Painting Outside the Box…….Ramona Art & Wine Festival 2016

I am honored to share the outcome of my hard work on the barrel I painted for the Ramona Art & Wine Festival this year.  Special thanks goes to Painting World Magazine for featuring this beloved project of mine in their December 2016 Issue:


Also, pretty cool that out of all the barrels mine made the front cover of our local paper!


For this event I had to step out of my comfort zone creatively and also locally.  I am not used to sharing my work locally so this was fun to do and right down the street from me.


Special thanks to my friend Mary for attending the event with me.  It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon in our little town.  I was also proud to see how my barrel did for my first time!  Just another reason to create outside your comfort zone.  I am so glad I did!

An effective mindset is one that makes the best use of all your available resources – your time, energy, opportunities, etc. – and uses them to support growth and positive change.  It’s not about trying to do everything and be everything.  And it’s not about living a perfect life.  It’s about being present, being accepting, and making the very best of what’s in front of you.”

2 thoughts on “Painting Outside the Box…….Ramona Art & Wine Festival 2016

  1. What a cute name for the Painter’s World article!! So glad it was shared – it is SUCH an INCREDIBLE project. And it was great fun to see Mary on the video – live from the festival too. It was a great treat to go from start to finish – through it all – with you and have a dull blank barrel become such a BEAUTIFUL piece and great JOY for us all. j.

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