One Word 2017…Purpose! – GIVEAWAY!

Resolutions? It always seems to me like people make them knowing they will eventually break them.  Instead of a yearly resolution, I choose a yearly word that will direct me and inspire me.  That one Word that reminds me of who and what I am about.  It is my focus.

In the past, I have chosen words

2016 – More
2015 – Write
2014 – Believe
2013 – Breathe
2012 – Patience
2011 – Trust

Each of these words spoke to the place I was in my life that year. My 2017 word is very much the same……direct from my brand new art journal!

What does that mean to me….it means living my life in a way that means something to me.  It is about having faith when things go south, being persistent, dreaming about the life I want to live.  Surrounding myself with positive people who support and uplift.  Showing courage to live that purpose and being true to me.  Touching lives positively even when I am not aware of it and with no expectation of return.  Overcoming the unexpected and waking up every day deciding to make the most of that day.  Do things that mean something to me with people I love and share all that this life gives you while you are on the “green side of the grass” to quote my dad.  Laugh more, move much and learn along the way.  My Art will reflect my Purpose!

One very important Purpose in my life…….being a mom.


Have you thought about a word for 2017? What is the story behind your word?

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For 2017 I leave you with this…..


I would love to see your one Word and what it means to you!

Explore what you love and then own it completely. – If you spend your life trying to define yourself by what someone else loves, you’re going to be miserable.  Try things – try everything.  Explore.  See what makes you hear music inside and what makes your heart swell, and then go do it.  Find out everything you can about it.  Find other people who love it too.  If you waste time pretending to like something because other people you think are “cool” like it, you’re going to end up with the wrong people in your life.  Love what you love and be yourself, and you will end up with a lifestyle and relationships that make you happy.”

85 thoughts on “One Word 2017…Purpose! – GIVEAWAY!

  1. Strength. On June 2016 my friend and her mom were murdered. It has taken strength not to fall into depression and start drugs again. (Clean 9 yrs) Each and every day is a struggle. So I need strength to get through the days.

    • Dear Galina, my heart aches for what you have gone through. Please don’t fall back into depression and drugs after you have come so far! That would mean your friend’s murderer also stole your life! Your friend would not want her death to destroy your life! Her life had a positive impact on you. Keep her alive by keeping that positive impact alive! There is only one of you and the world needs you!

    • Dear Galina, I am praying for you today. I know the Lord is our strength in times of trouble and mourning. I can’t imagine that happening, but for some reason, I feel your sadness. Drugs don’t heal the pain, only temporarily numb it. Perhaps you could find strength here, mentioning how you feel with all of us artists, and draw, write, create and keep going “clean”. Blessings,

  2. My one word for 2017 is: EMBRACE ~ I am going to embrace change, positive thinking, creativity, freedom to think outside of the box, peace, happiness and most of all, accepting who I am now instead of wishing to be as I was before my injury!

  3. I have been struggling to come up with the appropriate word for the year without seeming like my goal is strictly financial. I think I have finally decided on ‘Security’ as it not only encompasses my desire for financial independence but also security in my relationships as well.

  4. believe. i have used this word before but not been truly invested in it and its meanings. it is very hard for me to believe in myself. to believe that i am in fact good enough. that i CAN really do whatever i believe i can. i believe in myself even though i may be the only one that does. i can make big changes if i only believe. yep, believe that is my word for this year and it is the year that i put it into full force and move forward bravely believing.

  5. My word is restore. After a difficult 10 years with grief, cancer and health issues, I am wanting to restore the gifts of art and music that I once had. Restore not replace but finding those parts of me I want to keep and move on with new experiences.

  6. Focus…I am finding it very hard to FOCUS lately! My mind wanders all over the place. I start one thing example cleaning, need something from the freezer & forget what I was came down for start looking at stuff that needs putting away in the studio, do that for a while & go back upstairs, realizing I forgot what I went down stairs for in the first place lol!
    In 2017 I need to FOCUS more so I can get all my UFO’s finished! So I guess my word is close to your word Tracy – I have a purpose so need to focus!

  7. My word is actually two words “Pay Attention”. I have been ambling through life not really paying attention to things that are really important. For example out church put the most beautiful JOY sign over the entrance. I walked under it several times and never saw it until someone asks me if I had seen it. At that moment I knew that Paying Attention to my life, my art, how I see the world was that most important thing for me to do this year.

  8. My word is Persevere. 2016 was full of change. Pretty much every aspect of my life changed. Much of the change was self chosen. Some was not. I have been dealing with mobility issues and have been doing therapy for over six months. I am not done. The quote slow and steady wins the race comes to mind…Persevere. Little by little I will improve and carve out the life I dreamed about. Karen /creativeKady

  9. MOVE. I am moving to a senior living community in a couple of weeks plus I need to “move” much more in 2017 so I bought myself a treadmill too!! 2017–Move Kathy move!!

  10. “Fearless” for me this is the perfect word. Fear-less, in the past fear has kept me from doing things I wanted to do, so I said good by to 2016 by getting a tatoo, yes for some it may seem like nothing for me, it was something I wanted to do since I was in my teens, well now in my 50’s I finally did it, I put fear behind me and went for it, so for me 2017 will be the year to be “fearless”, I have quite a few things to get started on.

  11. Intention. If you asked for a phrase it would be “seize the day”. It is very easy for me to waste time. Once a moment is gone it’s gone. There is no do over. I want to live my life with intent.

  12. Focus was my word last year. INDEPENDENCE will be my word for this year. I will be divorcing soon and have not lived alone since I was in my twenties. It was a hard decision but I believe it is the best one for me.

  13. My one word for this year – Determined.
    I am determined to clean out the clutter in my house, I am determined to finish all my unfinished painting projects before starting new ones. I am determined to get my finances in order so I can retire next year!

  14. BALANCE. I am going to strive to find the Balance between the chaos and hectic everyday life I seem to live, and the passion and purpose in my heart . I need the passion in my art to BALANCE the days that seem so overwhelming .

  15. Love. Everyone says the word love is overused – personally I think it’s underused. Too many people have built up tension, hate, and anxiety that they forget to love. Love with you do, love your family, love your pet, love that bowl of ice cream…just love life.

  16. My “word” is actually two – Choose Well. I’ve been just flying by the seat of my pants for too long, not giving thought to so many of my choices and later kicking myself for it. Improvement begins with better choices – how I use my time, what I put in my body, what I say “yes” – and “no” – to, and so much more.

  17. Hi this is a brilliant idea and a much better on than saying im going loose weight blah blah so this is first year using decoart products and my first word of the year and ive decided on dream its something i do often according to my dad i day dream i plan and dream about the future woth my kids and talk about the past or day dream about it and i love the word, anyway just a quick thank you for a wonderful idea and you and andy skinner showing me how fab decoart stuff is 🙂 x

  18. My word is “achieve” as in becoming more proactive in reaching my life goals.
    I want to make things happen in a good way this year, after having to live through so much negativity in the past couple of years.
    There are a couple of other words I have that is linking to that word but this is the starting point.

  19. My word is Aware. I find that I am not noticing the things I love as much as I could. the small kindnesses my husband does for me every day my friends who are so amazing and the world around me as a whole. I spent some time walking round our beautiful property the other day when it was freezing and saw just how beautiful everything look clothed in ice. Made me realize how little I am aware.

  20. My word for 2017 is EMBRACE.
    I am facing changes again (transferring to a new project, which means moving again). With the upcoming changes, there will be challenges … finding a new place to live, packing & moving, all while still working full time. Not to mention the challenge of figuring out how to maintain my current romantic relationship since he is not moving with me. So, I will be embracing the changes and challenges.

  21. Healing. My word for what has turned out to be a very rough year in a few ways. Hopefully I will find healing or close enough with the well wishes and prayers of many. Thankful for each and every one.

  22. My word is Boundaries. I have someone really close to me that is a drug addict. I just recently found out. There is a lot of manipulation in my relationship with this person. They have the need to try to control me and manipulate me, so I have to have boundaries with this person, so they don’t try to take advantage of me like they have done in the past. It is a really hard thing to do and that is to use the word No. Anyway, that is my word for 2017. Thank you for the chance to win Tracy! 🙂

  23. My word for 2017 is “Waste” October 2015, I took a job as manager of 2 adult family homes for adult men with cognitive and physical disabilities. The entire year 2016 I worked 50-60 hours/week. I was on-call 12 out of 14 days. I was bitten, had my hair pulled, was punched in the face 3 times, had my finger broke – twice, had a resident jump out of a moving van at 45 MPH. I have never worked so hard and been so abused in my life. To top it off, my husband is very sick. In 2016, we made a decision “quality vs quantity” of life, and opted out of a surgery that surgeons recommended. What a WASTE it was to work the entire year, away from my husband, not having time or energy to do ANY art, not spending ANY time in our vast gardens, and adding additional pressure on my husband to pick-up where I left off! Life is about choices, I made a bad one, I corrected it and quit my job. My word “Waste” will remind me that time is precious and not to waste it.

  24. My word is kindness….I have encountered some unkind and rude people this past year, from nurses, caretakers, customer service, drivers, airport and airline personal, and in so many other areas of life. I know that I do not like to be treated that way, so I am going to be kind to people, even those drivers who in the past I would of laid on the horn and saluted them. I am going to spread kindness around like confetti!

  25. My word for the year is “Control”. The past couple of years I’ve been dealing with my husbands mental health issues and lost a lot of control of what was going on around me because he thought someone was out to kill him and wouldn’t see doctors because he thought they were part of this conspiracy. He was tearing out anything electrical because he felt they were evil and hurting him. Earlier this year he went missing for 3 months and I couldn’t get any help finding him because according to the police, “he’s an adult and allowed to be missing”. I had no medical records to back up my claim that he was not well and could be a danger to himself. I couldn’t get hospitals to tell me anything because of the health care act. I felt so helpless and out of control. Now that things are getting better I want to be more in control of things…spending, organizing, creating, health, and life.

  26. My word is ‘constructive’ for 2017. There has been so much negativity in 2016 and I felt so torn down. This year, I want to be constructive in my own life, regardless of what is going on around me. Constructive thinking, art, relationships – I keep saying it over and over so that it becomes part of me!

  27. This is my third year with a word. I have chosen Goals. Each letter represents several other words as well. As the last two years have been very apt words that have bought me to this place I shall be interested to see how 2017 pans out for me. In my head is a layout for both a journal page and a canvas both very different and on my to do list this week.

  28. Focus: I find my self veering off the path sometimes and regretting it later. 2017 will be the year to keep my focus and stay on course

  29. My word is “Help”. I want to try to not think so much about myself but think about others and what I could do to help, even if it is something very small like a smile.

  30. “Inspire” is my word for 2017. I believe that we have to be the change that we want to see in the world. We all have are own journeys in this world. Some paths are with less adversity than others. Mine has had happiness, joy, and then violence, pain and loss. Through art I have learned to forgive. And through forgiveness I have been given a free heart. I want to be the best person I can be, and in doing that, leave each situation in a better place then when I arrived. To do what I can to make things better for each person I see, whether it’s a smile, a hello, or whatever I can do to make their day better. I hope to “Inspire” myself and others to be kind, care, smile, be happy, love, embrace kindness. I believe that through art this world can be a kinder gentler world. Random acts of kindness will “Inspire”. A gift that is given gives and lives on.

  31. Wow… I would love to win one of these. What a great giveaway. I love your word purpose. That is something I would choose. I’m not one for resolutions, and this is the kind of thing that has more meaning to it. So I definitely think I’m going to do this every year. My word is “determination”. I picked this word because the plans I have for this year are going to take determination. I started a new job in which I normally wouldn’t have taken at this point in my life because it is so physical. I have an injury from a previous job that is making it very hard to do physical work. I hurt so much on a daily basis. But I push thru during my working hours and deal with the pain after. I have to do this to Pat my bills, since I havr a kiddo to take care of. I also have plans to hopefully sell my house and mive back to CA for a little while. I haven’t seen my family in 6 years. My grandma just turned 90 and my dad is in his 70’s. I really just want to spend the time with them while it’s still here to spend. I am going to have to stay determined to make these plans happen.

  32. My word for 2017 is PATIENCE! I need to constantly keep that in mind as I have two granddaughters living with me (along with their mother and father). The toddler is so rambunctious and hasn’t learned to pick up after herself. It sometimes tends to wear my patience level down. The baby is a doll but I am sure will follow in her big sister’s footsteps. PATIENCE…..the house will be clean again, someday!

  33. My word for 2017 Achieve, I have been very fortunate in finding an outlet for my need to create and my depression in the world of mix media and quilling. I have decide to start teaching and helping others . I am going to be more proactive and stop just dreaming of teaching art but actually take the step to put myself out there and Achieve my goal. My first baby step was taken in November of 2016 and I taught a small class at a nursing home and I been asked to come back in January . My next step will be at are local library I will be doing a make and take and introducing quilling to everyone. If this goes well I hope to start a youth art journal class and something for the adult class too. I have a goal and I will achieve it.

  34. I’m having a hard time coming up with a word. Maybe “invisible” sums it up. I hope to be as invisible & unnoticed as possible in 2017.

    • Hi
      Do you have family that heard your parents or grandparents say little quotes or heard things they liked? I found out not too long ago from an aunt that their maiden name meant “glass”. I found out after my Dad died that his father had been wealthy in Poland and came here to the US right before the world war. I looked up on facebook and found a second cousin and wrote to her. She did write back and we found out that we both cook Polish but the recipes are different and her grandfather and my dad were brothers so it was odd the recipes were different.

  35. Write is my word. My grandparents all passed before I was born and my parents are now gone. I have so many questions for all of them that will never be answered so the plan is to have something left for my kids, grandkids, and beyond to read and maybe say “hey that’s where I got that from” or “now I understand” or simply feel like they know me better. Never knowing them, I’ve always felt a tremendous loss and emptiness, I’ve only had my imagination to use in knowing what my grandparents were like, I’m hoping this will help future generations to know and understand me!

  36. My word is Fun – I want to make everything I do this year fun. I want to create Fun art in all types of mediums. I want to teach children that art is Fun. Spread the love and have FUN.

  37. My word is Confidence. I want to put myself out there and start to sell my creations. Self confidence is a major issue and I’m determined that THIS year is the year I achieve this goal! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome goodies!

  38. “HOPE”, Since the recession, my husband and I have had many trials in our life, going through a court case with the loss of our home, (just finding that out in 2016 and waiting for results since 2010), being way underemployed and me being handicapped with my back…last year was “Endurance”, the year before was “Gratitude”. Not knowing where we are going to live or how my husband (who is a senior citizen) can get more employment” to live is why I chose “HOPE” Being a christian, I know the Lord has put that word on my heart to have a “New Hope” or in a song I sang at church a “brighter hope”.

  39. Relax would be my word for 2017. Why, because I get too stressed out by things with work and home….I just need to relax and let things go

  40. Love your post and your word my friend!!! You’re such an inspiration to me and so many! My word this year is INTENTION! 🙂
    Look forward to seeing you next month! Hard to believe Vegas will be just one year that we met! Look forward to many more fun and creative years ahead and hopefully some collaborations in there too 🙂

  41. This year my word is BE. It actually chose me. For me it is a practice ~ to be still in the midst of all the chaos swirling around us ~ experience all the empathy and universal grief, sadness and moments of beauty, then let it all go returning to simple repose. Like the ocean it comes in waves over and over. It’s a practice. Last year the word that chose me was Thrive. I believe that in many important ways I did. I’m thinking it it prepared me to just Be.

  42. I had to think long and hard for just one word! The last 3yrs have seen such a change in me, and how I feel about LIVING. That is my word. It was going to be LIFE, but I think Living encompasses all that is important in life. We are not on a practice run, we have one life and it is up to us to try to live our lives fully with love, purpose, dignity, joy, and all the “words” that describe our paths. I am not very good at describing what I mean, but living our lives through the good times and the bad fully and to the max being the best we can be, doing the best we can and making the most of our time, LIVING, yes that’s my word. Oh crumbs, let me get to my brushes………..

      • Love you too Tracy. Last Year you put a brush in my hand when I was ready to give up. I am enjoying my playtime so much. My Canson art journal is still sitting there, blank pages ready, and I think this is the year that I will put marks to my as yet pristine pages. I just have to convince myself that a page is better for having Something on it rather than a blank one. The same as with life… not leave a blank page. Hey, June is getting closer…..not long now! Whoop, whoop!xx

  43. my word for the year is tolerance – in our current state of affairs in our country and the world I hope we all will be more tolerant of our differences and embrace them rather than fear them. Now is a time I wish I were still teaching so I could share with my students the joy of knowing people of different races and cultures. Embracing our differences it what makes us stronger. My wish for all is a grand year.

  44. I have two words for 2017: Heal and Accept. I am working hard on my trauma processing (child abuse-incest). I have had a heart attack and had recently cancer. The cancer is gone now but I must now accept that I have a lot of pain the rest of my life, that I get heavy painkillers and through the pain I have to sit a lot in a wheelchair.

  45. I have two words for 2017: Heal and Accept. I am working hard on my trauma processing (child abuse-incest). I have had a heart attack and had recently cancer. The cancer is gone now but I must now accept that I have a lot of pain the rest of my life, that I get heavy painkillers and through the pain I have to sit a lot in a wheelchair.

  46. Love.
    My word this year is Love. I unexpectedly lost my Father in December.
    I just want to encourage everyone to tell your family and loved ones how much they are loved. Life is too short.

  47. Cherish. Actually felt rather difficult to pick a word, but that’s the one! My decision is to craft every day (had a busy time with work since last summer), so I wish to rebuild the habbit of daily crafting.

  48. My word is DETERMINED. I am determined to be myself and no longer be what others want me to be. I am determined to take more time for me, I am determined to put myself first more instead of always coming in a poor third in my house. I am determined to give more time to being creative and explore new creative interests. I am determined to find my inner peace by doing what I love and doing more for me. I am determined to keep supporting my autistic son, even on the hardest days, to become the best he can be and achieve his goals and dreams. I am determined to make 2017 the year when I start moving forward and stop looking back. I am determined that 2017 will be a great year!

  49. I so love the words for the year instead of “resolutions”. My word this year is BREATHE. I tend to get overwhelmed with things to do & in doing that, i just don’t do anything. This year, i am vowing to just BREATHE & do it. I look at this as a way to get back to some type of normality. We moved out of state last September. We ended up staying with friends for 2 1/2 months with all of our stuff in storage. We found a place to live in November & mostly, we are “settled”, but there are still so many things to do, including getting back to painting & creating. I have turned, “just do it” into BREATHE….not only for a peaceful home, but for a peaceful life.

  50. I’ve chosen Convergence. I always have so many things I want to do and ideas I want to try. I like to create and make art but I also have a small vintage business selling items I’ve been collecting over the years. I also like to garden. So I’ve tried to combine making art by refinishing/decorating pieces. I incorporate plant materials and small vintage fabrics, laces, items into my art work. Now I don’t have to neglect one for the other. I’ve chosen Convergence to convey that idea of bringing separate joys together.

  51. I have had trouble picking my word. I have had so much pain at the end of this year that it has been a struggle but I am so tired of being swamped in self- pity. I think I will choose grateful and just try to appreciate the good in every day and to continue to create with the good and the bad as they come. And thank you for the inspiration everybody! I read the responses and am humbled…so many out there with much bigger obstacles than I. Tracy you are an inspiration!

  52. Wishing you success and happiness with your word!
    Mine is priorities … I NEED to set priorities and keep focus on them. It is so easy to be distracted by everything, so I am working hard on working on and completing my goals, from cardmaking, to family and me. I confess that chronic illness has distracted me, so I am not going to let it win and define me, I WILL set my priorities and I WILL work hard at meeting them 🙂

  53. My word is KINDNESS. I strive to deal with people in a kind manner, even though they don’t always choose to reciprocate. After a death in the family, there have been many hardships in dealing with some relatives who chose to put possessions above people. I have always prided myself in being fair and considerate of others. I am happy to say that even though things got ugly, I can hold my head high and know I behaved towards others with empathy and consideration for their feelings.

  54. My word is “Diligence” because I have become such a procrastinator lately! I need to stay focused and keep moving forward on things and not let myself by distracted by the inconsequential.

  55. My word for the year is Conquer. I want to conquer the things that hold me back both in my life and in my art. I need to conquer my anxiety so I can be myself fully again. I need to conquer the blocks I make in my mind which prevents me from doing the self care things I need to do such as getting exercise and good sleep. I need to conquer my fears and put myself out in the world because my dreams won’t come true if I don’t even try. I also need to conquer some bad habits like procrastination as I won’t always have a tomorrow to do the things I need and want to do today.

  56. Accept – accept the way things are and don’t try to change
    them to the way I think they should be. this will lead
    to a calmer and more peaceful me. It will also reflect
    on those who are around me – I won’t be aggravating
    them – trying to change them to my what I think is

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