Dare to Create in England…behind the scenes

Preparations are underway for Dare to Create in England!  Yep I am heading to England in July for this awesome workshop!  There are a couple of seats left and details are below….DARE 2 CREATE UK1

On the 2nd & 3rd of July 2016 Andy Skinner and I will be live at the Holiday Inn Academy in Coventry, ENGLAND! for a weekend of fun workshops organized by NE Art Workshops.  On Saturday, And and I will be holding separate all day mixed media workshops and Sunday we will offer a morning workshop each.  The big news is that on Sunday afternoon we will do a LIVE Dare to Create session involving YOU!  The magic wall that divides our classrooms will be whisked away and the double act will be on top form as we all create collaborative art together. Lots of fun, antics and DecoArt messiness guaranteed!

Details of ticket prices and when they will go on sale will be released soon – so watch this space:  https://www.facebook.com/NorthEastArtWorkshops/ or email enquiries@neartworkshops.co.uk to reserve your seat!

So I am sharing some behind the scenes……..our preparation for our joint class had to be done virtually!  Technology is so great!  Please excuse my lack of make up as we finished this at 1:30 AM USA time and excuse Andy’s grumpy look (oh wait he normal look) but he did wake up at 4:00 AM his time to accomplish this!


We are both very excited for this event! Cannot wait for this new adventure!  And watch out Skinner I am heading to London!!

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2 thoughts on “Dare to Create in England…behind the scenes

  1. wish there were plans to Create in NEW England! Vermont to be specific! We are a small state but we love to create too!!

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