Golf is in the Bulldog House…

A new sport has been added to the Bulldog household and yep……another proud mom moment (so beware).  Joey has joined the JV Golf team and has taken on a whole new sport.  Really proud of that.  Love that my kids try new things.  They are […]

Proud Bulldog Mom

I know I say this time and time again but I am so proud of my kids…all of them!  Every mom wants to brag on what they do and it is hard for our teens.  This is the last month for league basketball and SO […]

High School Basketball Overload…

I promise not to be the gushing mom……..nope I don’t promise.  I share the special moments and this season is certainly a special one for my daughter. High school basketball rules our time and I am proud of her hard work whether they win or […]

Weekend Fun! Kids, Sports & Family

If you are looking for us on the weekends best to look at the basketball courts or the baseball field.  Lots of sports every weekend now that we are in college baseball season. Proud of this kiddo for getting his college start! He is my most […]

Kids, Life, Sports…The Home Team!

Between travel and work life is VERY BUSY.  Tyler is busy looking for his future college path and that is no small feat.  Senior year is busy and lots of working for him.  Love when I get the pictures from my peeps who spot him […]

Play Ball…Go Aztecs!

Right now the world is rather full in our household.  Besides the construction going on we are into basketball, volleyball and now college baseball season!  I am beyond proud of ALL the kids and wake up hoping each and every day they do their best, find […]

Mom Moments….

A little mom moment is needed.  If you need me any given weekend you can find me in a few places……the courts The fields…… and soon the volleyball courts.  I am wearing my sports shirts proudly and we have our sights on colleges for Tyler […]

Fright Nights Lights…Senior Night

Last night was Senior Night at RHS Football.  It was a bitter sweet night for us moms but like my friend Darlene pointed out we were too busy laughing to have tears…..It was a great all around with another Bulldog win!  It was an amazing […]