CHA 2017 – Stampendous Dare 2 Create Mini Sessions! & GIVEAWAY!


For those attending the Creativation Show in Phoenix this month I have fun stuff to be sharing with you!  Andy Skinner and I are back at our collaboration with Dare 2 Create and we will have two mini sessions at the Stampendous Booth #1122 on Saturday, January 21st from 1:30-2:30 and Sunday, January 22nd from 1:30-2:30 pm.  We will using DecoArt Media and creating tags.  These tags were created collaboratively via some midnight paint sessions virtually.  We combined our styles and cool techniques to create tag that are joint but yet still unique to our own styles.  Here are the tags I painted:


Here are the tags that Andy created!

andy-tags1We will be using Andy’s new Stampendous stamps which I am happy to say they have offered a GIVEAWAY of one complete set of his three new stamp sets HERE!  Just leave a comment below on which set is your favorite!  Giveaway to be announced on February 1st!andy_stampsEach of these tags are so fun to make and are a collaboration of the Dare 2 Create fun Andy and I have!  It’s a collaboration of our two art styles!  Make sure to stop by and see us at Booth #1122


We hope to see you at CHA!  We will be at the DecoArt Booth as well!

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64 thoughts on “CHA 2017 – Stampendous Dare 2 Create Mini Sessions! & GIVEAWAY!

  1. my favorite is the set of words… whenever I make a card or piece of art they always bring a word to mind… I love the way the words float on the artwork of the tags

  2. One of these days I’d love to make it to one of these events.
    Love the new stamps! My favourite is the set with the winged heart and word Fragile.
    Have fun!!

  3. Love these awesome tags! Favourite stamp set (ahh that’s tough as all 3 I ????) has to be the Skulldoggery set ☠️????☠️

  4. WoW! All 12 of these tags are absolutely amazing! I love that your styles are different yet you are able to mix your styles and have a fabulous finished piece!’my favorite from Andy’s new stamps are the wod stamps You can never have enough cool words to use! Thanks to you and Stampendous for the chance to win these awesome stamps! They are really awesome! Have a great day!

  5. Will be there and I am going to be on one of demos too. But first I need the Scull set- being a Steampunk addict this is a must to have set! What a great collaboration !

  6. Wow! Hard to choose just one. I’m going to say the set with the hearts wins it for me. It would be amazing to win all 3!

  7. So hard to choose but I think the word set is my Favorite. I have two small children so the Danger is a useful one!

  8. Love them all but my fave has to be the set with the words on, there is nothing else out there like it – yet!!!
    Great inspiring sets Andy, well done xx

  9. Fabulous Tags, Fabulous Stamps all are winners in my opinion but I have to say Eye Eye and the hearts for me is my favourite but I’ll probably end up with all three as I have all of Andy’s stamps LOL 🙂 xx

  10. Hmm.. only allowed to choose one favorite?!? That’s not possible – love them all.. ???? But.. if I really really have to choose one favorite, that would be the one with the hearts ❤
    Thanks for the chance to win them all – great giveaway ????
    /Tina M.

  11. Wow, what beautiful tags. I really love the backgrounds with those distressed look and colors. The middle stamp set (with the winged heart) is my favorite

  12. These are awesome! The middle one with the winged heart is probably my favourite, although it’s a close call, these are all great ☺️

  13. These are awesome tags!!!!! You guys did a great job. Always inspiring….. Do I really have to choose a favorite??? I love them all. So I will just pick one. The fragile set. These are great designs. Thanks for the chance. I need these in my life.

  14. FABULOUS tags!
    LOVE them ALL, especially the hearts and the “fragile handle with care” sentiment.
    THANK YOU for INSPIRING and giving us the chance to win 🙂

  15. These tags are so artsy and unique! That skull with the clown nose gives me shivers…but in a good way, ha! My favorite set is the one with the hearts, but the skull set is also really intriguing.

  16. ‘fraid I have to go with Andy’s.
    the colors are bright – love the clown
    nose on one of the skeleton heads.
    It’s hard to have to pick one set –
    both are great in different ways.
    thanks for sharing.

  17. Amazing tags! Such awesome designs and creativity! LOVE them all. The stamps sets are all fabulous but I am partial to the middle set, with the hearts. Thank you so much for the inspiration and for the chance to win!

    Sammibug in Ohio
    lunalayercakemall at yahoo dot com

  18. My favorite are the words. I love to create a painting and just add one word. One word just gives you the key to take that picture into any direction you want.

  19. My favorite is the skull with the clown nose. Is that a clown nose? It looks like a clown nose and it makes me laugh. I like the moostashe and goatee in the set as it makes me think of Zorro. Well, Zorro didn’t have a goatee, but I suppose a 2017 Zorro can. Hey how about a skull with the clown nose and the moostash with the goatee? I suppose I could somehow stamp the moostash under the skull’s clown nose. Then put a Zorro hat on the skull head. Okay, I am just getting too silly. I also like the animal skull in the set with the words. I think they are all fabulous stamps, but if I had to pick one it would the skull with the clown nose set. 🙂

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