Chase those Dreams!

A crazy idea becomes something real.  Awhile back I described to my dad this idea to my dad this idea I had to hold all my glue and keep them upside down so they are ready to use.  As always, my dad never shirks off my crazy ideas (trust me there have been quite a few) and we started to really get into it.  Soon there were plans drawn, prototypes being made and the Glue Caddy was born!  I showed mind off and little did I know that so many would want to actually order this contraption! 

So off into the workshop Ghephetto went and we shipped out the first lot of Caddies…….then the second and now we just got the third lot IN!  (poor guy is like my own private sweat shop worker!).  That is what he gets for having a Daddy's Girl!

And what is even more amazing is what you guys are doing with them.  They are literally works of art on your desk!  It is humbling for my dad and I.  We just never thought.  I joked with my dad that if we sold one how cool would that be! 

So yet another artist shared her Altered Caddy with us………..Jackie Struss:


Several of you have emailed me to say that they work great for other bottles such as Glossy Accents, Paints and more!  How cool is that?

It just feels like some little crazy idea is something and you guys are making it something so much bigger.  I feel very lucky!  The third shipment is in and shipping!  So if you want to order one now is the time.  I hear that Ghepetto is back in the workshop making furniture for Glue Mom and is taking a break so if you wish to place an order stop by my Etsy Shop:





For all information related to Glue Caddies click HERE!!  Have a grateful day!. 


"Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and go where your heart takes you.” ~Unknown

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