DecoArt Madness in the Studio

I am getting ready to head to DecoArt next week and before I go here are some more projects from the Lab……..I mean Studio.

Some quick and easy Dazzling Metallic Nesting Paper Mache Boxes…..


An up-cycled verdigris frame with Metallic Lustres…..


and this half done frame that I will be demonstrating on…


Maxx Gloss Wood Trays in three fun colors!


and yes there will be videos coming!  And if I can do these, so can you!  I am having a great time in my paint laboratory preparing for my trip and love sharing things as I go!  Stay tuned for tons more!

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try” ~ Seth Godin

6 thoughts on “DecoArt Madness in the Studio

  1. So wonderful to see – they are all gorgeous. You just keep coming up with more and more and more wonderful things for us to see and do. AWESOME!!! j.

  2. These are so beautiful and so fun! Now I need to get some of the Maxx gloss! You are such an enabler! Lol!!
    Have a great trip!

  3. Oh my gosh! I just went and checked out all of the colors! Gorgeous and so many! I have not seen these at Michaels, are these at home depot or is it best to order from DecoArts?

    • Any which way is best! I have seen some of them at Michaels but when I have they have been sold out. The colors are gorgeous like the Chalky Finish

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