Congrats All Night for the Fight!

A huge congrats to our team…All Night for the Fight who made the local paper   Yes I was there but I was walking when this picture was taken!  Such great memories!   "The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your […]

Relay for Life Wrap-Up…….

All I can say is WOW! The Relay for Life was an experience I will not soon forget.  First off, to meet my personal goal of over $1000 (I got $1120! donated) to fight cancer was one amazing thing.  Second, off to be a part […]

Relay for Life – Thank you!

Good Saturday Morning! I am getting ready and off to the Relay for Life walk for the CURE of Cancer!  I raised over $1000 and met my personal goal (10x the amount I thought I could raise!)   Have a great weekend!   

New Personal Goal $1000! – Relay for Life!

That does it…I knew in my heart that I would not be satisfied unless I reached $1000 in the fight against cancer and I want to introduce you to another motivation…..Carrie Butler, more-so her brother, Brett (please take a moment to click and read).    […]

Relay for Life – $900 GOAL!

This blog post only seem to be fitting with a personal video message……..    If you wish to donate and help me achieve my goal click HERE  Our Team Facebook Page – ALL NIGHT FOR THE FIGHT!  Go Team…. Jeri Sutter (Team Captain) Kelly Alwan Shawn […]

The Power of One

When I set out on this Relay for Life journey months ago I set a goal of $100 to raise in the fight against cancer.  I am not great about asking for donations and thought if I could just raise the minimum and walk in […]

I am so Lucky!

I hate the Statement "I am so lucky"…I don't really believe in Luck per se because I believe you work for what comes into your life and there is a plan (beyond our control). However, I feel LUCKY that I was born into the family I […]

All Donations appreciated for the Relay for LIFE!

IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO DONATE!  I am proud to be walking the Relay for Life on April 30th and I am proud to say that our team is rocking it on the donations and this is where I need your help!  This Wednesday I […]