Birthday MONTH – GIVEAWAY #5 (DecoArt)

I do not know how to thank EVERYONE for the most amazing Birthday MONTH!  It only seems fitting to have ONE MORE GIVEAWAY to complete this month!  I saved the best for last.  My favorite paint company, DecoArt came through and up’ed the giveaway anti…..I am not even sure that is possible but they DID!



Did you see all those Andy Skinner Stencils and the TWO Gelli Plates!!!  Serious this is some serious stuff  AND……..DecoArt Mixed Media has a BRAND NEW FACEBOOK pages so please go LOVE them  HERE:  This is a great new home to see ideas, share projects, see the latest and greatest and get so many tips to inspire you to paint more!.


Please pay them a visit on Instagram:  If you are using DecoArt Projects tag them on Instagram with #decoart and #decoartprojects.  They do love to share what you are making.  While you are at it please LIKE mine too:  Leave me a comment HERE that you shared the LOVE and you are entered to win!

This officially concludes my 45th Birthday Celebration of Giveaways.  I don’t know about you but I am tired!  I will be announcing all winners the first week of June after I sleep for a week!  I want to offically send a shout out and huge THANK YOU to those companies I have the pleasure of working with and support my creative being:

  • DecoArt, Inc.
  • Dare 2b Artzy
  • Gelli Arts
  • Stampendous

and most of ALL……………I THANK YOU!  I thank you for my Monday’s the love on the blog and sharing this crazy creative path I am on!  45 and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!  I sure know it involves those I love and lots of color!  Those colors sure make a brighter world!

In life, you usually get what you ask for, eventually, and it rarely comes in the package you think it’s supposed to come in.”

305 thoughts on “Birthday MONTH – GIVEAWAY #5 (DecoArt)

  1. Another awesome giveaway – thanks for the chance once again Tracy! You birthday giveaways have been beyond good and I have my inked and painted mucky fingers crossed! Already following DA’s new Facebook page. Have a good rest – love the idea of a week of sleep!! Karen x

  2. Tracey so happy I found you…love all your videos and tutorials happy happy birthday month…thanks for the opportunity to win and try great products from deco art…peace and love.. Karen

  3. WHOA! This is a great give-a-way! Thanks Tracy and DecoArt! You already know how freaking happy I was to find some Decorate stuff here in Costa Rica! That made me do a happy dance! Thanks for letting us celebrate your birthday with you!!!!

    I am already following you and Decorate on FB and Instagram… my go-to places for extra inspiration!

  4. So happy you had a great birthday month!! And, thanks for all the opportunities to win great stuff!!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Since I am addicted to gelli printing, paint disappears quickly! More is a good thing.

  6. Thank you for all of the chances to win something wonderful..I would be happy to win any of them, but this last one would be SPECTACULAR…I would probably fall off my chair if I won this….will be watching to see who wins and hopefully one of them is ME…Thank you Tracy for all of your fun evenings on Monday’s, the sharing of information both personal and professional and the skill and ideas you are so willing to share with all of us…..

  7. Happy Birthday again Tracy. What a birthday month for you!
    Following both you and DecoArt.
    Thank you for introducing me to DecoArt at the Paint a Palooza event. I had so much fun and I’m in love with these DecoArt products. And, thank you for all the opportunities to win some DecoArt products. How generous they are! Good luck with your studio revamp!

  8. ooohhh, I would LOVE to win this. And I would receive it in time for MY birthday in June! Thank you for celebrating your b-day this way!

  9. Well DecoArt really came through didn’t they? (Love the Media line.) This is a nice tribute to you Tracy; I hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday month along with everyone else.

  10. Don’t worry about growing up. I’m 74 and I’m still waiting. Luckily I feel like I’m in my 40s so I have some time yet. Glad you’ve had a great birthday month.
    thanks for sharing it with us. I’d love to win this prize. I’m painting some concrete yard art and I could use the paints for that project. I have five pieces (a goose, a farmer boy, a pig, and just added a little angel and the Virgin Mary statute). The goose and anger are mine. The others are going to live at other homes.
    Finish off the month with a blast.

  11. How good of you and DecoArt to make this opportunity! I’m having difficulty painting right now because I have my fingers crossed to win until the drawing…

  12. Thanks for a chance to win these AMAZING products. It was a great month of crafting and next month could be too if I won these DecoArt goodies. Happy Birthday month Tracy!!

  13. Love this giveaway thank you for the chance to win. I share the love. Creating and the painting are so relaxing and so enjoyable. I would create many awesome painting with this prize. It would give many hours of enjoyment and fun. Thank you again Happy Birthday Month!!

  14. I hope you have had the best birthday possible ! Wow what a fantastic giveaway , it’s so generous! I am keeping my fingers crossed as I would lovvvvve to win all this . Thankyou .

  15. Wow, what a prize package! Thanks for offering it. I hope you had a really special and memorable birthday month, Tracy! All the best for the coming year.

  16. Wow, great package – and yes, thanks for this month of fabulousness! And happy birthday, one more time. Can’t wait to see what you do for 50!! 😉

  17. This is awesome Tracy….What a great birthday month for you…thank you for sharing all these amazing things with us and for a chance to win them…shared on FB and liked the Deco Arts Mixed Media page…thanks again chicka…

  18. Thanks for the amazing prizes during your birthday month! I’m so glad to learn about Deco Arts FB page & look forward to being inspired there.

  19. Fantastic prize great way to end your birthday month!!! and it would be a great way to start my birthday month!

  20. WOW what an amazing giveaway……there is some exciting stuff ! Would love to have a chance to play! Thanks Tracy. Enjoy your videos. Thx

    • What a awesome giveaway glad you had a great birthday month. These would be great products for my kids classes to play with this summer

  21. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday month. We have been thrilled to celebrate along with you all month.

  22. Seems like your Birthday Month just started Tracy! I have no doubt at all that you are past TIRED… so YES… rest, rest, rest. You have been all over the world, done graduations, family gatherings, Monday videos, and even mystery boxes…. dear me. BUT… thank you so much for making us all part of such a fun filled and fabulous Birthday month.

    I am astounded at your last giveaway. Its over the moon wonderful. I have written DecoArt a thank you, done instagram, facebook etc… so I’m all set to DREAM of winning – ehheheeheh!!! Nighty night…. j.

  23. Thank you very much for sharing your birthday with us, I truly appreciate the love, fun, and creativity!!
    As for the giveaways, they are awesome and it would be such a blessing to win!!

    Thanks again, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  24. Wow what a great give away thank you Tracy and DecoArt I am now following both on instagram I really thought that I was following DecoArt already so thank you for that

  25. Have really enjoyed getting to know you through your site. I am a new DecoArt fan. Thanks for offering the giveaways. Have already started enjoying their facebook page. (and yours.) Happy Day.

  26. Oh Tracy! This is wonderful. I have enjoyed celebrating your birthday month and all your art. Happy 45. I have shared and even brought my media paints to share with art friends.

    • the journey into myself and my expression began one Monday night when I watched you (Tracy) and figured out how to be part of the chat. I love the community I find in MMM. Thank you Tracy for showing the best products and how I can use them. You are an inspiration and joy. I can’t wait to use the Deco Media paints that I just ordered. Birthday blessings this month and always.

  27. WOW!! I could get into a LOT of trouble with all those goodies!! I hope you got spoiled for your birthday month as much as you’re spoiling everyone else 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  28. Okay, I generally don’t do this, but these are some of my fave products. LOVE them all, and I LOVE what you do with them, Tracy!!! Spreading the love!!!

  29. I would love the chance to win this… It’s my 44th birthday 1st of June this would be fab to win… Happy 45th birthday Tracy… I love your art…

  30. I’m glad you had an amazing birthday month! I’m always following your page and now all the others. Bring on the inspiration! 🙂

  31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH, mine is next month thank you for the chance to win such an awesome prize I liked and shared the new page

  32. Great giveaways Tracy! I have already liked the DecoArt FB page. Love it! Hope you had a fabulous birthday month and I hope you got lots of goodies too, instead of just sharing them with us

  33. This would be an awesome win. I would give it to my daughter to use in her new classroom (1st year teacher). Thank you for sharing the LOVE with your followers.

  34. So glad you had a great month! I follow you and DA on Facebook. Love all of the projects and inspiration. Thanks for sharing with us, and for the awesome giveaways!

  35. Amazing prize! I’m liking all the pages and hoping that you have a great rest of your birthday month. My birthday is on Sunday!

  36. So happy that you are one of those folks that goes “all out” for a bday!!!! Keep up the celebration and the great videos, tutorials, pictures, and sharing!!!

  37. So exciting! I’m just starting to express myself through art. As my life is changing drastically one of the only ways I feel heard and have a start with healing is through art. My sons are starting to join in, too, so it’s a family affair. Thank you for your guidance, art, humor and mad skills!

  38. I hope you had a great birthday month Tracy. Thank you for sharing it with us. I shared the love as you requested. So kind and generous of you to offer prizes during your celebration month. Enjoy your rest!

  39. My Birthday month too (5th) and my eldest sons is today! Happy Birthday Tracy and thanks for the chance to win an awesome give away! WooHoo!!!

  40. Happy Birthday, Tracy! We share May as a birthday month! What a great birthday month gift this would be and thank you for the chance! I do not Instagram, but am following you on FB and have DA since they got there and have shared your FB post! Have a great weekend!

  41. Pick me, Pick me!! I have been trying so hard to get Andy’s Stencils… What a great giveaway.. and I think I follow both you and DecoArt everywhere (literally and virtually!)

  42. Loved the entire birthday month! And am following and liking both you and Decoarts! And to top it off it is my sister’s birthday today!

  43. What a wonderfully generous prize. I’d be in heaven if I win. Shared this with all my creative friends on Facebook. Thank you for the opportunity and blessings for your birthday.

  44. I shared the <3 and just want to say that I love all the giveaways you have had. Most of my acrylic paints are DecoArt; I love, love, love them.

  45. Thanks for the giveaway promo, especially the link to the DecoArtsMixedMedia FB page. So glad that they UPPED the ANTE. 😉

  46. Wow! Another giveaway! Love Andy’s stencils, DecoArt’s everything, your Monday night video classes! Follow DecoArt’s new Media Facebook Page as well as yours & so would love to win those stencils too – sorry Laura, we’ll have to fight over them 😉 lol! Enjoy the last few days of your birthday month Tracy!

  47. I love these products! Saw you at SDP convention and loved talking to you. Bought some because of you and Chris Haughey, y’all are awesome!

  48. A very belated Happy Birthday Tracy, so glad I came across your page. My sister spent a year celebrating her 50th birthday…you’ve got time to work your way up to that! Thanks for the chance to win these fabulous goodies. already following you both on Instagram and FB.

  49. Happy Birthday and I’m a May Baby too, May 1st. My mom would always have a handmade May Basket for me when I was young. This would be and awesome birthday present. 🙂 k-)

  50. Great way to end the birthday month! Thank you for all the fun and inspiration! I am a follower (Not a stalker:) ) of you and Andy everywhere. Thanks for the chance to win. if i win I promise to give these a loving home!

  51. Thank you for a wonderful birthday month! THank you also for all the fun and inspiration! I appreciate it so much! I am a follower of you and Andy everywhere:) If I win I promise to give these a loving home!! Thanks!

  52. Thank you so much for all the wonderful inspiration from you and Andy as well. What a great birthday month (mine too!)
    Thanks also for the chance to win

  53. All I can say is I hope Your birthday month has been spectacular(mine is next month) and these are really spectacular prizes! Thank you for a chance to win!! 🙂

  54. Oh my goodness, what a bumper giveaway treat!!

    I am now following everything (!), and am already super inspired 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

  55. My dear friend, Doris, introduced me to your page. I hope that you have a had a wonderful birthday month! What an amazing giveaway! I just started art j journaling this year and would LOVE new products! You can never have too much art supplies! I like your FB page and followed your IG page!

  56. Happy birthday, Tracy (great name, btw, and spelled right too)! I feel like I really started living in my 40s — I mean the authentic me. Enjoy! And thanks for using the occasion to give gifts to others 🙂

  57. What an amazing giveaway! Shared on Facebook and twitter 🙂 I I liked DecoArts new Facebook page and following on instagram. I all ready follow you on instagram and Facebook 🙂 What do you mean by share the love? I am not seeing others mention in the posts above that they have shared?

  58. yup, I am already a Follower of the new Deco Art FB page and love it. I will be loving you and DA on their Instagram as well…i can’t do it thru my laptop so have to wait for my cell phone to charge up. Hugs and thanks for letting us all share in your birthday month. and
    THANKS for all the hard work and goodies you are giving away. Deco Art too. WOWO!

  59. Would love to add these products to my supplies. I have already liked the Decoart Mixed Media fb page and love it.

  60. Have been following DecoArts pages for weeks – went on Facebook and liked their new page. Don’t do Instagram so couldn’t follow there. Thanks for chance to win – looks like an amazing giveway.

  61. These products are the key to hours of creative fun! It would be fabulous to win them! Thank you for this opportunity!

  62. What a marvelous giveaway–wishing you a very happy birthday indeed! Going to Like that DecoArts FB page right away.

  63. Happy Birthday, Tracy! I’m thrilled to be entering into this contest inspired by you and give by Art Deco. For a final giveaway it is quite GRAND!! Art Deco, BA-BEE! I’m appreciative to both of you for your generosity!! 🙂

  64. “I have been sear ching for these paints for weeks. No luck in my local area. I used these paints
    in a class and love, love them

  65. This isn’t just a giveaway…it’s every holiday rolled into one! I would love to have DecoArts anything!

  66. I started to follow my usual nice thoughts about happy birthday and how wonderful you are but I decided to let the REAL first thoughts express…. ME!! ME!! me! I am so hungry for new supplies!! lol But Happy Birthday too.

  67. Whoa, what an incredible giveaway!! Hope you have had a fabulous birthday. I am quite new but already huge fan of decoArt. Am now following you too of course & now on Instagram too. Yay!! I won’t lie, winning this would be Amazing. Incredible. The best! Thank you for wonderful opportunity!

  68. Great giveaway!!! Odds seem to be against me, but I’ll take my chances 🙂 It’s fun to celebrate birthdays the way Tracy does it!

  69. What fun this would be to share while I host an art event with friends. I’m constantly trying new medias and challenging my limits. I love that we’re all artists in our own way. Everyone should know about this and I will be sharing the love and resources.

  70. Done.
    I’m 45 soon too and definitely have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
    Recently started art journaling with limited supplies so this would be a blessing if I won.
    Happy Birthday xx

  71. I love my new Gelli. Having so much fun. I would so very much love to win this incredible prize. Love to try new things. This prize would be soooooooooooo awesome. What a huge prize. Got my fingers crossed.

    Thank you.

  72. Awesome give away. Just tried the new media pAints and they are great! Liked deco’s page and will be following you on Instagram!

  73. Love the new decoart page, so much inspiration! Happy Birthday and thank you for your gift of inspiration and sharing!

  74. Fantastic give away Thanks Tracy and Deco Art. Would love to win just in time for
    my birthday in early June.

  75. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful giveaway! Happy to have found you and your page. I will be following you!

    • I’m so excited about getting back into this craft once I’ve moved and settled I love the products and all suggestions and examples of their application provided.

      My sincere gratitude to all.

  76. Makes me so happy to see you living your dreams!
    Congratulations and Happy Birthday! We need to celebrate with a glass of wine together soon!!
    I shared the love!

  77. Birthday Month twins! Gelli plates rock my world and my students LOVE them too. Thanks for the possibilities!

  78. Happy Birthday to you. What a wonderful collection of amazing goodies!
    June just happens to be my birthday month….and a big one (but I’m not telling which one…lol). Just hope it’s as fun and exciting as yours.

  79. What a great way to celebrate your Birthday Month with all these awesome giveaways. Hope you are having a very Happy Birthday Month.☺

  80. My Birthday is next month, but unfortunately I won’t be having any wonderful giveaways like you are. Hope your Birthday Month is a great one.☺

  81. Hi Tracy,
    I just tagged Deco Art and the projects.. I hope I did it right… New to Instagram.
    I sure would hate miss out on their huge giveaway!

  82. Happy Birthday. Thanks for sharing the celebration by having this giveaway! I will be following you.

  83. Happy birthday! Enjoy your week of sleep. This is a great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’m following you and DA on FB and instagram. Shared your link on FB and pinned you and DA on pinterest. Love your work. Wold love to have some DA products to play with. Thanks again

  84. Following you and decoart on instagram and facebook. Shared and love the new DecoArt Mixed Media facebook page.

  85. I have so enjoyed this month of your birthday (my granddaughter’s birthday month also) and especially all the possibilities with the giveaways. They are all amazing. Just reading your blog about all the things and places you have been going makes me tired, and agree, a week of rest is definitely called for. I haven’t shared on Facebook but have recommended friends check the products out. I have definitely started looking outside the acrylic and oil box I was in. Thanks so much for introducing me to another world.

  86. I already said something on a fb comment! But I am so happy I found your Monday night live broadcasts! You are awesome! Happy Birthday, and God bless!!! I would Loveee to try out the deco arts media line!

  87. Love this giveaway thank you for the chance to win. I love the DecoArt products what a nice way to celebrate your B-day month Tracy. And yes I did share.

  88. These is wonderfully awesome. I am trying to find others in my area ti get a groip together for regulsr art making get-togethers. Thanks for uour generosity.

  89. That’s a great giveaway. Could use that to have fun with the grandkids on the paint and gelli plates. Everyone will have their own.:)

  90. Thank you for all these awesome give-a-ways! I couldn’t choose my fave if I tried. They are all fantastic. So Happy Birthday month and many many more.

  91. Another great giveaway!! I can’t wait to win it! Lol I’ve been dying to try the new paints and oh the Gelli plates and stencils! It boggles the mind thinking of all I could do with it all! So please pick my name!

  92. Happy Birthday! You sure know how to throw a party! I shared the love on DecoArt’s and your Instagram pages. Your work is beautiful, and the giveaways you curated are awesome!

  93. Amazing giveaways. thanks so much for the chance !! I shared the love on twitter & pintrest. I also follow you both on instagram:)

  94. Happy birthday! I just found your website and look forward to subscribing and sharing! Thank you for the giveaway, looks wonderful,

  95. Tracy I hope you have had a great birthday month. Thank you for sharing such great gifts with us. We love you and your products!

  96. Wow!!! Great goodies!!! Happy Birthday Month!! I hope it was great. I shared the love and followed all the pages.

  97. Already a fan, shared, liked, loved etc etc so now please (jumps enthusiastically up and down) pick me, pick me ….. Lol

  98. Glad to hear you’ve been having a wonderful birthday month! Thankyou for sharing the fun and ending it with a fantastic giveaway, hope next month is just as much fun for you ! X

  99. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve celebrated yourself this way. And I think it’s very kind & generous of you to include others in your celebrations. I hope you have a wonderful year filled with all you wish for yourself and lots of blessings…

  100. Happy Birthday! I love your Gellis, I have several of them. We, at Crave Art, love experimenting with the various techniques and enjoy the spontaneous effects that we get! I hope I win because I can only dream of all the lovely journals, prints, cards and etc… I could make with this great selection of goodies!

  101. What a wonderful way to celebrate!! Happy birthday to you and wow, what a grand giveaway to all the sponsors!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  102. Shared and loved! This. Is the first time I have been on your site. I absolutely love it. Thank you for the offer of deco art paints. I have never used them and have been wanting to try thembut I am on a limited budget. I have signed up to receive emails from you. Fingers crossed.

  103. Wow, what a great giveaway! I don’t have a Gelli Plate YET. I mistakenly bought a knock-off and it is NOT worth it! Saving up for a REAL Gelli now.

  104. Found you through Gelli Arts. Have long been a fan of DecoArts. Have shared the LOVE (d.ann.c). Thanks for the chance to win some fab goodies from these fav companies!

  105. Shared the LOVE by sharing your post. Thanks for the chance at this amazing giveaway and HAPPY BIRTHDAY,

  106. Happy Birthday! May is my birthday month too 🙂
    I am following DA on Facebook & Instagram. Following you
    on Instagram too.
    I’d love to win this AMAZING prize package!

  107. Happy birthday, finding your videos so inspiring, I want to get into gelli print art, thanks for the chance to win!! Cheers

  108. Tracey so happy I found you…love all your videos and tutorials happy happy birthday month…thanks for the opportunity to win and try great products from deco art…peace and love..

  109. Great offer and so generous! Since it is my birthday month too, it would be nice to win. Thanks so much!

  110. What a great birthday month!!!! Thank you for all the ideas— and opportunities to win great new products!!! I follow you and Deck Art on Facebook!!

  111. Awesomeness! Wonderful way to end your birthday month celebration. All good thing must come to the end, until next year!

  112. I shared the love! I have something for your birthday but alas I haven’t mailed it yet! So sorry! I’m glad you had an awesome birthday month and you’ll just have a bit of birthday in June, too! lol

  113. Wow, what an awesome prize giveaway. I just found your blog and I have to say I was o. It for a few hours. It is filled with information and adventure. I can’t wait to become a Monday follower. Michele from Florida.

  114. Wow! Another giveaway! am following Deco art FB page and yours too, following the blog too !! love all things mixed media so this is like a dream giveaway !! Have an awesome year ahead !!

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