Flower Power Watercolor Art Tutorial

watercolor flower art journal

Let’s go big today with a large flower with the prettiest colorful background! I’ll be showing you how to draw and paint your flower as well as add all of the details. We’re mostly working with watercolor today, but we’ll also add in some stamps […]

NEW Totally Tracy Stamps & Dies!

New Dies to my 2023 Totally Tracy stamps!  These make cutting out the designs so much easier!  Each set is sized to my new stamps! Here are the corresponding stamp sets! Shop my stamps here Journaling Essentials Creative Escape Be Strong Bloom with Grace   […]

Lovely Lilacs Mixed Media Art Tutorial

lilac flowers made with watercolor and acrylic paint

This art journal mixed media page is all about the purple! We will be painting some lovely lilacs on an abstract background. I’ll be sharing all of my painting techniques, tips, and tricks as well as all of the supplies used. Recreate this calming, beautiful […]

Tracy’s Tips: Absorbent Ground vs Gesso

I keep getting asked if watercolors work on my wood products or if are they only good on watercolor paper. Yes! They absolutely will work on other surfaces.  I also commonly get asked if I prep my surfaces with gesso and do watercolor work on […]

JoJo’s Garden Mixed Media Art Tutorial

mixed media daisy art

Create some mixed-media flower art in your art journal with me! We’ll be working with acrylic paints to create a fun, abstract background. Then, I’ll be showing you from start to finish how to paint pretty daisy flowers on top. This is a great beginner […]

Tracy’s Tips: MeiLiang Watercolors

I love to share a good find when I can. Paul Rubens Art contacted me about trying their student grade MeiLiang watercolors and sent me a set. I clearly tell companies when they send me products that I need to “know, use, and love” a […]

Cure Creative Block with Mixed Media Tags

art tag journals with finished art pieces

Whether you’re a writer, painter, musician, or any other kind of creative soul, you know that creative block can be a struggle. It can strike at the most inconvenient times, leaving us feeling helpless and questioning our artistic abilities. However, I’m sharing my best practice […]

What is Art Journaling?

So, you want to get started in Art Journaling and have no idea where to begin!  Well, this is your lucky day because I HAVE SO MUCH TO share on this topic! What is Art Journaling? Art journaling is an artist’s expression housed all in […]