Halloween Photo Session

I had the cutest little man over my house on Halloween.  Although him and I don't know one another real well that did not stop me from chasing him around for a good 20 minutes with a big black camera in front of my face.  I don't […]

Fall Findings

When you grow up in the Midwest and move out West one thing you miss is the fall colors (the other thing you miss is your family and friends!).  When I lived in Michigan and went to Michigan State my favorite place to walk (while […]

Pretty in Pink

This week we have spent most of the time at the soccer field.  The kids are usually dirty and sweaty and my camera is aimed at the action.  Tonight however, I filmed the little girl next to me who accompanies me to all these games.  […]

Life Behind the Camera – Part II

I have found that sometimes life's greatest moments are the unexpected ones.  Today I received this email from Josie's Grandma: "Tracy, we want to thank you for the wonderful "captured" moments that you were able to get of Josie and Grandpa at the soccer game.  […]

Life behind my Camera

So everyone in my inner circle is used to seeing me with my camera blocking my face.  I lug that thing around just about everywhere I go.  A couple of weekends ago I brought it with me to soccer as usual.  However, at this particular […]

Me Rah Koh Workshop Day Two

Me Rah Workshop Day Two – Live shoot day at the beach with Carey Schumacher of Barefoot Memories!  We all caravaned down to Wind & Sea Beach in La Jolla (did I mention that Carey asked us to join us in her car!).  We sat […]

My Weekend….Me Rah Koh Workshop Day One

OK, I am home after an incredible weekend.  I do have to say that for the first time in a long time I sat in a room and felt like these people get me.  They get me and the "unique" relationship I have with my […]