Birthday WINNERS and GRAND PRIZE Giveaway!

I am excited to share all the WINNERS of my Birthday Giveaways! GIVEAWAY #1 – DecoArt Media Starter Kit – Kelly Garfield GIVEAWAY #2 – Dare 2b Artzy/Totally Tracy Stamps – Prize 1 (Tracy Stamps) – Teri Drew Prize 2 (Dare 2b Artzy Stamps) – Gayle Montaya […]

Birthday Giveaway #8 – DecoArt

I am sorry for the break in my BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS!  I have been busy painting!  I am happy to say the GIVEAWAYS are continuing and in honor of going to the Society of Decorative Painters International Show in San Diego for DecoArt Next week I am […]

Birthday Giveaway #7 – Marvy Uchida

For Giveaway #7 we’ve got some fantastic pens from Marvy Uchida!  This prize consists of LePen Permanent Pens in three different tips (four colors each) and LePen Drawing Pens in 7 tip sizes!!!  I really love these pens, especially the permanents, for adding drawn detail to […]

Birthday Month Giveaway #6 – Spellbinders

The giveaways just keep on coming and today I am delighted that Spellbinders have agreed to help me celebrate with an awesome selection of their dies.  There’s something for every taste in this great selection.  I recently got hold of a Spellbinders Platinum machine and […]