Dare to Create Collaboration from NAMTA!

I had the pleasure of working at the DecoArt Booth back to back with Andy Skinner at NAMTA (Art Materials World Show).  We were kind of like dueling chefs on TV but instead we had paint brushes….


So as we always like to step it up a notch we taped this video right from the show…..on a new collaboration and from start to finish HERE it is!

Our final piece…..


yes…there are hearts and flowers!

Serendipity2Collaboration is key!  We hope you enjoyed this piece.  Stay tuned for even more creative collaborations!  Thanks DecoArt for your awesome Mixed Media Line and bringing us dueling artists together!

It’s brave to keep dreaming big dreams, to keep posing big questions, to decide not to settle for the status quo. It’s brave to seek for more beauty, goodness, joy and light in a world when it’s often so hard to find. It’s so courageous to keep your heart and mind on the good stuff and to ignore the fears that try so hard to keep us from all that our hearts are begging to have and experience.”

12 thoughts on “Dare to Create Collaboration from NAMTA!

  1. Stunning! Love the colours, the awesome texture from the stencils and mediums and those beautifully painted flowers and hearts – you are two very clever artists and I love seeing your collaborations! Karen x

  2. Oh I can just HEAR Andy saying, “Flowers…why is it always flowers?”… That came out so beautifully! Another amazing job from the “dynamic duo” of Mixed Media.

    • In my defense he was the one who said it needed flowers and he went rogue on those hearts LOL. Thank you so much!

  3. Great idea for a collaboration and a great video. So interesting to see it all come together. I love the finished piece with all those fantastic layers.

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