California Sunsets

If you have read my blog before you know that one of my favorite places is the beach and there is nothing more that I love then the sand between my toes and capturing a great California sunset……… Did I mention that if you catch it […]

School Group Shot

Since 2006 I have had the honor of shooting the entire school photo. Every year they make a different shape that has it's own challenges let along coralling over five hundred children.  Every year they stack the ladder up on the truck and up I […]

Finding that Spark Again…

Have you ever lost sight of something and let other "things" get in the way?  Has the need for perfection or being self-critical got in the way of what you love to do?  That has happened to me and it took a big brick hitting […]

Cool……School Photo In News

Remember my Big Photo Shoot in November?  So cool….our local paper published our "Paw Print".  I can share it here since you cannot see the kiddos faces:   Way to go PTA! Way to manuever all those kiddos for me.  Another one of those adventures I have found myself […]

Beautiful Baby Girl

So this year I have a rather momentous birthday and one that gets you thinking.  What should I have done before this age and what do I want to do before I double this age (if I am afforded that opportunity).  Last week my friend's cousin […]

WPPI Recap

I realize that I should probably mention my experience at WPPI other than the rock concert.  It was great!  I must admit that although I had my camera gear on hand I did little other than use my little point & shoot and my iphone […]

Stalking Schumacher

So I hope Carey does not think she will go unmentioned as I know we are true BFF's.  We also had the pleasure of hanging out with my favorite beach photographer Carey Schumacher of San Diego Barefoot Memories.  This no-nonsense girl tells it like it is and […]

Inspirational Mentor

Almost 2 years ago I attended a photography workshop with MeRa Koh.  Little did I know how pivotal a weekend that would be for me.  She changed the way I used my camera, saw myself, and viewed myself as an artist.  I always grew up with […]