable birthdays was when my older sister got me an opal ring on my 16th bd. And she wrapped it in 16 successive papers! Fun!

  68. At my age, every birthday is memorable … which makes it difficult to keep raising the bar. My husband makes sure I am somewhere where the sun is shining, the surf is hitting the beach and the sand between my toes is warm. I come home rejuvenated and ready for the remainder of the New England winter. It also helps to keep the creative juices flowing; sun, sand, surf and bright colors. party on

  69. My most memorable birthday was my 65th birthday. Having survived breast cancer each birthday is very special. However, on Nov. 14th, 2014. I reached this milestone while attending a women’s retreat in Zion National park. It turned into a huge party of 70 faith filled women. I was treated to suite by the hotel and a bag of goodies. It was truly a surprise and a memorable time. Plus I am now on Medicare. I love this age. Oh and the gelli plates are an excellent giveaway.

  70. Every BIRTHDAY celebrates a special event. My next birthday will be the most memorable, I’m just sure of it! Round gelli plates are top of my list.

  71. My most memorable birthday by far is when my sister and her partner came and picked me up one morning when I was a kid and lived in California. I didn’t know they were coming and they woke me up and told me to get dressed and that they had a surprise.

    So off we went and lo and behold I was treated to a wonderful surprise day at Disneyland. I had been there before, but it just seemed so much better because of the love and planning my sister had put into it. I love them both so much for that! <3

    I don't have any experience with Gelli plates, and would love to try them. LIttle by little I am getting my art/craft supplies built up. ( We are on Husbands retirement)

    Thank you for hosting this contest!

  72. Happy Birthday Tracy !! My most memorable was (I think I was) 7, when I got the prettiest little bunny rabbit as my gift. I hugged it and loved it and called it Sandy 🙂

  73. One of my most memorable birthdays was receiving flowers from my parents at work. This is something they never did, so it was very special to me.

  74. Up to about 12 years old, I believed the Memorial Day Parade was all because it was my birthday! I was amazed at how many people were there. I never could figure out why the parade ended in the graveyard with so many flags. Someone said it was for the veterns. I thought, hmm, I would be glad to share my parade with them. even now after 58 yesrs I still go see”my” parade and cheer for all our veterns.

  75. This year is the only birthday I can think of was bittersweet one. My friends kept me busy for the day shouted me lunch & had a fab day. Mail bought more sympathy cards for my Dad & a card from Mum that she had chosen cause it reminded her of the faces I was painting with water colours (had limited supplies with me due to flying, thanks Tracy for the hints on what to take was perfect) on their table with Dad at the other end just before he died. Don’t think I will forget this year in a long time.

  76. My most memorable birthday was when my sister was born on my birthday, 4 years and 2 minutes apart from my birth time. That’s kind of remarkable.

  77. Hubby gave me a surprise “this is your life” 4th bday party. He had flown in my birth mom and had her and a bunch of my friends behind a curtain. It was a total surprise and such fun!

  78. My most memorable birthday was when my brother called me from Viet Nam. That’s where he was stationed at the time. Hope you have a great birthday month Tracy.

  79. My favorite birthday is always spent with family. My granddaughter Lara loves to make art so she makes me a picture. Last year she made a copy of Monet’s
    ” water lilies” which was absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to next year’s art work.

  80. Hi Tracy, love your art… Love my gelli plate and WOULD LOVE ROUND ONES TOO! My most memorable birthday was my 18th as my first nephew was born on it. This was my first niece or nephew so so that made it even more special. Love to you and yours, Lisa

  81. Happy Birthday Tracy…may all your wishes come true!! I hope this is one of your most memorable Birthdays ever!
    My most memorable Birthday would have to be my 16th. My hard working Mama shocked me by getting me my first ever concert ticket!!! It completely surprised me because her job didn’t afford the two of us many if any luxuries but she made sure my 16th was the best it could be. She felt bad that she couldn’t have a big dinner, but I told her it didn’t matter, she’d already done more then enough!! What a wonderful thing…a Mothers unconditional love!!!
    Take care.

  82. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 50. I was dreading that milestone but my family didn’t know that. they planned a surprise party for me.
    My husband and I had been camping so I was grubby and didn’t clean up before we went home as I knew there’d be a lot to do when I got there. Imagine my shock to see all of these people at my house and I look like a tramp. It ended up being a good day. I got over dreading the 50s. Now that I’m in the middle of the 70s – that doesn’t seem like a big deal any more.
    Happy birthday. Thanks for sharing with us this month.

  83. I am just making sure I am entered on this one, the Gelli round. My most memorable birthday was when my mom gave me and went with me, to a cruise to Tahiti! I was 35 and we had a blast together. So happy she and I had that time, just the two gal, sharing girl time. Miss you mom.

  84. My most memorable birthday have been all those spent with my husband and kids. He always manages to make me feel very special! Happy Birthday to you! Always wanted to try gellis.

  85. Loved our favorite choice for a birthday cake in our family which was a layered banana cake with milk chocolate frosting using a Betty Crocker box mix for the icing. When they stopped making it, I never made this cake as adult because the canned frosting is not the same and it was difficult to find a recipe. Now with the internet I need to try a homemade milk chocolate frosting with my mom’s homemade layered banana cake. Some favorite birthdays were going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner with my husband while children growing up, allowing us some time to ourselves.

  86. Who wouldn’t love a round gelli plate 🙂 My most memorable birthday would have been my 50th. We had just bought our house and we had a combination birthday/house warming party with all of our friends and family It was a great time ♥

  87. My most memorable birthday was when I stopped depending on others for my happiness. This may sound like a negative thing but in fact it was very positive and the best day of my life. For my birthday I decided to plan an entire day alone! I do not answer my phone either and love when people leave birthday messages that I can listen to over and over if I feel like. I do only things that make me smile. I do plan ahead and depending on what day of the week it is I would do different things. Say it was on a Saturday, I might go to a flea market, etc. I alway buy myself one beautiful gift, something I would never get normally for myself. A real splurge.
    I eat any crazy food that I might be in the mood for and at the end of the day, which is usually late afternoon, I buy an ice cream sundae and bring it home and sit with my mom out in the yard and eat it. (My birthday is in August and the weather is usually nice). This year I will have to make an adjustment as I lost my mom over the winter. It won’t be the same but I will most likely still do the day including the sundae. My mom would want me to have my day, she knew how much I enjoyed it.
    Not to end on a sad note…. I have been enjoying seeing people use the round geli plate and would love to have one too!
    Thanks for all your wonderful streams!

    • I agree Jeri. I too did the same in my 40’s. Now I surround myself with friends and family and make the most of it!

  88. One of my most memorable birthdays would have to be my 50th birthday party with family and friends that my family organised for me. It was a lovely night full of
    chatter and laughing.

  89. My most memorable birthday was a few years ago when I got to be a class monitor for one of my favorite artist’s Tracy Moreau at Coast to Coast painting convention in Toronto & her class happened to be on my birthday!

  90. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 50. My daughter in law planned a wonderful evening and it was a complete surprise. My hubby and I were picked up by limo and driven to an amazing restaurant where I was wined and dined with all my friends and family. That was almost 23 years ago and it still brings smiles and sweet memories to me each and every year.

  91. My favorite birthday celebration was taking a family trip up to Arrowhead. Never been there in the fall and thought it was going to be very crowded as it was the Labor Day weekend. It turned out to be so nice and had a wonderful time.

  92. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 40. I graduated from Miami University with a degree in teacher education. I was happy to become a teacher.
    Gelli plates look like so much fun! I would love to have them!!!

  93. Since I’ve had kids, birthdays are so fun and I’ve kept their artwork and presents over the years and still look back and reminisce. Now that they’re grown (sort of), they pitch in for good stuff. This year: Apple Watch!! Enjoy your b-day month Tracy!

  94. I love Gelli plates so much that I brought mine to Costa Rica with me as part of my ‘essential’ to have and fit into the suitcases! I would love a round one!

  95. I’ve never used a Gelli plate, thanks for the chance to win Tracy. My most memorable birthday was my 40th in 2010. Got to spend a weekend in Mexico, kid free and lots of fun!

  96. It’s weird, I can’t really remember that many memorable birthdays. I do have a favorite birthday cake though. My mom had a friend who made me a panda cake one year. I have the pictures to prove it, so I guess it does make it memorable.

  97. My most memorable birthday was my 18th. My foster father took me and 2 of my foster sisters to my favorite amusement park( Mountain Park, in MA which is now closed) for the day. He was bored out of his mind, but we three girls had a blast! And I rode that old wooden roller coaster 25 times that day!

  98. One of my most memorable birthdays was just this year (May 17th, to be exact). I took my kids and grandkids (and hubby, of course), to Fujiyama’s Japanese Steakhouse for a birthday celebration (4 of us have May birthdays). We had a great dinner and a great time celebrating.

  99. My most memorable birthday was my 30th…I was in labor with our first child, who decided to wait to appear until 4am the next day so that he could have his own day! I tried to cut down a Gelli Plate into a round shape but was only mildly successful. Would love to try the real thing.

  100. Last year I turned 50. My family flew in from various states, they showed me a great time. Happy birthday. Thank you for the giveaway.

  101. The birthday that stands out for me was my 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th.
    Good thing I don’t believe in superstitions about that.

  102. One of the most memorable birthdays was last year. My boy took me, Brooke and his girlfriend out to eat and shopping at Hobby Lobby and Michaels to buy me stuff. 🙂 I did something right. <3

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