Fast and Fun Easy Project

I wanted to share some of my cute handiwork for Christmas.  My daughter had a secret Santa gift that had to me handmade (they did not specify by who’s hands) and had to be under $5.  That is not an easy task…….Here is what we came up.  Hand painted glasses and glass ornaments.  We got the mugs from The Dollar Tree.

glass1 glass2

Then she filled them with candy.  I love that the coach went with the $5 option for them because gifts can get so out of hand.  Just some DecoArt Gloss enamels and a paint brush.  Simple!


Stay tuned for more projects from the Studio!  A new year is ahead of us……

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6 thoughts on “Fast and Fun Easy Project

  1. Great idea! We do Christmas with hubbies family on New Year’s Day and have a $5 limit too. What we do is pick numbers and the unlabeled gifts are chosen from #1 and up to the last person. After you open your gift you have a chance to trade with anyone. #1 gets to choose after everyone opens their gifts so that is the coveted number to get! LOL It is fun and gives us a chance to visit and start the New Year with family.
    Thanks for the inspiration! I think these will be what we do this year!

    • We do that for our ornament exchange and it is so fun. I loved that the coach kept the cost down for the girls and wanted handmade. One girl bought a frog! she said it was god-made lol

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