All Good Things Come to an End…..or do they?

Preseason football is on, back to school shopping is here and there is a cool breeze in the evenings, summer is coming to an end.  I plan on squeezing every last ray of sunshine from it as it has been a great summer.  My oldest […]

Painting and Playing

How I love it when the ideas are flowing and I cannot put paint to paper fast enough.  So the second to the last page in my inspiration and this journey that started in May is done. Ok, not done because are our journey's ever […]

Inspiration Journaling….

I have had some time away from my inspiration journal and I missed it.  So this weekend I committed myself to some creative time.  I have missed "my" time.  So I pulled out the Helmar Decoupage that I have been playing with and a few […]

My Meaning in Art

Strange I have been thinking a lot about my art lately.  It is hard when you don't create something that someone can use, wear or it does not have interactive parts. My art is not a sculpture that stands in someones foyer….just the thought of […]

Finding Balance……..

I have put a real focus on having more balance in my life.  I am the worse person at balance. I have a hard time relaxing and my mind races thinking of what else I could/should be doing something.  When the kids ask me to watch a […]

It’s All About Color!

Not sure what it is but lately I am just loving color! I think I am channeling my inner 4 year old and just loving creating things…so here is my latest child-like "masterpiece" in my Daily Inspiration Journal. MATERIALS LIST: Adhesives – Helmar 450 Quick Dry […]

Inspiring Young Artists!

I had the pleasure of having four budding artists in my studio….   They are like sponges and watched everything I did.  Then they had free reign in my studio to create whatever they wanted.  It was amazing to be in their presence.  In fact I […]

I am an Artist….Inspiration Journal

Yesterday someone walked into my studio for the first time and they said…."You are an artist".  I thought for a second and said "Yep I am"…Although by the look of things I am a collector of all things art but nonetheless…I AM AN ARTIST.  Felt […]