Birthday MONTH – GIVEAWAY #4 (Stampendous)

Can I just tell you that in this month I feel so special.  It feels so great to hear from so many. I love all the texts, facebook posts, comments, messages and GIVEAWAYS!!!!  Givaway #4 is brought to you by STAMPENDOUS (the maker of Andy Skinner Stamps)!


They are giving away……

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1) The Look – a terrific lady face stamp with mask/template/stencil – she’s great for adding your own hair or anything fun. Here is a sample along with this cool video by Fran HERE:


2) Filigree – a great cling set of fancy background stamps that can be added to any project to add a more delicate, or feminine look. Partial prints of any of the stamps are terrific as well, plus they can be combined into really cool shapes as on the Happy Birthday card here.

CRS5073_H302_DH_800 CRS5073_Y025_DH_800I am a HUGE fan of their stamps!  Two of my favorite sayings from there are used on these art journal pages……



All you need to do to be entered to win is leave a comment on this post and tell me how you like to use stamps in your projects.  Are you a card maker, scrapbooker, crafter, painter…..share your ideas!  I will be picking a random winner at the end of the month to receive these two great stamps!

Please leave some love ad LIKE:  Tracy Weinzapfel Studios and the Stampendous for their awesome support! Please tell them I sent you over.  I would appreciate that!  Thank you Stampendous!  LOVE ya to bits!

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The more beauty you find in someone else’s journey, the less you’ll want to compare it to your own.”

63 thoughts on “Birthday MONTH – GIVEAWAY #4 (Stampendous)

  1. Yippee I am first for a change! I love my stamps – they help me when I can’t actually draw the image I want. Stamps allow me to be even more creative. My real creative journey started out with stamps and I am sure I will always use them in my work. I do love Stampendous stamps because they do so many different designs and the quality of them is also awesome! Thanks to you and to Stampendous for the chance Karen x

  2. Another Happy Birthday to you. Isn’t it fun this celebration. I love stamps in mixed media. Mostly I use for texture in projects and for focal points in some art pieces.

  3. Just can’t help myself… have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY one last time Tracy!!! I have truly enjoyed this month with you. You have given me LOTS of smiles and made me feel like family. Of course, the giveaways are wonderful, but watching you zip up and over and under and around all your challenges this month has been THE BEST part for me. Thank you.

    The stamps that are in this giveaway are both really fun. I will leave kudos on the givers sites! I am a mixed media artist and love working on canvas the most! (That’s why I love your creations so much!). I love using stamps for my backgrounds. I have been making some cards too and hope to get better at it!!!

    Have a happy holiday! j.

    • We still have another giveaway next week! Isn’t it crazy!? I love to give back and love the companies who support me!

  4. I use stamps in multiple projects, cards, art journaling, post cards, etc. I have been collecting and using stamps for over 30 years. They are a perfect starting point for painting and coloring,

    This giveaway will be awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your birthday with us.

  5. Love these stamps, I am a scrapbooker ,wanna be mixed media artist. Could use the face stamp in sooo many ways. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. I am a painter and have started using stamps for enhancement. I see creativity coming through with stamps and embellishments

  7. I am BRAND NEW on this mixed media scene, but from what I’ve seen in Tracy’s videos, stamps are a vital component of achieving that desired look sometimes. I currently own a small box of stamps that were given to me by a friend that was cleaning and clearing her home. They are little like hearts and words like love or Happy Birthday. There aren’t any like this!!! How exciting to get to use something like this!!
    I am currently working up a project to take to church camp and so I’m soaking up as many tips and ideas as I can!!
    Even if I don’t win the stamps, I’m the winner because this art of expression is something I can do and Tracy’s videos have truly inspired my inner artist!

  8. When I started collecting and using stamps, I made non-conventional pieces. People around me were using stamps exactly like they were told. I am so happy that stamping has emerged as an art form not just a card maker.

  9. Gorgeous stamps!! I’ve been making jewelry for a few years and just “discovered” mixed media art last year so learning learning learning!! Love watching Tracy create as it is SO inspiring for me!! Don’t have many stamps due to my newness to the art but know I could put them to great use!!

  10. Stamps are great for adding texture to paintings, ATCs, journal pages, etc. one must have stamps when creating cards. Loved Fran’s video. Lots of explanation and demonstration.

  11. Stamps are useful in multiple ways. I make cards, but primarily use them as part of the background layering in Mixed media art.

  12. I am a painter…I buy stamps and forget to use them…lol…well, I do that with LOTS of stuff…but I tend to use my snowflake and my music note the most because ART is the music of the soul AND is as unique as each snowflake…thank you for sharing your birthday with us this month!

  13. I would love to add some stamping to my projects but i6dont have any! I would love to win some of the beautiful stamps shown and will definitely use some in the future. I am still new in this genre of inspirational art but really love it! Love to add some vintage designs of stamps to my artwork! Thank You!

  14. Another incredible birthday giveaway. Wish you had a birthday every month. LOL. Love me some stampendous please……..

  15. I use them in my greeting cards. I have the supplies to get started in mixed media but never seem to get to it. I love the side view of the lady. I have one of the other big lady head stamps (she has flowers in her hair) and love her. this one will be added to my collection.
    Happy Birthday and best wishes for many more.

  16. I love to use stamps for mixed media canvases an art journaling. They even are great for backgrounds for scrapbook pages. Would love to add these to my collection. Thanks for the chance. Have a wonderful birthday month!!

  17. Hi Wishing you Tracy a Very Happy Birthday and many more days of celebration..I have just lucked upon your site, as I only discovered Stampendous last week.. I loved watching your video’s with your sense of ease. I have been a scrapbooker for many years, then a card maker and recently Art Journaling and mixed Media, which i am absolutely loving. My classroom is the internet so i get excited when I come across a new site..The stamps i have just watched will easily go across all avenues that I am into. Thankyou and i’ll be back and i have also subscribe to your newsletter, so I don’t miss anything…….

  18. I am a cardmaker, so I love using stamps, stencils and die cuts on my cards! Thanks for sharing your birthday month with us by giving us a chance to win a fabulous prize!

  19. Oh my mind is spinning with ideas with these stamps….i immediately thought of fabric….not clothes but that would be sweet on a sweatshirt….but how about on pieces of heavy cotton fabric, make a bunch and then make a great banner!!!!
    I will be happy to send LOVE to and for you Tracy. I sure hope I win these stamps.

    love and hugs, Dana 🙂

  20. Happy Birthday!
    I use stamps for card-making, and I’m just starting to get into art journaling. I love your stamps, especially the flowers.

  21. I’m everything you listed in your blog, but my addiction would be painting. While I adore oils, I mostly use acrylics because of the cost and time involved with oils. Also, I love to apply “found objects” to my paintings, and you will always find something stamped onto the canvas. Always! What a great birthday month you must be having. Thanks for letting us play.

  22. These stamps are marvelous! I would use them on cards and mixed-media projects. Happy Birthday month to you, Tracy!

  23. Happy Birthday one more time Tracy 🙂 love these stamps and stencils you shared on your post,love to use stamps on mixed media pieces and stencils with faces are all time number one on my wish list !! also like to use them in print making with my DIY Gelli plate !!

  24. Hope you are still having fun celebrating your birthday month…I use stamps in my mixed media art journals and when making cards.

  25. Love these stamps! I use stamps on canvas, in journals and especially love making cards with them. I would LOVE to add them to my stash. Happy Birthday Month!

  26. I use stamps for scrapbooking, have been dabbling in mixed media and loving it. Brings a calm to my soul. 🙂 Enjoying your mixed media Monday’s.

  27. I would love to use these stamps in my projects. I am a card maker and also love to color stamped images with Copics and enhance them with Stampendous embossing enamel. Thank you much for the chance to win.

  28. Well most of all what I am is a stamp hoarder. I love getting them out and looking at them-sigh I know. But I do like to stamp on thin acrylic and than curl the edges with a flame. Than I stick it o altered stuff. Learning to use and color stamps is #1 on my list of things to do this year. Since it’s almost June-I best get on it.
    I love Stampendous and Fran-I watch her how to videos all the time-she is brilliant!
    Happy Birthday month gorgeous-may the universe bless you and yours always.

  29. Love your giveaways, it has been fun reading about and remembering birthdays. I use stamps mostly in art journaling. I love them for backgrounds but also love the word and quote stamps along with image stamps to color in! thanks

  30. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win..Looks like you have been having a wonderful birthday month. Thanks for spreading the joy!

  31. Cardmaker here, but will do other things on occasion…. love a “book” for the kids…who are grown….

  32. Thanks for the chance to win and add more stamps to my collection. Stamps are so versatile Ilove them. I use them on my scrapbooking pages, card making sayings and colouring images. I love using them on my mixed media and art journalling projects adding texture, quotes, the ways of usisng them are endless.
    Thanks for the birthday giveaway.

  33. I use stamps mainly for card making & scrapbooking but am just getting started in making art journals so I’m sure I will be using them in my journals also!

  34. I love stamps! Started out as a cardmaker but now use them mostly in mixed media – on canvases. I love that face stamp!

  35. I use stamps in my journals, mixed media and for cards as well. The hardest part of using stamps is not being able to buy every one I fall in love with …. If I did that, I would need a room just to house my stamps. lol

  36. Love these stamps and would put them to use on cards and my mix media. Love this birthday fun – Thanks Tracy for sharing your birthday month like this.

  37. Hi Tracy! I love the set of stamps I bought from you and my friends loved them too! I use stamps in both my cards and my art work. I also used stamps on tiles and made coasters with them. I’ll send you some pics soon!

  38. These are really fantastic stamps. I would love to use them in my art projects to see what I can do. Thank you so much for this giveaway. Happy Birthday and Best Wishes to you.

  39. I love to use stamps as texture for backgrounds and accents in the foreground of pieces! 🙂 These are great stamps!


  40. Hi Tracy! I’m a cardmaker, and pretty new to stamping, so I’m just experimenting at this point. But…I am loving it! There are so many fun, fabulous stamps, and the colors are endless! And how many ways and techniques are there to use a stamp? I don’t know, but I’m fixin’ to find out! lol

  41. I love using rubber stamps to express my creativity. I’m primarily a cardmaker, but I also like to alter books and make other craft projects. A stamp is so versatile, just adding a different color can make the project look totally different. I love my stamps.

  42. I use stamps on a Gelli plate which I just discovered & bought. I’m just a beginner with crafts & I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of stamps. These would really come in handy.

  43. I love to create anything artsy, layouts, cards, mixed media, you name it!! I like to use my stamps as texture in my art journal and as main focal images on my cards.

  44. Oh these are beautiufl stamps!I can see why you wanted to keep a set! haha!
    I use my stamps in card making, on canvases as well as on fabric both with paint and embossing on velvet! Love my stamps!
    Thank you for having a Birthday and including us in the celebration!

  45. Wow, I use stamps in so many ways. Cardmakind, my art, on the canvas as texture or the actual image. Sometimes I’ll use the stamp and then morph it into my own creation. Scrapbooking is another way. I just love stamps period. lol

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