Tracy Weinzapfel Brush Kits with The Brush Guys

We have been talking about this for so long and I am excited to announce I have Tracy Paint Brush kits!  I have teamed up with The Brush Guys who have packaged up my favorite Dynasty brushes!  There are two sets and they work great […]

LIVE In-Person Retreat Tickets are on Sale NOW!

It is Tracy Time and we are going to have a in-person LIVE RETREAT in Fort Worth, Texas and I could not be more excited.  All the details are HERE: Everything you need to know is there including all the Frequently asked questions. Tickets are […]

Hand Painted Shoes – Add flair to your Kicks!

This past weekend I decided I needed a new pair of shoes and they needed to suit me. I grabbed a pair of white canvas shoes I had and went to it.  I came up with these…. By the response I got after posting these […]

Pens, Pencils, and Paint Markers!

Here is another deep dive into supplies I know, use, and LOVE!   The one thing I love about art journaling is it can be done on the go.  You can pack a small bag and take those items with you on vacation, a car ride, […]

It’s Just a Piece of Paper – Permission to Play

Let’s take a walk through my art journal……a diary of sorts.  It is my safe space to play and experiment.  I love those days where I step in the Studio and just experiment.  I say over and over to everyone “it is just a piece […]

Art Journals and Why Use A Journal?

I love to talk about art journals and YES I do have favorites!  I love to use art journals because they are idea books that are easily transportable and they come in a variety of sizes.  I prefer ones that slip right into my travel […]

Create from Your HeART

Sometimes you have those moments in art where there is a deep connection.  It feels right and you had no idea that was inside of you and needed to be expressed.   I saw this image early in June and I just thought this image represented […]

My Favorite Watercolors

Let’s chat watercolors! I have used lots of them and have lots of fun recommendations for all price points.  Remember that you can use those Crayola and Prang watercolor sets that you used as a kid! As you can tell my watercolors are well loved […]