March 2015 in Pictures

I have no idea where March went but it included two trips to Dallas and a TON more.  This was one of those months where too many plates were spinning and there was not much down time……… Here is March 2015 in PICTURES… April is […]

February 2015 in Pictures

Where did February go?  We are already 11 days into March.  February marked the completion of our addition…a trip to Dallas and Las Vegas! It sure went by fast… Some new opportunities sprouted in this month and we are bringing our family together under one […]

January 2015 in Pictures

I love looking back every month and seeing how I spent my days.  January just flew by and was packed full of things.  Here is my first month of 2015 in pictures: with so much up in the air, two households, one kiddo applying to colleges/scholarships, […]

December 2014 in Pictures

I have no idea where December went let along 2014!  Here is just some of what went on around here in December 2014… and a slide show of everything going on at once HERE… As I look back I see all the balls we are juggling…….some feel like […]

November in Pictures

November just flew by and what a month it was!  Who knew we could fit that much in and truthfully some down time sounds magical!  We certainly know how to take on a lot around here……. The best way to share is in pictures…..slideshow.  My own […]

Living Life as a Thank You…

I love that people take November as a time to focus each day on what they are thankful for.  You may notice that I am not actively participating on Facebook or my blog and not because I am not thankful.  In fact, it is quite […]

October 2014 in Pictures

Where did October go?  What a crazy busy month and ever so happy to recap it in pictures…. So much happened on one month and as I look back on the ups and downs I am thankful for the moments.  There was a girls weekend……cackling […]

September 2014 in Pictures

I keep saying I have no idea where the time goes.  The months are just flying by and as I reflect on where each and every day goes by I see that the days are filled to the gills (literally): So while every day is […]