Painting outside the box…LITERALLY (way outside!)

I say this so often but sometimes you have to work outside of the box, outside your comfort zone.  Working for DecoArt I  have had to follow that same mantra in order to learn about all sorts of fun paints and surfaces!  The ever so wise Doxie Keller got on me about painting outside the box and literally on the box and now I taking that even further………..METAL featuring DecoArt Multi Surface Satin!

Water1 Water2

and Terra Cotta using DecoArt Patio Paint……


even an old used 11 X 14 frame from the thrift store for $1…DecoArt Maxx Gloss turned it into a whole new piece!


and this $1.99 mirror that was falling apart was screaming for a makeover with the help of DecoArt Metallic Lustres


Never say never and always be the student.  Learn and learn some more!  I work for a company that I truly love the products and I stay true to me by doing things that speak to me.  It sure is fun to see where the art takes me.  May I continue to inspire you to create more and even outside the box.  My foundation of what I love is there while I am challenged to try new things.  Hopefully I can share more things along the way.  I never know where this creative yellow brick road is taking me.  I just know that while the lessons speak to me I will remain open to them!

Stay tuned……and paint on!

You are you because of the sum of every minute you have been alive.  You are you because of everything you have learned, no matter what it took to give you the lesson. Because of all of these things, there is not another soul like you that ever existed and there never will be. Because of this, you have the ability to leave a beautiful mark on this world, and on every person you ever meet and every place you will ever go — a mark that could NEVER EVER be made by anyone else.”  ~Brave Girls

6 thoughts on “Painting outside the box…LITERALLY (way outside!)

  1. You go, Girl! DecoArt has so many fun mediums that you just HAVE to play!! Love seeing the results of your fun journey…

  2. What WONDERFUL projects – all of them. What great ways to display the different ways to use these wonderful DecoArt products. But most of all… YOU… Tracy – are so inspiring to me. For instance, I would never have tried to do a Day of the Dead type painting if it were not for your example and success in doing the project. It is way out of my comfort zone and honestly – it doesn’t seem like it is turning out very good at all but… that’s ok…. I tried and I am learning and as you say… I am outside the box!!!! So thank you for doing all these different projects. YOU ARE THE GREAT ENCOURAGER!! j.

    • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what I want to do and TRUST ME making these projects is not easy for me. BUT…great to see how far you can stretch yourself and learn in the process. you may not like it all but some of it may speak to you! YOU GO GIRL!

  3. The projects all look really neat – I’ll have to check some of those products out as I can think of a few frames and clay pots that need something!

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